The Only 4 Tools You Need to Take Your Business Online

Taking Your Business Online - Here Are The Top Tools You Need To Increase Profitability

Many businesses are being forced to move online due to the new social distancing regulations, and those of us who already did the majority of our work online are adjusting to a 100% virtual model.

It may feel strange to miss out on in-person client interactions, but just because you once relied on face-to-face contact doesn’t mean you can’t pivot to an online model.

In fact, many businesses are profiting in this new environment, and creating more revenue than ever before.

If you haven’t fully embraced a digital model, now is the perfect time to do so. Even when we’re NOT in the middle of a global pandemic, there are dozens of benefits to moving your business online.

With a robust and flexible web presence, you’ll be able to serve more people (including folks who don’t live in your area), expand your reach, connect with customers more easily, run ongoing promotions, access cheaper advertising and promotion costs, and more.

Ready to set your business up for success and sustainability online? Here are the only 4 tools you need.

Market and Sell With Ease Using Clickfunnels

For starters, you need a platform to help you build campaigns that keep your followers interested, engaged, and ready to purchase.

Sales funnels are essential to online business models, since they help entrepreneurs promote both new and existing products.

This series of communications stewards your business leads through a series of messages that moves them toward a product that’s tailored to their needs. A proven way to sell sustainably over time!

Clickfunnels is my all-time favorite tool for sales funnels. I use it to sell upgrades on existing packages, evergreen products, and new offers.

It also makes building leadpages for ongoing virtual classes or workshops a breeze!

Keep in Touch With Your Tribe Using Aweber

Consistently growing your email list is one of the BEST (and smartest) things you can do for your business.

Email campaigns and sales funnels give you total control over your messaging, and a phenomenally effective way to reach your audience on an intimate, personal level.

HubSpot reports that 59% of surveyed respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions, and 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months. Those are some amazing stats, my friends!

There are tons of email marketing platforms out there, but I trust Aweber to send all of my emails and newsletters to my customers and clients.

It’s a deep, rich tool with tons of versatility that’s still fairly easy to master. Use Aweber to keep your people informed about new events, workshops that you are offering, classes, books, and products.

Make Payments a Snap With PayPal

Wondering how to accept payments from your now online-only clients?

PayPal makes the process super easy, low-maintenance, and simple to coordinate even when your clients are all over the world!

Sign up for a business account and you’ll have access to a variety of options to help streamline your payment process, including accepting various forms of payment, sending custom invoices, and creating recurring/subscription plans for your customers.

Host Online Classes Using Zoom

Finally, if you teach live classes and need to move them online right away, keep it simple.

There are lots of great platforms for hosting webinars and workshops, but most of us are already familiar with Zoom and this video conferencing tool makes teaching online super easy.

You can pick a monthly plan depending on how many students you expect on each call, and even assign scheduling to your virtual assistant!

Zoom allows you to record your classes, so if you get permission from your students, you can even capture sessions on video and compile them into a library.

And that’s it!

With just these 4 tools, you can move the core elements of your business online and start securing sales, scheduling classes, and building income right away.

This is a tough time for many entrepreneurs, so I hope this post has eased your mind a bit. Working with your clients and keeping your business humming IS possible, even if you’ve relied on in-person work up till now.

I promise.



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