6 Reasons Your Business Needs an Email List

6 Reasons Your Business Needs an Email List

Ever wondered whether you really need an email list to thrive online?

If so, let me be very clear: Yes, you do.

Here’s my take: Email marketing is the little black dress of your marketing wardrobe. It’s classic, effective, and doesn’t cost a fortune. (Plus, it goes with everything – aka works for every business 😉 )

It’s also the most effective way to sell and grow your revenue – without relying on the whims of social media algorithms.

I know social media gets all the love these days, but the truth is, email marketing is mainstay for many online businesses – and if you’re not currently growing your email list, you should be.

Still need a little convincing? I’ve got ya covered. 😉 Here are the top six reasons why having an email list is crucial, especially if you’re looking to enjoy more time and financial freedom:

1) You Control Your Email List

One little algorithm change on social media can dramatically affect who actually sees your posts. On the other hand, you (not Meta or TikTok) own your email list. You can take it from platform to platform with a swift click of the “Download CSV” button. That’s definitely not something you can say about your social media followers.

2 )It’s Much More Personal Than Social Media (and Personal Sells)

When someone receives an email from you, it’s not like just randomly stumbling upon your content on their feed. Your email content usually isn’t “just another post” that any Tom, Dick or Harry can read – it’s specifically crafted for your subscribers, and it shows up in your subscriber’s (very own, very personal) inbox. It just – as the kids say – “hits different.”

If done right, your emails will feel a bit more personal than your social feeds, too. Your subscribers will get to know you through regular updates, valuable insights & personal storytelling. All of which can help you establish trust and credibility with them – and ultimately, make sales.

Plus, people stay on your email list until they purposely unsubscribe (or you scrub your own list and delete inactive subscribers). This means you can build super long-lasting relationships with your subscribers, in a way that’s hard to do on social media. Some people have been on my email list – and buying from me – for years!

3) It’s Reliable

Email marketing is also much more reliable than social media. When you send an email, it hits your recipient’s inbox that instant. On social, though, you might spend hours on a carefully crafted post only to find out that after you post it that it reached a teeny-tiny portion of your audience. You basically have to just press “Publish” and pray that the algorithm decides to deem your content worthy of showing up in your followers’ feeds. (And let’s be real: That doesn’t sound like a super solid marketing strategy, does it?)

When you have an email list, you (not some rand-o algorithm) control when and how you communicate with your subscribers. And that’s a very good thing for any kind of communication, but especially when you’re communicating about time-sensitive subjects (like a flash sale, launch or upcoming live masterclass).

4) It’s Cost-Effective (AF)

Email marketing is an incredibly cost-effective marketing strategy. Let’s be real: Paid ads can get expensive. Email service providers, on the other hand, are low-cost (and sometimes even completely free, depending on your list size).

Also, once you have someone’s email, you can literally market to them for life (orrrr at least until they unsubscribe). You don’t have to keep paying to show up in front of them like you would with paid ads, nor do you have to wish upon a star that they’ll stumble upon your posts on social. Email marketing is the most surefire way to consistently get your ideal clients eyeballs on your content and offers. And that’s a hill I’ll totally die on.

5) Sky-High Conversion Rates

Stats show emails convert better than basically any other online marketing strategy (although nowadays DM conversion rates are also up pretty high on the list!). It makes sense: Anyone receiving your emails has specifically opted-in to hear from you. They’ve essentially raised their hand and said they’re super interested in whatever you offer or teach. This, in turn, makes turning enthusiastic leads into clients or customers far more likely.

Another reason email marketing might convert better? You can personalize and segment emails to cater specifically to your audience’s needs and interests. Want to specifically target people who’ve already purchased a certain product from you with another (mind-blowing) complementary product? Email lets you do that. Don’t want to “keep bothering” people who just purchased your new course with more launch emails? You can exclude them. And that’s just barely scratching the surface of the zillion useful ways you can use segmentation.

6) Automation and Scalability

If you’re here, you want to get your hands (and head) out of every.single.aspect. of your business, right? Then email marketing is the way to go, sister.

Email service providers allow you to literally automate your highest-converting marketing channel. From welcome sequences to offer-specific funnels to special limited-time offers, you can automate it all.

When you take the time to set up automated funnels, you’ll not only save lotsa time (and mental energy), but you’ll also stay top of mind (and inbox) for your hottest prospects (aka the people who dropped their perhaps-slightly-embarrassing Hotmail email addy into your sign-up form).

And because these emails will go out without needing to press a single button, you can potentially make sales anytime – like while you’re out on your lunchtime hot girl walk, indulging in your latest 10-step skincare routine (which you may or may not be doing alongside your 10-year-old, no judgement) or focusing on other aspects of your business.

And if you offer digital products, automated email sequences can also help you make sales that don’t require you to trade your time for money. And that, my friends, is something I’m totally here for.

Don’t get me wrong: You can technically automate social media. But all your social posts are still subject to the whims of the algorithm gods (for better or worse!). Not true for email.

(By the way, if you’re new to email automation, try using one of my email templates as a starting point: This flash sale email sequence is a fab option.)

Bottom line: Your list isn’t “just” a marketing tool but a critical asset for building a sustainable and scalable business. And it’s definitely worth taking the time to cultivate a healthy list.

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