6 Ways to Sell Daily in Your Business

Did you just full-body cringe? I know… Sales (*insert eye roll*)

They can be scary, they can feel awkward, they can make you run for the hills, but the truth is… they’re NECESSARY if you’re an entrepreneur.

Because the even harsher truth is… no one is going to know what you have to offer if you don’t tell them about it.

Luckily, selling doesn’t have to be pushy or invasive. In fact, it can be easy, almost completely hands off, and of major service to your audience.

Let’s look at daily selling tactics that work, and don’t leave you feeling like you’re over-the-top or aggressive.


#1 Give tons of value on social media

Oftentimes, social media is where people first find you. It’s their introduction to you. If they like you, they’re likely to follow you, check out your website, sign up for your free stuff, maybe even buy some of your low-priced offers.

But for you to get past first base with them, they need to be able to trust you. So how do you build trust? Tons and tons of value.

Your social media posts should teach something or give them some sort of eye-opening a-ha. This isn’t blatant selling, but it’s showing your audience you know your stuff, which leads to fans, which leads to sales.


#2 Use stories and reels

Stories and reels are gaining popularity… and fast. People want to be entertained. They come to social media to learn something (remember, value! Value! value!), connect with others, or have a laugh.

But stories and reels aren’t just great for creating short, funny videos. They can be a great place to sell too.

Think of it this way: your general feed is first base. If your audience resonates with you, they’ll start checking out your other content, i.e., move to second base. These people are your warm audience. Don’t be afraid to mention your offers here.


#3 Add links in your social media profiles 

I’m willing to bet you have a link to your website in your social media bio. But do you also have links to your ongoing offers? If you answered no, then this is prime real estate for adding your offers, and making the sales process as hands off as possible!

If you offer products, link to your online store. If you offer services, you could put all your separate landing pages into a one-stop shop by creating a Linktree page.


#4 Add a call-to-action to your blog posts

Like social posts, blog posts are perfect for delivering massive value!

Use your blog to give your audience tangible tips, steps to take and how to’s. And don’t forget the call-to-action in every blog post you write. You can link to a related freebie or even a related offer. It’s a subtle, yet effective, way of showing your audience their suggested next step.


#5 Add a P.S. to all your emails

Your email list is full of your biggest fans. They’ve already invited you into their inbox. Use this prime relationship to sell more.

This isn’t about being pushy, it’s simply adding a P.S. at the end of your emails saying, “hey I got this going on if you’re interested!.” Let them take the next step. You’re just making sure they know what you can offer.


#6 Add upsells to your current freebies 

Do you have current freebies that are doing well? If so, you could be missing out on some sales!

Add related upsells to your freebies; they can be added to the end of the download, as an additional lesson in a free mini-course, or as an upsell in the checkout process.

There are multiple ways to add suggestions for the next thing to buy, none of them are wrong and all of them will help get you more sales.

Selling daily doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. In fact, it can (mostly) hands off! Start adding your links and mentioning your offers in as many places as possible, and start seeing more conversions.






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