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The Template-Based Marketing System for Busy Coaches & Entrepreneurs!

Taking on More Clients & Working Religiously Will NOT Get You in Your Dream Business…

You’re running a business working with clients, while also juggling the demands of a home and family.

Every minute of your time is booked up in service to others.

You started your business with big dreams…make lots of money, have fun, and live and work on your own schedule.

But what you’ve created is just another version of the work-eat-sleep, work-eat-sleep, work-eat-sleep life that you’ve been trying to escape.

Still…you trudge on.

Holding onto that glimmer of hope that somehow tomorrow will be different.

That you’ll wake up and love your business.

But you don’t, do you?
Not really.

Sure, you slap on a happy face.
Pretend everything is fine.

When really…

You’re stressed.
Fed up.

Sick of the whole damn thing.

And the only solution that you can see to avoid selling out and getting a job…is to work more.

Take on more clients. Work faster. Work harder.

Anything to bridge the gap between the business you have and the one you want.

But no matter how hard you work, and how many more clients you squeeze into your schedule – you still only have 24 hours in a day, and you can’t possibly work them all.

What a slap in the face that is!

So then, you start thinking…

  • What’s the point then?
  • Why are you even doing all this?
  • Maybe you’re not meant to be an entrepreneur.
  • Maybe you should just quit and get a job.
  • Ugh! You’re total failure at this.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

So How Can You Improve Your Business Without Giving Up Sleep or Using Some Contrived System?

You have to stop spending 100% of your time doing allll the things in your business…


Well, here’s the thing – 20% of the tasks/projects in your business generate 80% of your income (the 80/20 Pareto’s Principle).

Meaning…80% of the tasks/projects that need to be done in your business are not worth YOUR valuable time and should be delegated.

Doing so will free up your time and energy to focus on the 20% of tasks/projects that actually creates your income.

You Need to Start Delegating if Want to Move Beyond Survival Mode in Your Business and Scale to the Next Level!

What if, By Outsourcing, You Could:

Create your own 6-figure course empire

Easily price and position your service offerings for more sales

Book out your offerings and fill your schedule with 1:1 clients you love

Create easy & fun 1:1 mentorship programs you can run from your phone

Grow your income using Facebook messenger to connect with your soul-mate clients

Increase the flow of passive income coming into your business

Engage and sell with influential Facebook livestreams that leaves your audience begging for more

Hiring your team will free up more of your time to focus on your big vision and the actual creation of your dream business.

Which means…you’ll be able to earn more, reach more, and have the freedom you crave.

Introducing the Done-for-You Template-Based Marketing System for Coaches & Entrepreneurs!

You’ll Receive an Entire Library of Project Kits Filled with Templates + Checklists + To-Do’s for a Specific Marketing Channel – from Social Media to Online Courses – All in One Neat Package Ready to be Customized and Sent Off to Your Assistant!

Here’s a Look at the 21 Project Kits You’ll Get in the VA Training Templates Library ($2667 value): 

Each kit includes a hot, done-for-you action plan with checklists and templates.

It’s designed to be customized with little input from you and handed off to your assistant, so you can rest assured she’ll have everything she needs to know to grow your business and give you more time to do what you love.


You’ll be able to stop secretly wondering whether you’ll ever have the business + income you really want – or if you’ll crash and burn from working too hard and too much and sacrificing everything you love – because you’ll know your monthly marketing is completely off your plate and you’ll absolutely have the time to focus on what matters most.

I’ve loved Melissa since 2009 and everything she puts out is golden. These project kits are complete time savers. If you are a business owner, it has everything you need, a turnkey solution to hand over to your assistant. If you are a VA, you will WOW your client by anticipating their needs and having an organized system ready to go. Love these kits!
Lisa Wells, Automation Specialist

Melissa Ingold is a genius! She’s taken all the work out of delegating tasks to your team with her project kits.  It’s so easy. You just open it up, answer a few questions and hand off the rest to your virtual assistant. Now an entire part of your business is handled and you’re getting reports and status updates from your team without you having to beg for them. You don’t have to understand how the entire process works and you don’t have to build out the entire process. It’s as turn-key as you can get. You’ll get more accomplished in your business, without working harder, and your assistant will be happier because you’re giving her everything she needs to be successful. It can’t get better than that. 
Deanna Maio, Team Results & Leadership Strategist

Here’s What You’ll Find in Each Project Kit

1. Customizable Marketing Plan

Step-by-Step Marketing Plan

Each month’s plan includes an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan for your assistant to grow your biz through the month’s marketing channel.

There will be no coming up with tasks on your own on the fly or spending copious hours researching the best ways to grow each channel – instead, you’ll receive up-to-date information already laid out for you. All you have to do is customize it and hand it off to your assistant and wait for the results!

This alone will save you hours of thinking, planning, and working time because you won’t have to come up with the plan on your own. It’s all been done for you! Simply customize it to your business and hand it off to your virtual assistant.

