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WHY is this so hard for us…

You show up for your clients. You show up for your love. You show up for your kids. You show up for your friends. And you even show up for the homeless guy on the street. But are you showing up for YOURSELF? Or do you…

How NOT to work on your vacation

I remember when I first started my online business, I would get pretty frazzled just being away from the computer for a whole day. One particular weekend trip nearly sent me into a tizzy. That was a long time ago. After that first overnight trip, I…

awesomize your biz + life + change the world

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, and your life feels messy and out of whack, all it really takes to get back into alignment is tiny action steps.

I jumped on the phone with Nicole Dean and recorded our conversation about getting stuck, and what we’ve done to get out of a rut and go on to create massive transformations by taking tiny action steps in our biz + life. And how those little steps can lead to a movement that’s changing the world.

Listen to our conversation now.

3 Signs it’s Time to Let Go of a Task or Project

In this video I’ll cover:

– The 3 key things that will tell you whether or not to finally let go of a project
– How to dig deep and find out just what projects you should be working on right now
– Why simply dropping a project might not be the best choice – and what you can do instead