How to Improve Your Website Copy to Attract More Clients

How to Improve Your Website Copy to Attract More Clients

It feels downright bizarre to say this, but websites are old school.

Many amazing entrepreneurs pour so much of their energy into social media, videos, and classes that our websites may feel like dead weight.

Do we even need them if our online presence is robust elsewhere? And if we have them, do they still deserve updates and TLC?

The answer is a gigantic DOUBLE YES.

It’s true that your website isn’t as dynamic as some of your other outlets, but it’s also your business’s home base. It’s the place where anyone who is interested in the depth and breadth of your work will go to scope you out.

And if your website copy is outdated, inaccurate, or off-putting, that can take a huge toll on your business!

Why does website messaging matter?

Why is messaging so important when it comes to converting curious website visitors? Because your site is the nexus of your brand.

What you say, the tone you use, and the ideas you share there will have a huge impact on first-time visitors. If your web copy strikes them the wrong way, they may never return.

If it strikes a chord within them, however, it can convert them to lifelong fans.

And, of course, there’s SEO to consider. Even if business websites play second-fiddle to social when it comes to reach and promotional efforts, they hold tight to first place when it comes to keyword searches.

If your specialty is coaching fitness experts, the language you use on your website MUST reflect that. And when it does, fitness experts who need coaches can find and connect with you.

And when that copy resonates with fitness experts, they’ll work with you and recommend you to their colleagues.

Website messaging should be about the CLIENT

If you offer one-on-one coaching services or occupy a highly specialized niche, it can be tempting to use your web copy to focus on who you are.

How you work, what makes you different, why clients should choose you over another coach. And that information should be present … but probably not front-and-center.

When people come to your site, they’re thinking about themselves.

Their needs and wants, their personal growth, their goals. They’re seeking help for problems and challenges that have gotten so urgent they’re willing to pay for coaching.

Someone with that mindset isn’t looking for a long, detailed bio.

They’re looking for answers, tools, and solutions.

They’re looking for ways to solve their problems.

That’s why web copy that’s all about you probably isn’t working.

Instead, talk to the client. Reflect their struggles, describe their challenges so they know you understand where they’re coming from. Then explain why YOU are the perfect person to guide them toward solutions.

Address any questions they might have, including hesitations about price, time commitment, or the structure of your offerings; assure them that what you do really works, and explain why it’ll work for them.

That’s how you convert visitors to clients.

Include effective calls-to-action

Speaking of conversion, all that client-centric copy needs to be supported by irresistible calls-to-action: language that urges the website visitor to stop reading and start clicking.

Don’t worry, even if you loathe the “hard sell” approach, you can still craft calls-to-action that inspire visitors to commit! Here are some options:

  • Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm: Instead of “work with me” try “let’s build your dream career!” Instead of “get started” try “sign up for free.”
  • Be clear: Don’t beat around the bush! Do you want them to “buy” or “download”? “Subscribe” or “sign up”? Short and sweet can be very effective.
  • Take Advantage of FOMO: Believe it or not, just the word “now” can spark a little motivational anxiety. But you can leverage “fear of missing out” with limited time offers and CTAs like “sale ends Monday” or “limited seats available.”
  • Use numbers whenever possible: Bottom line: people love and trust numbers. Prices, percentages off, any reason to include a number is a good one.
  • Give your audience a reason to take the desired action: Calls to action should be short, but they also need to be compelling. Something like, “register now to change your life” or “download to transform your workout” is worth the extra words!

Your virtual assistant can keep your website messaging updated

Now that you’re convinced that website messaging is crucial to your business, think about enabling your VA to update your copy seamlessly. Ask her to review the copy every 3-6 months, bring suggested changes to you, and implement them once they’re approved.

You’re guaranteed to have new ideas, offerings, and promotions at least every quarter, and your messaging should reflect that.

Web copy and messaging can literally make or break your chance at landing new clients.

Even if your social channels demand most of your attention these days, make sure you’ve got the mechanisms in place to update and refresh your website wording.

Doing so will ensure you reach the right people, grab their attention, and bring them into your tribe!



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