Here is an Example of What the Marketing Plan Looks Like:

2. Templates + Worksheets + Swipe Files

Templates + Worksheets + Swipe Files

To make it even easier for you + your team to complete your projects, every package is loaded with additional templates, worksheets, swipe files, and more! Each package contains different items based on what will be most helpful for the specific project.

Having access to these tools are going to save you a ton of time + money + energy because you and your team are not going to have to start your project from scratch.

One of the best ways to SAVE MONEY on your outsourcing bill is by using pre-made templates like the ones you get in this program. Your assistant won’t have to create brand new materials (on your dime) every time you want to host a webinar, or launch a book, or run Facebook ads.

Just tweak + reuse these templates and worksheets again and again! Imagine how awesome it would be just to have a library of templates on hand for everything from emails to a speaker kit for telesummits, a list of interview questions, workflow charts, consultation call template, client intake form, progress charts and TONS + TONS more!

Some of these items will come in .doc format so that you can customize it to your business needs, and and some of them will be in .pdf format because they don’t need to be customized (things like monetization templates + some flowcharts).

Here are Some Examples of What These Look Like:

3. Action Tracker Checklists + Resources

Checklists to Help You & Your Virtual Assistant Stay on Track

Because my team and I know how important simple checklists can be to the operation of my business, I want to make sure that you’re able to arm your own assistant with an all important checklist too. This checklist will help your assistant stay on track. But no only that, I also include any important resources that she may need to know about to help her get your projects done.

Here is an Example of What the Checklists Look Like:

4. Task Tracking Calendar

Task Tracking Calendar

Because I know how freaking helpful calendars can be to giving you a snapshot of what needs to be done throughout the month, I’m also going to give you a monthly calendar that your assistant can use.

This powerhouse of a document will include every task reminder your assistants needs to stay on schedule and meet important deadlines with ease (and without YOU having to step in and remind her or send off myriad back and forth emails).

Here is an Example of What the Calendar Looks Like:

5. Monthly Results Report

Monthly Results Report

Wanna know where your business stands at the end of each month?

Of course you do!

This final piece of the package is where your assistant will give you a full overview of the month’s campaign results. You’ll be able to see exactly what your assistant did (or didn’t) work on that month, any hurdles that came up and (and how she handled them) and she’ll have the opportunity to share her own questions, feedback, or suggestions.

This report is a great way to get your assistant super engaged in your business and brainstorm new ways to take the work she’s been doing for your business to the next level.

Here is an Example of What the Monthly Results Report Looks Like:

And I’m NOT Going to Leave You Alone to Figure Out this Outsourcing Thing…

You’ll Also Get Access to My Entire “How to Outsource Your Way to a 6-Figure Business” Program for FREE ($397 value)!

If you’ve resisted outsourcing because…

…You’re afraid to spend the money.
…You’re afraid to let things go.
…You’re afraid you don’t know how.

Then you’ll want my “How to Outsource Your Way to a 6-figure Business”  program.

It will help you break the cycle of self-sabotage so you can bust through the glass-ceiling that’s been holding you back from having the business and life of your dreams – whatever that looks like for you.

Maybe you want:

…To pursue a higher calling or charitable work to make the world a better place

More time to hang out with your family and friends doing fun things

More time to relax, engage in a hobby, or do what you want to do for a change

To travel to exotic places, or just enjoy lots of weekend trips and explore the world outside of your office

To make more money so you can secure your future and have everything you want

…or it could be anything that’s important to you. For me, it’s family and having a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of freedom. For you, it’s something you need to discover for yourself.

If you’ve been glued to the computer for the past few years and you’ve lost sight of the other things that might be important in your life, it’s time to rediscover or even newly discover what it is you really want out of your business and your life.

Your business is a tool you can leverage to create your ideal lifestyle, but most women become so attached to it that their business controls them.

Here’s What You’ll Discover in My “How to Outsource Your Way to a 6-Figure Business” Program

STEP 1: Delegation Prep Work

  • This is the MOST important step of outsourcing, one that most entrepreneurs never do (and it costs them so much time, money, energy, and stress).
  • I’m going to share my ENTIRE project prep process with you so that you can see exactly what it is that makes me so successful with outsourcing.
  • You’re going to get to SEE how I plan and organize everything to make my projects profitable and super easy to execute.
  • How to make sure you’ll have enough work to keep your new team member busy every month, so that YOUR business grows and profits.
  • And so much more

STEP 2: Finding + Hiring Your Rock Star Team Member

  • My PROCESS for choosing the perfect person for the project/task (you get this wrong, and it’s going to be a total waste of time and money)
  • The steps you need to take BEFORE you even think about scheduling an interview so you don’t waste your time
  • Breakdown of the entire interview process and the RED FLAGS you need to watch out for so you don’t get sucked into a bad hire
  • The MOST important thing you need to say at the end your interview (I’ve got a script you can use for this).
  • And so much more

STEP 3: Team Onboarding + Training

  • The STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS for successfully onboarding your new team member (what to do, what you need to have in place, tools to use).
  • How to train your new team member for immediate success and RESULTS.
  • Exactly how to assign the first project/task so you don’t get in over your head.
  • The “red flags” you need to look for during the first 30-days of working with a new team member
  • How to hold your team accountable and make sure deadlines are met.
  • How to develop a SYSTEM that keeps your business running without you.
  • And so much more!
Melissa, I’m going through this course and I’m at the lesson about onboarding a new team member – and I have to say this training is so awesome! I have NEVER approached team building like this. It’s been almost five years since I had team members and I kind of randomly brought them on and got lucky with that. I like your strategic approach, A LOT, and I’m so glad I bought this training before I tried again.

