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6-Figure Flow

Plot Twist: “Getting more clients” is NOT the path to MORE revenue with MORE freedom!

6-Figure Flow is a program about helping you get the right offers in place, and having an easy, automated system running in the background to sell them all – without exchanging your time & energy for money.

Make More Money in Your Business Selling Low-End Products 365 Days a Year – Without Working 365 Days a Year!

I want to fill you in on a few secrets…

No, you don’t have to spend your life getting on sales calls with people who may or may not be interested and convincing them why you're worth investing in.

No, you don’t need to work nights and weekends or give up vacations in order to keep the cash coming in.

No, you don’t need to put every aspect of your life on Instagram stories in order to make money.

No, you don’t have to take on another draining client in order to make more money.

No, you don’t have to post 5 times a day on your social platforms in order to make money.

I promise you…you can make a lot of money without working so hard for every dollar that’s coming in.

And building in low-end digital products to your business, gives you that freedom.


You're a coach making $50k a month selling trainings and workbooks instead of scheduling more sales calls.

You're a website designer making $10k a month selling templates and guides instead of taking on a pain in the ass client that wants a million revisions.

You're a virtual assistant making $8k a month selling trainings and templates instead of living a life of feast and famine cycles.

You're a copywriter making $20k a month selling fill-in-the-blank templates and guides instead of working through another vacation.

You're a social media manager making $10k a month selling pre-written social posts instead of hustling to find another client.

It’s as simple as creating something based around what you’re already doing in your business.

As a copywriter, one of the most popular services that I offered was writing product descriptions for physical product sellers (things like baby slings, soaps, tables and chairs even). But because I was selling my time, I could only work with so many clients at once.

And so in 2006, the very first digital product I created was a guide about how to write sexy product descriptions. I mean, obviously it was something that people wanted, so if I was too busy to take them on, or they couldn’t hire me for whatever reason – they could buy the guide and DIY the process.

As a result, I ended up making a few thousand dollars.

In short, my goal is to open up your mind and guide you through the possibilities of creating one or many incredible low-end digital products, and how you can sprinkle them around the internet like confetti, so you can make money 365 days a year – without working 365 days a year.

I used to be all about the one-on-one…

My business used to be all about the hustle & grind.

The hustle for 1:1 clients.
The grind of long hours.

So why didn’t it add up to money in the bank & the business of my dreams?

Seems to me that if people were paying me and I was busting my butt doing the work, I should have something to show for it, no?

Turns out, that when the only thing you’re selling is yourself –the pay is lousy and the hours suck.

And there’s nothing more disheartening than the moment you realize that what you’ve created isn’t a business, but a joyless J.O.B with a crummy boss.

That moment came for me in 2006. And when it did, I knew that I had to make a choice:

a) I could call it a day. Shut down the computer, head back to a real-world job, and forget any of this ever happened.


b) I could figure out a way to make a lot of money, without working all the hours and relying on 1:1 clients to pay the bills.

Since we’re here, I’m pretty sure you know which one I went with…

My company now serves over 8000 customers & I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of digital products online.

Introducing 6-Figure Flow

A self-study program for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create, market, and sell low-end products to the masses passively & with ease!

As crazy as this sounds, I’ve created & sold over 500 digital products across my two businesses.

Here’s a screenshot from each of my shopping carts:

You could say I know my around creating & selling low-end digital products.

I’m not some joe-blow coming out of left field here with a couple of products under my belt figuring I can start teaching you this stuff.

I have legit spent the last 15 YEARS doing this!

If you want to dive into the world of low-end products – I got you!

Here’s What We’re Covering:

LESSON 1: The Low-End Product Suite Strategy Map

You’ve probably been told that if you want to make a lot of money online, you have to sell high-ticket offers. And sure, that makes sense.

But what they don’t tell you…is how freaking hard it is to sell the $5000 package, am I right?

And so you’re busting your butt for every dollar you make, and if you dare take any time off – the wheels just stop and so does the money.

Listen, you don’t have to spend your life convincing people to buy from you – when actually, you can offer things that people say yes to as easily as they say yes to the gum in the supermarket aisle.

In lesson 1, we’ll explore what it means for you to have a low-end product suite, and how it makes you money!

Here’s what we’ll be covering:


  • Everything you need to know about what a low-end product suite actually is so you can avoid the costly mistakes
  • Exactly how selling low-end will make you money so you don’t have to hustle for every dollar
  • My process for building out a low-end product suite so you can make more money easily
  • How this strategy can easily be applied to your business (especially if you sell 1:1 coaching or services) in a simple easy way
  • A walk-through of product suite examples across 6 different industries so that you can get inspired about what you can do for your business

LESSON 2: Building Out Your First Low-End Product Suite

Creating, pricing, and selling low-end products is a strategy all its own.

We’re not talking about creating a signature program and then launching it like you’re Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, or Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Sure, those ladies make bank. But let’s be honest, their approach also requires a crap ton of work & money to pull off (which is why they only do it once or twice a year)

I’m all about keeping things simple, easy, AND profitable! I want money coming in all the time, whether I’m working or taking the summer off.

