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Get the Exact Scripts You Need to Turn Your Instagram DMs into Sales, Leads, and Inquiries Without Lifting a Finger!

This template package includes Instagram DMs scripts that you can automate to do the work for you, so you can more easily leverage your IG content and convert new clients & customers right in your DMs – instantly.

Just imagine if you could…

Sell your digital courses, workshops and products in your sleep, right from Instagram–without crazy-complicated or overly-fancy evergreen funnels.

Regularly refresh your inbox to see 3-5 new, perfect-for-you client inquiries directly from Reels you created months ago.

Effortlessly sell out your live webinars, challenges and workshops without doing a thing but living life (like cuddling your kiddos, jetting off to Tulum and/or indulging in a stress-melting massage).

Book new discovery calls without having to message a new lead back & forth 100 times (not to mention, also worry about what the heck to say and whether you’re coming off “weird” or “salesy”).

Easily transform content-bingers (you know, the ones Liking your Reels .2 seconds after you post and immediately heart-reacting to your latest Stories) into actual buyers, on autopilot, every single day.

Stop feeling the need to be “glued” to social media so you don’t miss a potential lead or sale (and actually be able to experience more focused, present time with your loved ones).

But here’s the thing…

Once your peeps have consumed your latest “tip” or shared one of your value-packed, genius Instagram Stories to their Instagram Stories, what happens next?

If your answer is, “It depends” or “Well, nothing specific really” – you’re in the right place.

The thing is, if you’re a coach, digital product creator or service provider who doesn’t have automated DM sequences set up on Instagram to do #allthethings for you–from deliver freebies to offer upsells, downsells and cross-sells–you’re leaving loads of money on the table.

The problem? You don’t want to feel “glued” to your phone, miss your own life because you’re desperately trying to respond to every single interaction personally and/or pour your precious time & energy trying to set up automated DM sequences you’re not even sure will convert.

Sound about right? If so, good news, gorgeous: I’ve created a template pack of done-for-you automated Instagram DMs sequences what will do the work (and ‘seducing’) for you, so you can more easily leverage your IG content and convert new clients & customers right in your DMs – instantly.

Introducing the Instagram DM Scripts

How much would you love to automagically make sales and book perfect-for-you clients every time someone slides into your Instagram DMs – without feeling spammy or off-brand?

The Instagram DM Marketing Templates are designed to make selling via Instagram direct messages (in your own voice!) super easy and automated – with zero sleaze.

Inside, you’ll find 25+ done-for-you sequences with customizable, designed-to-convert copy you can use to effortlessly convert more leads into sales, discovery calls or fresh client inquiries (or all of the above!) right in your IG DMs.

Every expertly-crafted sequence will guide leads from your content into your DMs, and then toward whatever action you’d like them to take–whether that’s snapping up a digital product from your online shop, snagging a seat in your new webinar or booking a discovery call.

Whether You’d Love to…


Instantly deliver valuable freebies when an ideal client-to-be comments a specific word on your posts.


Provide too-incredible-to-ignore exclusive coupon codes and special discounts that people will actually click on and more importantly, use.


Reach out to anyone who responds, reacts or shares your Instagram Stories – and turn them into life-long customers, too – without lifting a finger.


Book more discovery calls without any back-and-forth or automagically send interested prospects details about your one-on-one services.


Effortlessly offer upsells, downsells and crossells to your new (or not-so-new) leads without having to think about it (like, at all).


Ditch the stress of live launching and experience true passive income (without wasting tons of precious time setting up complicated evergreen funnels you’re not even sure will convert).


Dole out discounts and special deals that make your customers feel valued and special and simultaneously put more money in your pocket, too, on complete autopilot...

I’ve got a template for you! Plus, every sequence includes compelling call-to-action suggestions so you don’t have to worry about how to get peeps excitedly sliding into your DMs in the first place.

Just take ‘em, tweak ‘em and set ‘em up once–and watch your leads, sales and inquiries skyrocket, on autopilot, forever.

