Business Tools I Love

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to see what tools & resources other people are using in their business. 😍  Personally, I’ve found so much cool stuff by looking at pages just like this.

Plus, I get asked for recommendations all the time. So I wanted to make it easy for you to find all the goodies in one place. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can pop back over here anytime you’re looking for something. ✨

Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, this page does contain affiliate links. Which means that if you choose to use these links, I may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you.

Get 5 Fresh Video Ideas a Week + Caption Templates


Every week, you’ll receive 5 short-form video ideas AND 5 caption templates for your TikTok, Reels, Shorts and more that have already been adapted to your business model – whether that’s Coaching, Services or Products (physical or digital).


Free Affirmation Journal (customizable in canva)

You can download this journal package for free and customize it for your business. You can then sell it as your own, or give it away to grow your email list.

Finally Make Email Work for Your Business (Only $9)

I LOVE these templates, and get crazy high open rates whenever I use them. You’ll get access to dozens of already-written for you emails to help you launch a product, conduct a flash sale, get people to reply, click, and finally fill out a dang survey for ya!

Create Beautiful, Fillable Workbooks (to sell or giveaway).

Learn how to create beautiful fillable workbooks right in Google Docs that inspire ACTION and implementation, and are so easy to make, you can create one in about an hour. And it’s only $9.

Free Gratitude Lead Magnet Package (customizable in canva)

You can customize and brand this content to your business and use it to grow your email list, or you give it to your clients. You’ll get a short report and interactive workbook on the topic of gratitude. You’ll get the canva links for everything so it’s quick and easy to customize.

Get Access to Over 2500 Done-for-You Canva Templates for Instagram Reels, Stories, Posts, and More!

I love and use these Canva templates in my business. You’ll get full access to their entire library of over 2500+ templates, plus you’ll also get a new set of templates delivered to your inbox every other week so you’re always posting new styles of content to stay relevant.

Grow Your Audience with Email

If you want to grow your audience with a free lead magnet, this tool makes it simple for you to create a sign up form to put on your website.

WordPress Plugin to Build the Course & Membership Experience You've Been Dreaming Of

Tap into the power of the AccessAlly WordPress LMS plugin to build your membership and course experience from start to finish, while integrating with your email marketing solution. Plus, you can also use it to host group coaching programs and digital products too.

Create Beautifully Designed Lead Magnets & Books in Minutes, Not Months! (Only $27)

Need a new lead magnet or want to sell a kindle book? Use this tool! For example, you can quickly convert an existing blog post into a beautiful PDF that you can use for lead magnets. Or use multiple blog post links to pull in content that you can compile into a kindle book.