In lesson 2, we’ll be diving into my process for building out your first low-end product suite, including:


  • Exactly what your first product suite should include (and what it shouldn’t) so you don’t waste time & money on the wrong things
  • An in-depth look at how a product suite works within your existing business so you can see exactly how everything flows
  • A breakdown of the different types of offers that sell the best to help you make more money faster
  • How to create simple low priced offerings your people will love so you won’t struggle to get sales
  • My exact pricing formula that gets the sale & turns customers into repeat buyers for ongoing income
  • How to strategically pick the first 3 products for your low-end suite so you can get your first passive income stream up and running fast

LESSON 3: How to Set Yourself Up for Automated Product Sales 24/7

Sure, you probably know what a low-end offer is. And yeah, you could create something and stick it on your website without this training.

But here’s what I know to be true…that only works like 5% of the time!

The truth is, unless you’re Amazon, people aren’t going to be hanging around your website shopping all day.

Which means that business owners like us have to approach this in a very strategic way if we want to make money.

In lesson 3, we’ll be diving into:


  • The exact workflow that will help you build a customer base of repeat buyers so selling your products becomes easy
  • How to sell your products passively so there’s always money coming in even when you’re not working
  • A look at how I sell every day with ease so you can apply the same techniques to your own business
  • A behind-the-scenes look at my promotional calendar and process so you’ll know exactly what to do too

LESSON 4: Next Level Multiple Income Streams with Low-End

Now that you’ve nailed the low-end product system, we’re going to dial it up a notch!

You’ll be off and running with your first product suite – but I want you to be able to create MULTIPLE streams of income in your business.

So in lesson 4, I’m going to show you how you can stretch everything you’ve done even further, and really capitalize on it.

We’ll be covering:


  • The exact next steps for growing your low-end product empire with ease so you can keep leveling up.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at my simple funnel strategy that easily results in more sales automatically.
  • How to turn the work you’ve already done into a repeatable system you can use over and over again.
  • 6 ways to tweak your offers for higher conversions so you can make more sales from your offers.
  • 7 things to do if your offers aren’t selling so you can turn things around for the benefit of your business.

Here’s What’s Included in 6-Figure Flow:

4 Video Trainings

In 6-Figure Flow I’ll be walking you through the incredible world of creating & selling low-end offers.

Everything is recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the content.

5 Workbooks ($235 value)

In addition to your video trainings, you’ll also receive 5 juicy workbooks to help you put the lessons into action in your business, including:

  • How to Price Your Offers
  • How to Sell Everyday
  • Plan & Schedule Your Emails
  • Plan & Schedule Your Product Releases
  • Plan Your Funnels & Tripwires

Plus You’ll Also Get INSTANT ACCESS to these 4 Bonuses ($568 value):

BONUS #1: Money Up Your Biz Workshop ($197 value)

In this brand new workshop, I’ll walk you through 8 simple things you can do to monetize your business right now, to generate more cashflow.

These are quick & easy tweaks that can add thousands of dollars to your bottom-line every year, while also serving your audience.

BONUS #2: 100 Pre-Written Email Templates ($197 value)

You’ll get my swipe file with 100 pre-written emails that you can tweak to your business, and paste straight into your email campaigns to help you sell more without breaking a sweat!

There’s thank you for signing up emails, thank you for buying emails, new affiliate sign up emails, special offer emails, cart abandonment emails, FAQ emails, and so much more!

BONUS #4: Writing to Sell Templates ($127 value)

This kit includes a step-by-step marketing plan and 20 templates that will help you write soul-stirring, wallet-opening content that speaks directly to those you most want to serve (without the sleeze).

BONUS #3: Sales Booster Workbook ($47 value)

You’ll get access to 100+ unique content ideas that you can swipe and start using right now to get more sales, no matter your niche or experience level.

Ready? Let’s do this!

**Sorry, no substitutions/discounts/refunds for products you’ve already purchased**

“Her strategies in this program definitely reveal how to generate income as soon as possible in your business!”

I really enjoyed going through the 6-Figure Flow program! Melissa really breaks the process down on what it takes to create a unique low-end product suite. I loved hearing about her journey, seeing examples and having all the information laid out for me in a very organized and seamless way.

Her strategies in this program definitely reveal how to generate income as soon as possible in your business so if your business needs a cash injection, you’re in the right place!

Aremanda Hudson

Virtual Executive Assistant & Consultant,

“Worth every penny! I am making more money now than I did before!”

When I signed up for 6-Figure Flow I wanted more clients and to make more money. I was making less than $5K a month. But after going through her program…OMG. Amazing! I am now on the way to restructuring my business, setting up the right systems and after Melissa’s guidance and teachings, I am making more money now than I did before! Definitely worth the time and energy to improve your business!

I love Melissa’s approach and the teachings were easy to digest. I felt comfortable with the teachings and it expanded my mindset and knowledge on how to make six figures! I enjoyed it and learned so much!

If you are on the fence, go for it! You will get great guidance on how to structure your business, make the right connections and set up the systems in order for you succeed! Worth every penny! 🙂

Cathy Nolan

Artist & Coach to Artists and Entrepreneurs,

“My favorite part is that Melissa ACTUALLY shows examples of what the 6-Figure Flow method can look like!”