Angela Wills,

STEP 4: Doing it All Like a Boss

  • The keys to getting a great ROI (return on investment) with any team member
  • EXACTLY how to handle a team member who’s doing a bad job
  • The exact PROCESS I use to fire a team member (you don’t want to mess this up).
  • The difference between tasks that make you MONEY and those that just waste your time
  • How to keep your expenses from getting out of control
  • How to know when it’s time to hire more help
  • And so much more!

Are You Finally Ready to Get Serious About Working With a Virtual Assistant to Build Your Business, Free Up Your Time, and Put More Money in Your Pocket?

You’ll get immediate access to all 21 project kits that you can download straight away. Including:
  • Calling in the Cash! The Wealthy Woman Mindset Formula & Daily Habits for a Million Dollar Business
  • Money Calendar! How to Plan, Map Out, and Schedule Your Income Generating Content & Promotions
  • Paid to Be You! How to Stop Scrolling from Purpose to Call in the Cash & Get All that You Desire
  • 6-Figure Course Empire: How to Create & Sell $97 Products Every Month
  • Your 6-Figure Course Launch Plan
  • Community Influence! How to Attract, Engage, and Sell in Your Free Facebook Group
  • From Cold to Sold! Your Kick-Butt Sales System for Attracting New & Better Paying Client
  • 5-Figure Mentorships! How to Create a Fun & Easy 1:1 Mentorship Program You Can Run From Your Phone
  • Client Happiness Team! How to Support Your Clients with First Class Customer Service
  • Automation & Systems for More Clients, Cash, and Freedom
  • Offers that Sell: Pricing & Packaging Your Services for More Sales
  • Close the Room Talk Speaking Plan for Live Events, Facebook Lives, and Podcasts
  • High-End Sales with Facebook Messenger
  • Create Your Next Level Facebook Content Plan for More Fame, Followers, and Fans
  • Passive Income Flow! How to Monetize Your Work to Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Book Marketing Campaign for Authors
  • Plan + Create Your Own Influential Facebook Livestreams
  • Booked Out! How to Fill Your Schedule with 1:1 Clients You Love
  • Membership Creation & Site Management
  • Cha-Ching! Automated Offer Funnels Sending You Cash While You Play
  • Create Your Scroll-Freezing Video Content Marketing Plan
Plus, you’ll also get instant access to my “How to Outsource Your Way to a 6-Figure Business” Program that you can start watching immediately.

Get Instant Access to All 21 Project Kits & the Outsourcing Course for Only $997!

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Melissa is one of the most talented entrepreneurs I’ve learned from. Her passion for creating time freedom and financial stability through outsourcing & passive income, and her wealth of marketing knowledge creates a real powerhouse of value for her community. Her step-by-step programs are easy to go through and jam-packed with actionable advice, helpful templates and swipe files which tell you exactly what to do, show you shortcuts and save you time and pitfalls in the future. Hands down – an outstanding mentor.

Polina Ostapenko,

“Melissa Ingold has the experience and wisdom to know that multi-tasking is NOT magical. The real genius comes in being able to make a task ‘hands-free.’ Her skill in assembling a team and getting results from start to finish, with as little stress as possible, is nothing short of incredible! I’ve watched her master content creation, launches, site management and continuity over the last few years with what seems like ease! Great job, Melissa! Keep up the amazing work.”

Carrie Wilkerson,

Melissa Ingold is an under cover extremely humble, brilliant and loving business woman. She has a powerful story and knows first hand the magnitude of creating a business that works for YOU. So many female entrepreneurs are the bottle neck in their businesses and it’s slowly sinking them. Using Melissa’s intelligent systems, tools and structures; businesses can break free and create passive income while still making a huge impact on their tribes and most importantly truly being present and at ease with the gifts in their own lives. I highly recommend following Melissa and taking action and implementing her systems!

Amanda Moxley,

“Melissa Ingold is amazing at outsourcing. She constantly impresses me with how she is able to outsource EVERY single aspect of a project. When we worked together, she had us running an entire business, completely hands-off…from content creation to uploading the materials. It was truly set it and forget it, and that’s because she knows her stuff SO well. The people she works with love her, she has learned how to get incredible work from people, and she’s the best I know at QUALITY outsourcing. She rocks!”

Rachel Rofe,

Get Instant Access to All 21 Project Kits & the Outsourcing Course for Only $997!

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