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Get Your Fill-in-the-Blank Completely Customizable Business Operations Manual!

This is a key piece of documentation that is vital to your business!

You do NOT use this to teach “tasks” – but for explaining who you are, what your company is about, what you do, what your systems are, and so much more!

This information is key for any high level team member because they need to have a birds-eye view of your entire business if they’re going to be able to work with you successfully.

Just fill in all the sections and save!

The Sections Included in the Business Operations Manual are:

Comes in .docx format

  • Welcome Message 
  • About Me 
  • About [COMPANY NAME] 
  • Company Organization Chart 
  • Products and Services 
  • Product Funnels 
  • Traffic and Business Growth Plan 
  • Tools and Resources 
  • Top JV Partners 
  • [COMPANY NAME] Guidelines
  • Scheduling & Time Off 
  • Illnesses and Emergencies 
  • Communication 
  • Urgent Situations 
  • What Constitutes an Urgent Situation? 
  • Emergency Contacts 
  • Specialty Contractors 
  • File Structures & Naming Conventions 
  • Dropbox 
  • File Names 
  • Financial Information & Policies 
  • Accounts and Access 
  • Refund Policy 
  • Chargebacks 
  • Past Due Payments 
  • Breach of Contract 
All you have to do is go through each section, add/edit your information!
Here’s a Look at the Business Operations Manual:

business operations manual

Download the Business Manual for Only $11!