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Use this Done-for-You VIP Day Script to Help Your Clients Shift from Stuck & Uninspired to Oozing Energy, Clarity and Excitement for Their Businesses and Lives!

Over the course of a VIP day, you can help your clients create a crystal-clear vision of their dream business and life, a 3-month action plan with baby steps designed to get the ball rolling (without overwhelming them or needing to burn their current biz down), as well as more insight into their own motivations, fears and doubts – with tangible tools for shifting them in a snap.

If you work with clients who are:

Grinding away day and (caffeine-fueled) night on a business that - quite honestly - they’re bored of.

Feeling stuck or trapped in their current business, lifestyle or situation (Maybe their life is less sparkling ocean views and sandy beaches and more staying-up-til-1-am-to-meet-deadlines and cold, stale coffee - although they’d very much prefer the opposite).

Feel disconnected from (or totally clueless about) their passion/purpose.

Tired of doing the same work with the same types of clients for months, years or even decades (!!) and feel wildly uninspired by their business.

Going through the motions in their business (because #bills), but hate that they’ve lost their spark and joie de vivre.

Dying for a radical change in their day-to-day lifestyle (hello, 20-hour work weeks and traveling to foreign countries on a whim) but have no clue where to start.

Disheartened every time they scroll through Instagram and see other entrepreneurs totally crushing it & living out epic lives (read: gracing stages as a keynote speakers, topping Amazon best-seller lists and doing it all while skipping from country to beautiful country).

Wish they had more ~spice~ and variety in their days to hit up a mid-day pilates class, take off an afternoon for an eyebrow lamination appointment guilt-free or even start on that just-for-fun podcast they’ve talked about forever.

…you’re in the right place.

Here’s the deal: Your Clients’ Businesses & Lives Look Different than They Thought They Would.

They started their businesses because they wanted more from their careers and their lives.

But nowadays? Both their work – and life – feels stale. Stuck. And quite frankly, they’re bored-with-a-capital-B.

And to be even more frank? They spend far more time than they’d like to admit dreamily (or enviously) watching other coaches or creatives on Instagram living their best lives (whether that’s hosting lavish retreats in Bali or running a homestead in Colorado) and thinking, “OMG, I wish.”

They know it’s time for a radical change. Their souls are craving it.

But trying to figure out what exactly to do – like the exact next steps to take, when and how – can be insanely daunting, especially on their own.

They want change, but unfortunately, they have no clue about how to actually get from where they are to where they wanna be. (Or they’re so overwhelmed by the multitude of paths they could take, that they do nothing at all!)

And to make things even harder? Most of your clients who want to makeover their businesses & lifestyle, also want to do it without completely burning their current biz to the ground, please and thank you.

Bottom line: They didn’t start their own businesses to hate their mornings and Mondays like they did while working a 9-5, or go green-eyed with envy every time another entrepreneur friend posts their fabulous photos from Bali or yet another stunning national park.

The good news is, they don’t have to anymore. Because you, dear talented coach or consultant, can help them.

Introducing the Dream Life Vibes VIP Day Script

The Dream Life Vibes VIP Day Script is a done-for-you script designed specifically to help you help your clients define, attract and take wildly inspired action toward their dream businesses and lives. It’s perfect for your clients who are business owners and feeling uninspired by their work or lifestyle.

Over the course of one VIP day, you can use this script to help your clients redefine their business so it better matches their personality and preferences right now (like moving from a tiresome signature offer to a one-to-many model), revamp the activities, events and people they experience in free time (not to mention how much free time they actually have…4-hour workdays, anyone?), transform their health and wellness habits (read: finally joining that pilates studio or getting into that daily breathwork habit) and lots more.

Here’s what’s included:


Done-for-you VIP Day Script

Complete with expertly-researched overviews on how to help your clients identify, attract and take inspired action on their dream lives. Take it and use it verbatim, or customize it to your clients’ needs and desires.

Powerful Coaching Questions & Transformative Coaching Activities

All designed to get your clients on the fast track to their dream businesses & lives, including a 90-day planning workshop (designed to break their most audacious goals into doable, bite-sized actions), visualization and affirmation exercises and loads more.

