Hire a Ghostwriter to Help You Create Your Online Course

Know what’s great about online courses?


Creating and selling a course positions you as a subject-matter expert, gives you a fantastic tool for sharing your expertise, connects you to clients who love your work, and creates a passive income stream for your business.

Actually, let’s rewind and chat about that last one.

Once you’ve FINISHED writing and creating the course, it will become passive…but that writing and creating process can be pretty time-consuming.

In fact, if you’re doing it entirely on your own, writing a new course can take months out of your schedule!

However, if you hire a ghostwriter to create your online course, you can oversee the process, ensure the course is imbued with your unique voice and knowledge, and still keep up with your other projects.

Collaborating with a skilled ghostwriter helps you get that course up and running without missing a beat.

Why Hire a Ghostwriter to Create Your Online Course?

If you’ve never worked with a ghostwriter before, the idea of enlisting one to help with something as big as a course might be terrifying.

But I’m here to tell you that a skilled ghostwriter is a fantastic person to have on your team, especially for big projects like online courses!

When you hire a ghostwriter and hand over writing-intensive work that has been languishing on your desk, you instantly free up your time for other tasks. Instead of spinning your wheels creating content, you’re able to scale your business and focus on big-picture work.

And the work you DO handle yourself gets your full, undivided attention. All this while a top-notch ghostwriter creates a custom online course for you!

How to Hire a Ghostwriter Who is a Perfect Fit for Your Needs

As you might expect, veteran ghostwriters charge more than newbies. So before you hire a ghostwriter to create your online course, you’ll want to decide how to balance expertise and budget.

If you’re wavering, use this calculator to determine how much an hour of YOUR time is worth, then consider how much you’re willing to shell out for your ghostwriter’s services.

Another important consideration when hiring a ghostwriter?


Ask your colleagues for referrals. Chances are they outsource at least some of their writing, and can give you recommendations for writers who are reliable, quick, affordable, and easy to work with. Ask trusted colleagues for their input, then interview the cream of the crop yourself.

The Risk-free Way to Hire a Ghostwriter

It’s totally true that outsourcing big projects to ghostwriters will free up your time. And if you’re chomping at the bit to get your course written, you may be tempted to hire a ghostwriter and set her to work on the project immediately.


Any time you’re working with someone new, you want to start small. If you outsource a 12-module course without first testing the waters, you may end up wasting money on a ghostwriter who’s a bad fit for your needs! Do an “audition” of some sort before committing to the multi-month course project.

If you’ve vetted your ghostwriter through a colleague’s recommendation, she’s likely to be trustworthy…but it’s still a good idea to protect yourself. Use a contract, a non-disclosure agreement, and a no-compete clause so everything you do is above-board. If she’s a new-to-you contractor, take the time to check every project against a plagiarism checker, too.

Hire a Ghostwriter Who Specializes in Courses

To minimize the time you spend tweaking and revising your course consider hiring a specialist. Great copywriters are not necessarily good at writing course modules, so you want to make sure to hire a ghostwriter who has plenty of experience with online courses and webinars. If you need help outsourcing multiple types of content writing, consider using multiple ghostwriters.

Many entrepreneurs are eager to build and sell online courses that will grow their businesses and generate income. But if they don’t have the time to write content for those courses, the process stalls out indefinitely.

If you’re in this position yourself, I highly recommend hiring a ghostwriter to create the modules for your online course. As soon as you do, you’re one step closer to making that new income stream a reality!


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