The Benefits of Pre-Selling a Course

The Benefits of Pre-Selling a Course

Before you take the time and effort to create an incredible course that people will love, have you thought of pre-selling?

You’re probably thinking, “How can I pre-sell something that doesn’t quite exist?” While it may sound strange, the benefits of pre-selling a course are tremendous and can save you much more time and effort in the long run.

The goal is to get people excited about what is yet to come, creating a hype surrounding the course that you’ll then build based on what your audience wants, needs, and prefers to see. Not so sure how it’ll work to your advantage? Check out these top benefits of hosting a pre-sale.


#1. Gauge the Level of Interest for Your Course

The first and most important reason for pre-selling a course is to gauge the level of interest from your audience. You want to see if people are interested enough in the content you’re planning to provide to them. You can include a detailed description of the course to give people an idea of what they can expect when it’s available.

If you suddenly have tons of people investing in the course before it’s even launched, you know that you’re on the right path and can move forward with creating content for it. On the other hand, if no one expresses interest in what you’re offering, you’ll likely want to consider changing directions to provide something else of value that your audience can benefit from.


#2. Create the Kind of Content People Want and Need & Stress Less Over Your Efforts

Once you’ve gauged the level of interest, you can work on creating the content that people want and need instead of wasting time and energy on things they’re not interested in viewing. You wouldn’t want to feel like you’ve spent several hours each week building a course that no one is buying because it’s a waste of time. You’re far less likely to waste your time when working on something that dozens of people are already expressing interest in buying.


#3. Stay Accountable and Motivated

Pre-selling a course will keep you accountable for what you need to create and motivated enough to keep going. You have people that have trusted you and are investing in your product, so now it’s time to show up for them.

While it’s easy to feel discouraged from time to time, knowing that you have hundreds if not thousands of people rooting for you and anticipating your course will give you the push you need to make it happen. You’ll get up each day knowing you need to work on different parts of the course and get it done so that it’s ready by the release date.

You may think that pre-selling isn’t the best idea, but it will work in your favor if you do it correctly. You can host a presale to gauge the level of interest your followers and targeted audience have for your course. If more than enough people are expressing interest, you’ll know it’s time to put in the work and create a course full of information that others can use to their advantage, regardless of your niche and the specific topics you’ll discuss.




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