Bonus Life & Business Audit Pre-Work

So they (and you!) can show up to their VIP Day with major insight into their current challenges & all the ways their current life isn’t in alignment with their dream life (Turn it into a PDF for your clients to fill out or simply ask them the questions as the first phase of your VIP Day – it’s your call!).


By the end of their VIP Day, your client will have a crystal-clear vision of their dream business and life, a 3-month action plan with baby steps designed to get the ball rolling (without overwhelming them or needing to burn their current biz down), as well as more insight into their own motivations, fears and doubts – with tangible tools for shifting them in a snap. (This script includes a just-right swirl of woo-woo techniques and super practical exercises, so it works for a variety of client types, too.)

Whether your clients feel like they’re “wasting” their business prowess and creative sense doing work they don’t love, feel downright suffocated by their home office (#cozy as it might be) and/or aren’t sure exactly what they want after years of doing the same old, same old, same old, this VIP Day can help.

Use this VIP day script to help your clients…

Identify what their ‘Dream Life’ looks like & define their desires in every arena (from biz to relationships to hobbies and more).

Get razor-sharp clarity on #allthethings, including what work and lifestyle would be most fulfilling, fun and a match to their personality & preferences.

Pinpoint the exact fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping them safe-but-stuck and (almost) magically dissolve them for good (even fears they’ve had for years).

Finally receive permission to admit and pursue their true passions, deepest desires and out-of-this-world goals.

Learn how to magnetize their true desires with tried-and-true techniques and tools (even if right now their desires seem light years away from their current reality).

Craft a realistic-but-inspiring action plan, so they can stop stalling on their dreams & boldly step forward - in every area of their life without feeling overwhelmed.

Wave the green-eyed monster goodbye because they, too, will finally be living out their true values and working on goals that are authentic to them.

Download this VIP Day Script for Only $97!

Why Purchase a Done-for-You VIP Day Script?

Here’s the deal: VIP Days are an incredible catalyst for transformation. You probably already know that.

But what you might now know is just how much work coming up with exactly what to do and say during your VIP Day actually is.

How can you keep your client engaged for 4-ish hours?
What exact topics should you cover, and in what order?
What questions do you need to ask? (And how do you remember to actually ask them all?)

When you snag a done-for-you VIP Day Script, you’re getting a step-by-step roadmap to use with your clients as soon as tomorrow.

You don’t need to come up with a process, or topics to talk about, or even the ‘right’ questions to ask.

Instead, you’ll get instant access to #allthethings you need to guide your client from stuck & stalled to clear, confident and boldly taking action. From detailed overviews to powerful coaching questions and activities, it’s all inside and waiting for you.

Come VIP Day, you can pop the script open on your laptop and read from it, print it and use it as an off-screen reference, or adapt it in any other way you’d like so it becomes the perfect fit for your unique clients and their unique challenges. It’s totally your choice.

And even better? This ready-to-roll script is super easy-to-customize. Don’t love a section overview? No problem – just skip it. Want to go deeper on a topic – or explore another altogether? Go ahead! Use the script as a framework and then add your own commentary & genius. (Did I mention you can even use pieces of script to craft your marketing materials, sales page and more?)

If you’re ready to provide your clients with a one-of-a-kind VIP Day and get it up and running lightning fast, don’t wait – snag yours today! (There are lives and businesses to transform, after all!)


Download this VIP Day Script for Only $97!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the VIP Day script be delivered?

How will the VIP Day script be delivered?

The script has been created as a word document and is completely customizable.

After making your purchase, you’ll get an email with instructions about how to download the script.

Can I use this VIP Day script with a client who works in a different niche?

Can I use this VIP Day script with a client who works in a different niche?

Yes! This script pretty much works with any type of business. Whether your client does photography or sells tarot cards, you’ll be able to help them map out their dream business and life, and create an action plan for moving forward.

Does this come with resell rights?

Does this come with resell rights?

No. This script is for use within your own personal business so that you can coach paying 1:1 clients through a VIP day.

Which means that you cannot sell the script to your audience to use, or give it away, or claim ownership of it.

If you have questions about these terms of use, please contact us and ask.

What if I decide this isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

What if I decide this isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

Since this is a digital download product and you get instant access to the files, there are no refunds.

If you have any questions before purchasing, you can reach out to us here.

Download this VIP Day Script for Only $97!