I signed up because I wanted to add in low ticket products to supplement my mid-high ticket services. First, I found the lessons to be really to the point and engaging. But my favorite part is that Melissa ACTUALLY shows examples of what the 6-Figure Flow method can look like.

Because of the 6-Figure Flow program I’ve mapped out one core product and one order bump. I haven’t launched yet, but am planning to in the next coming weeks. I’m just proud to have something mapped out and that wouldn’t have happened without this course.

I’ve bought other courses that focus on low ticket product creation and they always fell short because they never gave me a clear path to implementation. Melissa’s course totally crushed those other courses! I now feel excited and confident that I can implement a low-ticket product suite.

If you’re thinking about joining the 6-Figure Program, invest so you can get your mini-product suite finally created!

Gabby Grimaldo

Course Business Consultant,

“I was surprised by the modules. They were short and impactful. The diagrams were super helpful.”

I wanted to figure out how to structure my programs to capture more sales. I had a lot of questions in my head like how to price things, how do I keep track of products and upsell, etc. I was surprised by the modules. They were short and impactful. The diagrams were super helpful. I have since organized my programs better and I’m comfortable with pricing at a lower rate.

I’m looking into the right systems to add to my website to help with getting products in front of clients – so yes this answered my questions. I’m excited about focusing on low cost products to produce that 6 figure flow with ease. I did launch my etsy store and have been working on building my product collection as well, and I feel more confident that I can add programs to my product suit and set them up to work with each other to maximize sales.

For anyone considering 6-Figure Flow, I just want to say that its easy to get through, and will answer the questions or doubts you have about low product items and how it can benefit you. Not all of us want that high ticket crazy and its great to get a new perspective that you can implement.

Amanda Fludd

A Psychotherapist & Mindset Coach,

“I have an actual plan now (instead of just ideas) for making money with digital products.”

When I signed up for 6-Figure Flow I really wanted a roadmap to be able to sell products instead of just selling services. Your program provides so much detail and really helped me to understand exactly how to build out a product suite, and get things set up in a profitable way. Thank you! After going through the program, I have an actual plan now (instead of just ideas) for making money with digital products.

Wendi Hill

Marketing Consulting,


My business is new, is this program for me?

My business is new, is this program for me?

Beginner or not, if you ever plan to create & sell digital products online – THIS program is going to help you so much!

Listen, I know there’s a ton of free information available to you with the click of a mouse, and there’s also a lot of other programs out there to choose from. But 6-Figure Flow is different…

I’m going to be SHOWING YOU everything that I do to make money selling low-end products. You’ll get to go behind-the-scenes of my business and see real working examples of how I do things so that you can model them for your own business.

Will this program help me with traffic and finding people to buy the offers that I put out?

Will this program help me with traffic and finding people to buy the offers that I put out?

Although I’ll be talking about list-building and email marketing somewhat in lesson 3, the focus of this program is to help you get your first product suite up and running, and a system in place that will grow as your business does.

You can work on building your email list and sending all the traffic you want to your website – but if you don’t have anything to sell to those people when they get there, you’re not going to be able to make money.

You want to be able to offer them something as soon as they come into your world, and the 6-Figure program will show you how to do that.

Do I have to start running ads to make this work?

Do I have to start running ads to make this work?

Nope. If you have an audience that you currently reach out to, such as an email list, Facebook group, or Instagram account – you already have a way to sell your low-end offers.

I’m not tech savvy at all, can I still do this/do I need to hire help?

I’m not tech savvy at all, can I still do this/do I need to hire help?

If you know how to add a product to your shopping cart, create a page on your website to sell it, and send an email to your subscribers – you’ve got this!

When does the program start?

When does the program start?

All of the video lessons are recorded and ready will be ready for you in your account as soon as you sign up.

How do I access the training and bonuses?

How do I access the training and bonuses?

A few minutes after you sign up you’ll receive an email from me that includes a link to login to your account, along with your username and password (if you don’t see it, be sure to check your junk/spam as well).

If you purchased a product or program from me in the past, your account will already be set up, and your new purchase will be added to your existing account ready for you.

Our system automatically sends out an email with your username and password in it each time you make a purchase – however, your username and password will remain the same in every email our system sends you.

How long will I have access to the content?

How long will I have access to the content?

Everything is recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the content in your account.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind and decide this is not for me?

Can I get a refund if I change my mind and decide this is not for me?

All sales of this program are final. No refunds will be given after purchase.

What tools do I need to be able to do this?

What tools do I need to be able to do this?

If you have a website, a shopping cart, and a way to collect emails – you have what you need!

In 6-Figure Flow, I will be sharing some (completely optional) tools that you might want to use because I’ve had success with them.

What if I have other questions?

What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions, fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm EST. We typically respond within one business day. However, we do take weekends and holidays off so sometimes response may take 2-3 days. We promise to always respond as promptly and as thoroughly as we can.

Ready? Let’s do this!

**Sorry, no substitutions/discounts/refunds for products you’ve already purchased**