It doesn’t matter what type of content you create, either. Whether you’re a total Reels girlie, prefer Lives over anything or would rather stick with good old posts and captions, the templates in this pack can help you turn your crazy-good content into cash-generating, completely automated (and passive!) DM funnels.

Basically, you get to create the content you love for the people you love to serve and let the templates handle the rest, so you can spend more time living life and less time obsessively checking your IG app for new notifications when you’re supposed to be watching your kiddo’s baseball game.

Sound good?

Then grab these irresistible, high-converting DM sequences & start putting your “social media sales” game on autopilot today!

Here’s What’s Included in this Templates Package:


25+ Plug-and-Play Customizable DM Sequence Templates

Use the sequences to instantly & automatically deliver high-value freebies, special bonuses, discounts and coupon codes (including upsells, downsells and cross-sells galore), giveaway live challenges, workshops and/or webinars details and even a calendar or booking link for one-on-one services. (And honestly, this is just the start. You can customize the templates to deliver anything else you can dream up, too!)


BONUS! Instagram Subscriber List Sequence Templates

To help you to effortlessly provide your biggest fans (aka people who’ve specifically signed up to get regular updates from you) with micro-newsletters, special bonuses, last minute (or early bird) promos, exclusive discounts and lots more!


BONUS! ManyChat Pro Tips Sheet

This is packed with must-know tips, tricks and techniques, so you can start driving massive sales from your DMs right away–even if you’re new to the wonderful world of chatbots!

Download these Customizable Instagram DM Scripts that You Can Plug into ManyChat (or send out manually if that’s your vibe).

These templates are ready for you (or your VA) to set up your own automated DM sequences, so you can start effortlessly converting ideal clients & customers on Instagram, around-the-clock.

You’ll find blissfully-simple-to-set-up sequences for the following scenarios:

  • Instagram Story Replies
  • Instagram Story Reactions
  • Instagram Story Mentions
  • Instagram Feed Posts/Captions
  • Instagram Lives
  • Instagram Reels
  • And more!

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) waste even more of your valuable time trying to craft DM sequences from scratch that you don’t love, don’t “feel like you” and worst of all, you’re not confident will even convert.

Ready to get more sales and inquiries automagically from Instagram – while actually spending less time and energy on social media?

Then grab these irresistible, high-converting DM sequences & start putting your “social media sales” game on autopilot today!

Download the Instagram DM Scripts for Only $97

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Instagram DM Scripts be delivered?

How will the Instagram DM Scripts be delivered?

The Instagram DM’s have been created as a word document that you can copy & paste into ManyChat or whatever tool you use.

After making your purchase, you’ll get an email with instructions about how to download them.

Do I need the ManyChat tool to use these?

Do I need the ManyChat tool to use these?

Nope. If responding to your DM’s personally (and manually) is your vibe right now, then you can absolutely use these scripts for that.

So for instance, if someone sends you a DM looking for the freebie you talked about in your post – you can just copy/paste a response from the script document to their DM.

Of course, I do have to say that it would make your life way easier if you invested in a tool to automate your DM’s. But it’s not necessary for you to get value out of these scripts.

Can I give the scripts to my VA to use for my business?

Can I give the scripts to my VA to use for my business?

Yes! You can have your virtual assistant customize and set up your DM sequences for you in ManyChat. Or you’re not using a tool right now, she can use them to manually respond to your DM’s for you.

However, please note that your VA is NOT allowed to use them with her other clients or for her own business unless she purchases a copy for herself.

Do these templates come with resell rights?

Do these templates come with resell rights?

No. These templates are for you to use within your own personal business. You are NOT allowed to sell these templates as your own.

What if I decide this isn't for me, can I get a refund?

What if I decide this isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

Since this is a digital download product and you get instant access to the files, there are no refunds.

If you have any questions before purchasing, you can reach out to us here.

Download the Instagram DM Scripts for Only $97