The 3 tools I use to grow my email list

the 3 tools I use to grow my list

Consistently growing your list is one the BEST (and smartest), things you can do for your business.

You see, if you’re relying primarily on Facebook for instance, to spread the word about your business and get clients – what happens when they decide to change the algorithm…again…and then you’re basically talking to a wall?

The reality is, you have zero control over Facebook. They run the show, so they get to do whatever the heck they want. They really don’t care about you or your business, or if their most recent change means you can’t pay your mortgage.

BUT! If you use platforms like Facebook to funnel your audience to your opt-in page and onto your list – no one can take that away from you. You’ll always have a way to reach out to your audience, connect with them, share your content, and promote your offerings.

So, if list-building is way down the list of things you need to do, here are 3 tools that will make it super easy for you to finally cross this off of your to-do list:

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1. Create your opt-in freebie

This is one of those things that can basically stop you in your tracks, and have you procrastinating. Because it takes time & effort to create something new that you can give away.

BUT! All you really need for this? Is an awesome blog post. And I bet you you’ve got plenty of those over on your website.

So all you need to do, is convert one of those blog posts into a beautiful PDF that you can giveaway as a guide, list, template, worksheet, etc.

And when you USE THIS TOOL you just drop the link to your blog post into it, and poof! It transforms it into an awesome PDF that you can use for your opt-in freebie.

No struggling to create something from scratch.
No hiring a writer to create something for you.

And the best part?

You can grab a copy of the tool for only $27 (I show you how it works in the video there).

Then you can share it with your VA, and she can turn bunch of your existing content into opt-in goodies (or even as bonuses for your programs or clients).

Alright, so next up…

2. Create your autoresponder series

Obviously, you need to use an email marketing tool like this one, to collect email addresses and automatically send out your download email.

But a download email isn’t quite enough.

You want to make sure that you have a series of emails set up to go out automatically, over the next few days, to everyone who signs up for your list.

You might want to create a “welcome” email series that educates them about you, your business, and what you can do to help them solve their problems.

Or, you might want to create an “engagement” series that is all about giving your prospects a set of tips, secrets, or steps for complete some process. Each email can also promote a specific product you sell that is related to the content. That way, your emails will be useful, but incomplete so that your prospects will take a look at your paid offers to solve their problems.

And guess what?

I’ve packaged up 100 Done-For-You Email Templates that include both of those options, and so many more.

All of the emails have already been written for you – so all you or your assistant have to do, is edit them with your information and then load up to your autoresponder. Done!

And finally…

3. Set up your opt-in page

Listen, it’s great to have a bunch of different ways that people can sign up for your list on your website.

But you also want to have opt-in pages set up without all of the distractions that your website has.

I use this tool to create all of my opt-in pages and funnels – and they are pages where there is nothing else for them to do but to sign up for my offer.

You see, your website has a lot going on. You have blog content, social media links, links to products and programs, information about how to work with you, videos, and so much more.

Which means, it’s easy for someone to steer away from opting into your list when they land on your website.

But by setting up stand-alone pages, you can share those page links on your social media channels – like I do on my Instagram account. I’m not giving people a ton of different options to click on like most people do.

I have one goal…share great content and convert those visitors into subscribers. But if I overwhelm them with things to click on, it’s gonna be a lot harder for me to get them to take the ONE action that I want them to take.

And there you have it. The 3 tools that I use to grow my list.



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the 3 tools I use to grow my list

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