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Do You Want to Create More Freedom in Your Business While Growing Your Reach & Income (without the Burnout)?

This Workbook Will Show You How to Systemize + Automate Your Business Like a Boss!

Hey there gorgeous!

If you want to create more freedom in your business, and grow your reach even when you’re not working – you need to leverage the power of systems & automation in your business.

The steps in this workbook cover operating procedures, content creation, promotion, sales and delivery, customer support, and client onboarding.

Each area includes specific ways for you to create and/or improve systemization and automation in that area of your business.

No matter where you are in systemizing and automating your business, this workbook will help you get on the way to growing your business without the burn out!

The “How to Systemize + Automate Your Business Like a Boss” Workbook Covers:

Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:


  • Step 1: Create & Maintain Standard Operating Procedures

    • How to Create Standard Operating Procedures
    • Maintaining Your Standard Operating Procedures
    • Worksheet: Main Procedures/Tasks
    • Worksheet: Mapping Out Each Procedure
  • Step 2: Schedule & Delegate Content Creation

    • Schedule
    • Delegate
    • Worksheet: Schedule and Delegate Content Creation
  • Step 3: Automate Content Promotion

    • Schedule Your Posts
    • Increase Shares
    • Worksheet: Automate Content Promotion
  • Step 4: Streamline Product Sales & Delivery

    • Create Funnels
    • Set Up Email Autoresponders
    • Start a Membership Site
    • Worksheet: Streamline Sales and Product Delivery
  • Step 5: Improve Customer Support

    • FAQ Page
    • Messaging Services
  • Step 6: Improve Your Client Onboarding Process
    • Intake Form
    • Welcome Packet
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Worksheet: Improve Your Client Onboarding Process
Here’s a Peek at the Fabulous Workbook You’ll Get:

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