Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You Keep Your Funnel Filled With Clients

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You Keep Your Funnel Filled With Clients

Building a sales funnel is crucial to keeping your online business running profitably. Just ask any successful entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you so. IN ALL CAPS.

However, just building the funnel is never enough; you’ve gotta fill it. And keep it filled. So although the funnel itself is an amazing tool, it needs some upkeep!

And “upkeep” is a four-letter word to us mega-busy entrepreneurs.

Which is why I highly recommend hiring a virtual assistant to help you keep that funnel brimming with potential new clients!

Getting savvy support from a VA who understands your client base, brand, and business goals will make it far easier to keep those new leads flowing in.

This is work that needs a bit of personal oversight from you, but can certainly be handled by a trained virtual assistant on a weekly or monthly basis. Entrusting this work to your VA will take pressure off of you while guaranteeing that potential new clients are receiving your pitches, ideas, messages, and offers.

But who to hire?!? Let’s discuss.

Hire the right virtual assistant for your sales funnel needs

Virtual assistants encompass a truly huge pool of freelance workers, with a wide variety of experience and expertise.

There are plenty of generalists who can handle the nuts and bolts of keeping your business humming, including administrative work and email wrangling, but there are also loads of specialists.

Since you’re hoping for support with a specific set of tasks—keeping your sales funnel filled—I’d recommend that you hire a virtual assistant who has marketing knowledge, sales expertise, funnel- or lead-related experience, or all of the above.

Even then, you might want to drill down farther!

Keeping that sales funnel packed with leads is something you and your VA can do using a variety of strategies. If you know which types of outreach tactics have worked for you in the past, you can choose a VA who will bring insight and knowledge to bear on those specific tactics.

Hire a virtual assistant with Facebook & Google ad expertise

If your audience and ideal clients respond well to ads, you’d be wise to hire a virtual assistant who knows her way around the back-end of popular ad programs. Facebook ads are incredibly effective, but can be tricky to manage … so finding a VA who already knows the ropes is key.

Google ads are a bit more intuitive, but you’ll still want someone who can both create strategic ads and monitor them for ongoing effectiveness.

An ad-savvy virtual assistant will also be able to maintain custom audiences for retargeting, which is a great way to spread your message even farther, and keep that funnel filling and re-filling.

Hire a virtual assistant with SEO and content marketing experience

If your business hinges on blog posts, Medium contributions, or other long-form writing, you might want to steer away from advertisements and hire a virtual assistant with serious SEO skills instead.

Even if you aren’t a dedicated blogger, bear in mind that the right VA will be able to target each part of the funnel with stage-specific content that will help you qualify, nurture, and convert leads into paying customers.

In either case, you’ll want to seek someone who is an expert researcher, savvy content marketer, and link-building wizard. An SEO and content expert will definitely be someone who can coordinate with your writing staff, or even do the writing herself.

Content marketing can feel like a slower, less active way to fill your sales funnel, but it’s incredibly effective over the long term. If SEO and content are already key strategies for other areas of your business, consider hiring a VA to help incorporate them into your funnel-filling tactics.

Hire a virtual assistant with social media acumen

Are you getting tons of new followers or inquiries from Facebook?
Do people reach out after seeing your YouTube videos or tweets?

If you want support in keeping your sales funnel overflowing with leads, don’t just hire a virtual assistant who says she specializes in “social media.”

Know which platform your ideal clients use, and hire accordingly!

You want someone who can work to fill your funnel by meeting your people where they are, and nudging them toward your offers. Not only that, she needs to have a keen understanding of how social can support client acquisition, and how interacting with customers through social media can transform them from passive followers into active clients.

Regardless of which specialization you decide to pursue, your ideal VA should have experience with your business model so she can slide right in and start working.

You want to hire a virtual assistant who doesn’t just know how to fill a sales funnel, but knows how to fill YOUR sales funnel. And when you find her, you’ll never have to scramble to drum up leads again!



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