Do You Want to Learn How to Leverage the Brilliance of a Virtual Assistant to Help You Grow Your Business & Make More Money?

Whether you want to launch (more) offers like clockwork, effortlessly
close more sales, or take your social media engagement (and conversions
 to the next level–or all of the above!–this is for you!

Download the FREE “How to Team Up with a VA to
Create Bigger Pay Days” Workbook. 


Get a free copy of my “How to Help Your Assistant Make Money for You” Workbook. The work you do in these pages will help you craft a plan to be more efficient with your own time, and leverage the efforts of your assistant to yield more revenue.


Just want your digital product done already so you can start making money?

Watch the video training to learn how I earned over $10k (and growing) in profit outsourcing the creation of a little workbook that I sell for $33.

23 Online Tools for Managing Your Projects, Schedule, and Team!

Get my list of 23 online tools that includes a quick overview, cost, most valuable feature, and who it’s best and worst for.

SOLVED! What an hour of your time is really worth

Use this FREE calculator to figure out how much your hourly rate needs to be to meet your time & financial freedom goals.

I’m Melissa Ingold. I’m an entrepreneur, mom to two teens and a dog, and married to the love of my life.

I’m an outsourcing strategist for women entrepreneurs who are sick of struggling to get everything on their to-do list done while also growing their business and income.

Hiring help will free up more of your time to focus on your big vision and the actual creation of your dream business. You’ll be able to earn more, reach more, and have the freedom you crave.

What makes me an expert?

I’m also obsessed with: road trip adventures, camping, books, and essential oils.

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