6 Work/Life Balance Tips for the 6-Figure+ CEO

6 Work/Life Balance Tips for the 6-Figure+ CEO

As you grow your online business, you might find yourself asking a very important question:

Is work/life balance really a thing? And if so, is it actually possible for a biz owner bringing in six figures (or more) a year?

In a word:  Yes. (And yes again.)

It might sound like a fairy tale or way too good to be true. But the truth is, work/life balance is 100% possible no matter what your current income level is. If right now you’re working 24/7 or can’t even catch a kiddo’s soccer game without checking your work email, then it’s simply time to re-evaluate how & where you’re spending your time – at work and at home.

Don’t know where to start? I got you. Here’s how to ensure you don’t neglect your life while building a wildly successful six figure plus business:


1) Schedule ‘Me’ Time – and Stick to It (Even if You “Don’t Feel Like It”)

Your calendar isn’t just for business meetings, friend. Be sure to block out time for yourself, whether it’s a yoga class, a spa day, or just a guilt-free Netflix binge.

I get it: Hitting that client deadline might feel more important than picking up the phone call from your bestie or hitting up the Pilates class you promised you’d go to, but truth be told, your mental and physical health are just as much a priority.

If you really want to enjoy running your business as it grows & scales, do what you need to do to fill yourself up. And make it non-negotiable, even if you “don’t feel like you need it.” (Because if you don’t do it now, you will need it in the future–even more so!)


2) Set Clear Work Hours

Too many entrepreneurs work their tails off from the moment they open their pretty peepers until the very second their head hits the pillow at night. (Ever responded to a client email while literally chillin’ in your jammies? Yeah, been there.) While this might be sustainable for a season, it actually will kill your growth – and harm your body and mind – in the long run.

So, what’s the solution? You need to define your work hours. If you only want to work 20 hours a week, only work 20 hours a week. Unless something is truly urgent or an emergency, odds are 90% of whatever is begging for your attention can wait until the next business day–or be handled by a team member, not you.

Your business will survive if you shut down the laptop at 6 PM. Promise.

Also, if you’re regularly working over your scheduled hours, it’s time to take a step back & get real about what you’re working on during your current set work hours. Are you working on tasks that are actually moving your business forward? Or – be honest – are you doom scrolling or consuming other’s content more than you’re head down, working on your own creations?

Also: Not every opportunity is a golden ticket. Learn to say ‘no’ to things that don’t align with your ultimate goals or values. Some things keep you busy without actually giving you value in return. Your time is precious, so treat it as such.


3) Create Clearer Boundaries (With Everyone!)

Obviously, you should set firm boundaries with your clients. It’s essential to let them know from the get-go what your set work hours are and how–and when–they can reach you.

However, you’ll also need to set clear boundaries with your team, family and friends as well. Your team should know what’s an urgent issue (and something worth texting you about while you’re out on date night) and what can wait until the next business day – or never make its way to you at all, but handled on their own.

As far as friends and family go, they should also not just be aware of your working hours, but respect your working hours. Let it be known that when you’re working, you’re working – you’re not able to pop over and pick up a friend’s Amazon package or swoop up their dry cleaning just because “you work from home.”

(Don’t get me wrong: You can absolutely do those things, if you want to. But it should not be expected of you – and you need to be aware that it can absolutely affect your productivity, efficiency and sense of work/life balance.)


4) Get More Comfortable Delegating

This is a no-brainer – and a biggie: You simply can’t run a multiple six figure business without delegating. Period.

I started delegating in 2006 and never looked back–because while we all *think* we are the “only one” who can do our jobs, the truth is there are talented, competent people out there willing and more-than-ready to support you in every arena. And to be real, you can’t grow (or hit multiple six figures) without a little (or a lot of) help. You’ll burn out or quit long before you see the true fruits of your labor if you try to do it all, all the time.

Remember: You’re the CEO here; you’re not a one-woman show. Make it a point to delegate tasks that don’t require your (genius) touch–and be honest about which tasks in your business actually do require your mojo. In the meantime, work on finding talented experts to add to your team. Then, empower them and trust them to get the job done – so you can go live your life.

Oh, and side note: Don’t overlook the power of systems and automation, either. You don’t need to hire a person for every single task sucking up your time. Sometimes, a simple tool or process is all you need to reclaim your life – like a social media scheduler to auto-post for you while you’re out sucking up spicy margs or a documented social media process to follow so you can craft and publish posts more quickly.


5) Indulge in Nourishing Activities Outside Work

Feeling frazzled even after a long weekend (or vacation) off? It might be because you’re not spending your time away from work in ways that are nourishing and supporting.

If you can’t physically and mentally disconnect from work, you won’t ever feel fully recharged. So, make sure you’re spending that “self care” time we talked about in doing what feels most restful and nourishing to you. Self care isn’t all glitter bath bombs and snail mucin face masks, friend. Invest in activities that truly light you up, whether it’s a hobby, a workout, or a long phone call with your biz BFF.


6) Stay Flexible

Let’s face it: Work-life balance requires flexibility. Sometimes work will be crazier and demand more of your time and attention (like during a big launch or marketing campaign), other times life will need to take first place (like during travel soccer season). It’s just life. It ebbs and flows, then ebbs again.

Before you’re hit with a crazy-busy week, take time right now to think about what your weeks need to look like when life is packed to the brim. Do you need to ask your VA if they can take on more hours, or schedule several social media posts to go out on autopilot so you can stay ‘top of mind’ without having to whip out your iPhone at your little’s dance recital? On the flip side, what about when business is booming? What might need to change then? Maybe you need to ask your partner to cover dish or bedtime duty, or be the designated school dropper-offer, for example.

To sum it all up: As CEO of a multiple six figure business, you’ll need to ration your time so you can fulfill all the roles you play in life. Some weeks, months and seasons might look different than others based on your current demands in your business (like how many podcast interviews you agreed to and the number of Discovery calls on your calendar) or your life. Just remember that you aren’t just building a business – you’re also crafting a life you love. And both pieces of you – and your world – deserve attention and respect (just not at the same time).

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