5 Misconceptions About Outsourcing Course Creation

Can you really outsource course creation, or would that just be weird?

Won’t my voice and brand get lost? Will it be expensive? And what about the quality? I don’t want to be selling my people junk.

Don’t worry. I got you.

In today’s video, I dive into all these things with you 🙂

And if you really want to dive deep into outsourcing course creation, you’ll definitely want to check out my “Source Your Course” program.

You’ll get access to these 14 training videos from me:

  • How to Simplify Your Course Ideas + Get Clarity Around What You Should Be Creating
  • How to Map Out Your Entire Money-Making Product Schedule
  • How to Lock Down the Behind-the-Scenes Details Before You Start Creating Your Course
  • An Inside Look at the Expense & Profit Report for One of My Products
  • How to Map Out Your High-Impact Course Funnel to Maximize Sales & Boost Your ROI
  • See How Powerful Course Funnels Can Be!
  • Nailing Down Your Course Structure, Content Flow, and Outlines
  • Tools, Mapping Out Your Work Flow, and Your To-List
  • A Walk-Through of the 5 Areas of Teams and How They Can Help You Get Your Course Created and Launched
  • Figuring Out Exactly Who Needs to be on Your Course Creation Team
  • How to Coordinate the Schedule and Workflow for Each Team Member
  • How to Get All Of Your Team Tasks Assigned Quickly & Easily
  • How to Create a Repeatable Course System & How to Set Up Your Schedule for the Next Year
  • How to Keep All of Your Templates & Systems Organized for Maximum Efficiency

Plus, you’ll also get access a workbook & templates:

  • 29-Page Workbook & Course Content Templates
  • Outsourcing To-Do List
  • Access to My Private List of 100+ Freelancers
  • 10 Project Templates for Hiring
  • Interview Questions Template
  • 10 Team Letters & Onboarding Template

You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire course, workbook & templates as soon as you sign up.

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