16 Ways to Grow Your Reach through the Magic of Content Repurposing

16 Ways to Grow Your Reach through the Magic of Content Repurposing

You already know how much time and effort it takes for you to create new content. It’s a lot of work, am I right?

But content creation can actually be easy…okay, less hard…when you apply the magic of repurposing to every piece of content you pour your heart and soul into.

Like that heartfelt message you just shared on Instagram that only 10 people saw. Instead of then creating something new for Facebook, and your blog, and your email subscribers – you simply that that ONE message and you repurpose it in multiple different ways across all of your marketing channels.

Wanna learn more?

Then keep reading because in this post I’m sharing how content repurposing maximizes your visibility online, plus 16 ideas for reusing your existing content throughout your business.

First up…

3 Ways Content Repurposing Grows Your Business

Posts, reels, stories, YouTube videos, tweets, blogs, emails, podcasts, pins…OMG…it’s a content marketing buffet and you’re expected to feed all the channels with all the things.

It’s a lot. But like I said, you can feed them all the exact same thing, just tweaked for the specific platform.

So before we dive into all the ways you can repurpose your content, let’s look at HOW it grows your business:

#1 Reach new people 

Not everyone wants to sit and read a blog. Alternatively, not everyone wants to watch a video. Delivering the same message in different ways allows you to easily capture more people and new audiences.

#2 Strengthen your message

You know it takes multiple (like for real, MULTIPLE!) times before someone pays attention to something they’ve seen online. Repeating the same thing doesn’t annoy them… it causes them to pay attention and gain clarity on what you’re putting out.

#3 Increase your visibility 

It’s simple. More content equals more chances to interact with you and your brand, which equals much more visibility.

16 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Okay, you’re convinced. Now let’s get to the juicy stuff!

Here are 16 ideas for reusing the content you’re already creating in your business.

If you blog, turn your written content into:

  1. Email newsletters: This one is easy! Just repurpose the blog post.
  2. Short social media posts: Break up your content into smaller doses to capture people online.
  3. A long social media post: Or if longer posts are your thing, just reuse the entire blog post!
  4. A podcast episode: Your blog post can be read word for word, or take bits and pieces to create a new way for people to discover you.
  5. Short videos for social media:  You already have the content, it’s just about creating the videos and getting it out there.
  6. Ebooks: Grab a few blogs on the same topic, add an introduction and bam! Ebook to sell or give away as a free offer.

If you run a podcast, turn your audio content into: 

  1. Blog posts: Grab your transcripts and cater to those who would rather read than listen.
  2. Emails: Clean up your transcript and use your podcast content to nurture your stagnant email list.
  3. Social media posts: Break up the content, either the audio or the written works well!
  4. Ebooks: Like your blog posts, use a few of your transcripts to create an ebook.
  5. Online courses: Alternatively, put them together and create a free (or paid!) ecourse!
  6. YouTube videos: Add some graphics and upload your audio to YouTube for a much wider reach.

If you love creating short, quick posts for social media, turn those into: 

  1. Blog posts: Put together some of your best value posts to create a longer, value packed blog post!
  2. Podcast content: Take those blog posts and use it as a basis for a great podcast episode.
  3. Longer videos: Same thing here. You’re already creating the content, it’s all about putting it together in other ways to expand your reach.
  4. Value emails: Not everyone is on social media. Use your posts to stay in touch with your email subscribers.

You know you need content. And you know people are literally everywhere online, but it’s impossible for you to be as well.

The solution? Simple! Just choose the types of content you love to create the most and then repurpose the heck out of it to get your business in front of a much wider audience.



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