3 Smart Strategies for Simplifying Your Offers

3 Smart Strategies for Simplifying Your Offers

As a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur, I already know you’re basically a magician when it comes to transforming million-dollar ideas into reality.

While it’s great to give our clients options & different ways to work with us (and as an advocate for scaling as a way to avoid burnout, I’m alllll for lots of income streams) there does come a time when more is not more.

First, loads of offers can confuse potential customers. When you seemingly offer #AllTheThings on #AllTheTopics it can easily lead to “decision fatigue” (because should they buy your mini-course on “email marketing” or your mini-course on “list-building”?). The last thing you want is your ideal clients-to-be to mentally “check out” before they, well, actually check out (like with their credit cards).

It can also be hard to deliver on lots of different offers as a solo biz owner. If you’re out here trying to offer five different done-for-you services, plus a do-it-with-you mentorship, plus 20 digital products (all on various platforms and with various support communities that need tended to), it’s basically a recipe for burnout.

That’s why in today’s post I’m spilling the tea on how to simplify your products and services. Not only will this help you get known for more specific topics (if you so desire), but it can also make running your biz day-to-day a heckofalot easier.

If you’ve got an inkling you want–or need–to streamline your offers this year, consider this a must-read (or bookmark it for later).


1) Get Clear on What’s Profitable & What’s Not

Before you decide to nix or pull apart an offer, start with the data. You only really need to ask yourself the following questions:

What are your best-selling and most profitable offers?

What are your lowest-selling and least profitable offers?

Now you have a baseline to work with.


2) Decide if Each Offer is a Good Fit for Your Brand

You should also unpack each offer – best and worst-selling alike – to see if it’s in alignment with your current target market, passions and business goals.

Does your current target market actually need a course on lead magnets, or are you now working with more established business owners who actually need to know how to sell via email after creating said lead magnet?

Here are a few Qs to ask yourself:

Does insert-offer-here align with what I want to be known for moving forward?

What am I excited to offer? What do I actually want to offer this year/quarter?

Your answers might surprise you.


3) Consolidate, Revamp or Remove

Once you know what fits with your current goals, target market and what is actually making you money, it’s time to make a clear-cut decision on what to do with each offer. You have a few options, though, and I’m going to break them down below:

1. Consolidate. Can you combine similar offers (without them becoming too complex or complicated)? For example, do you really need a done-for-you service for brand messaging and website copywriting? Or do they complement each other so well that they’d make sense paired together?

2. Revamp. Sometimes all it takes to make an offer “make sense” for your business again is to breathe new life into it.

Generally this means re-evaluating the features, the topic or the target market. Maybe you don’t actually need to nix your brand messaging intensive, but you should pivot it so it’s in line with your current target audience. Or, maybe you don’t actually need to include 10 pages of website copy in your website copywriting package because your ideal clients usually only need three or four.

3. Remove. You can also simply bid farewell to low-performing offers if they’re unaligned or draining resources without contributing to your biz revenue or growth.

Ask yourself:

If I stopped marketing this offer and poured that energy into marketing another offer, could I make more money?
Is there another creator who offers something similar that I could become an affiliate for? (In this case, you’re still offering the solution to your audience–you just don’t have to fully deliver it, thus simplifying your offers).

When you go through the steps above, you might even decide to create (or keep) one signature, core offer – and nix everything else. And while I’m all about scaling and leveraging, I do know this is a very successful method for many entrepreneurs (especially in the short-term).

(Oh, and one pro tip: Don’t shock your audience by pulling a beloved offer with no notice and/or without offering a “retirement” sale first!)

It’s your business and ultimately, you get to decide what to offer. But if something isn’t serving your (current) ideal client, isn’t making you cash-money and/or isn’t aligned with where you want to go, you can usually safely let it go and simplify your offers for both you & your audience.

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