How to Create a Course Marketing Plan

How to Create a Course Marketing Plan

Once you’re ready to create a course or are getting closer to launching it, it’s time to create a marketing strategy that will help you make more sales. Putting thought and effort into a detailed strategy makes it easier to connect with the right audience and get them interested enough to pay for your course.

However, if you don’t have much marketing experience, you may feel like this process is no easy feat. The good news is that it’s not as difficult as it sounds! It’s about diversifying strategy, putting yourself out there, and using simple tips and techniques to gain the attention you deserve.

Let’s look at 4 ways to create a course marketing plan and start gaining interest for your next launch.


#1. Connect with Your Targeted Audience

Start connecting more with your targeted audience and engaging in meaningful conversations with them.

It’s easy to do this on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok because you can post content about your courses and get feedback from viewers. You can find out what your viewers think about the content you’re sharing online and what you plan to include in your course, which will help you make adjustments when needed.

Build that solid connection, gain trust, and prove to your followers that you’re an authoritative figure with extensive knowledge of your niche.


#2. Consider What to Post on Social Media

Carefully decide what to post on social media to help raise awareness of your soon-to-be-available course.

For example, you can upload short content on your Instagram stories, enabling you to see who is viewing these stories and is most likely interested in investing in your course. The content can include a few tips or bits of advice you’d like to give to the audience with a call to action at the end, where you’re encouraging viewers to check out your course to get all the insider details on a specific topic.

Start making a list of what content to create, which platforms to post, and when to upload content to get the most engagement.


#3. Offer a Referral Program for Courses

Take a traditional approach to making more sales by offering a referral program. Each person who gets someone to sign up for your course under their name can receive a discount on additional courses or merchandise you might have available.

You can even provide deeper discounts for those who get a certain number of people to pay for your course through their referral links. It’s a great way to create more buzz surrounding your brand and the course you’ve developed.


#4. Take Advantage of Video Content and the Impact It Makes

Add video content to your marketing strategy. You’ve probably noticed that videos are becoming the most popular content on the internet, with most people preferring to watch over reading or looking through images.

Take the time to create compelling videos, whether you’re explaining how your course can help others or offering some genuinely good advice that your followers can use to their advantage. The best part about video content is that you can post it in many places, including your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

You can create a course marketing plan by considering different ways to advertise your creation to the public. From posting on social media to making organic connections and even offering a referral program, the options for marketing yourself and your course are endless.

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