5 Misconceptions About Outsourcing Course Creation

Can you really outsource course creation, or would that just be weird?

Won’t my voice and brand get lost? Will it be expensive? And what about the quality? I don’t want to be selling my people junk.

Don’t worry. I got you.

In today’s video, I dive into all these things with you 🙂

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Hey, it’s Melissa Ingold here and today we’re going to be talking about the Five Misconceptions About Outsourcing Course Creation. 

Number one: It’s not possible. 

People automatically assume that outsourcing course creation means that, “Hey, I’m just going to hire someone, have them create my whole course and then they’ll just give it to me when they’re done and then I’ll go and sell it.” You can’t do that.

You could:

  • hire someone to help you outline your course modules. 
  • have a writer create your checklists, worksheets that go along with your course.
  • hire a graphic designer to create a really beautiful journal that you include with your course. 

It’s about getting support in the areas that you most need support in, not just handing     off the entire thing for someone else to create. 

It could just be, “Hey, I need somebody to help me map out this, somebody who could do some research, who could really dig into what’s sexy right now and help me flesh out the content for this freakin course that I want to create because I’m just getting nowhere with it.” 

Or, you can have people work on various pieces that will help you really amp up the value for the course. For instance, creating a bonus that will go along with your program such as a checklist or worksheet. 

You could even have a workbook as a special bonus that goes along with the course for people who sign up. 

You can also have someone help with some of the aspects that go into course creation, like the behind the scenes stuff. Things like, creating the sales and lead pages, funnels, and emails don’t necessarily require you to do them.

Again, misconception one, it’s not possible? Well, that’s BS.

Number two: That your voice and brand will be lost. 

Totally not true. 

If you are hiring someone who is amazing at what they do, they’re going to be able to emulate you. You can give them examples of your previous content and  they can dig into that and really get a feel for your voice and your brand.

I usually have them work on a test project before hiring as well. This allows you to make sure they really are getting your voice and brand. 

I promise, your voice is not going to be lost. There are tons of amazing people that can help you with that and really stay true to your voice.

Number three: It will cost too much.

Let me ask, how much is it costing you to not create that course? 

How many times have you started working on something and then quit because you just ran out of time or you were just stuck?

You had the greatest intentions in the world of sitting down, working on your course but then you were just like, “ What am I going to create? What am I going to talk about?” So, you just put it aside for later.

You just wasted a lot of time not doing anything, right?

Yes, it’s going to cost money to bring in the support that you need, but seriously, you could hire a virtual assistant that could map out every module in your course, including titles, in just a few short hours and then you can review it and make tweaks.

People really forget that their time is valuable, it’s worth something.

For every hour you waste, you’re giving up a piece of your life that they can’t get back. It’s also costing money because, instead of focusing on the areas of your business that DO require your touch, you’re burning time because you don’t know what to do. 

You have to remember, your time is valuable and it does cost something. 

Will it cost you too much to get support in the creation of your course? I don’t think so. I think it’s going to fast-track your course creation.

It’s going to allow you to get things done instead of all of those ideas and great things that you want to do, just sitting on the back burner, because you just don’t have the time.

Number four: It’s too hard. 

If I’m being honest, I think this is just an excuse that people use to not do something.

“Oh, it’s too hard, I can’t do it.” And then you’re off the hook for actually having to do that thing. 

But, when we do plow through something, it’s always easier and way less complicated than we thought it would be. 

All outsourcing is, is bringing together other talented people into your business and working together on your vision. That’s it. It’s actually pretty damn easy to hire the right people if you’re setting them up with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

I mean, what could be more fun than being surrounded by awesome people who love you, love what you do and are just so excited to support you in whatever way you can?

The excuse that it’s just too hard, no. It’s only hard if we want it to be 

Number five: The quality is going suck. 

I can see why this is such a big one but, it’s not true.

First of all, you’re going to be working with super talented people who are freaking awesome at what they do. 

A little sidenote, there are people who just suck, they’re really not that good. But at the end of the day, for as long as I’ve been outsourcing and doing this, I’ve had more successful hires than failures. 

Plus, you are going to have your hands all over the end result. It’s not like you’re just going to be like, “Here, can you do this?” and then sell it to your people. 

No, you’re going to be looking at it and tweaking things. 

For instance, let’s say that you hire a writer to write a workbook for you that you want to sell to your audience. 

That writer is going to need an outline from you, of what the heck to cover in your workbook. 

What do you want to talk about in it? 

What’s important that you cover? 

You’re also going to be giving them examples of other things that you’ve created. Maybe you have another workbook that you’ve created or other content that they can dig into to really get a feel for your voice and your brand. 

When you get that back, you can request edits, make some tweaks and you have your virtual assistant proofread it, edit it, polish it up and no one has to see it until you’re absolutely happy with it and you’re damn sure that your customers are going to love it.

You’re going to make sure that the quality is amazing before it ever sees the light of day. 

We just get so caught up in thinking that no one else can do anything better for our business and that’s just not true. Everything about business is taking chances and making leaps into the unknown. 

At the end of the day you’re never going to see the rewards unless you take those leaps. 

Now that we’ve gone through the five misconceptions about outsourcing course creation, I want to tell you about my Source Your Course Program, where I walk you through everything. 

There’s tons of content in this program where we break down everything, even ideas. 

We’re going to dive into course logistics and documentation and your work flows and all of those amazing, and necessary things, in the Source Your Course Program. 

You’ll nail down the process for bringing on support into your business to help you create all of those courses and programs that you’ve been dying to create, allowing you to provide a higher service to your audience. 

If you’re ready, I would love for you to join me in that. Program enrollment is open right now. 

Go ahead and click the link below this video and I’ll see you on the other side. 

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