Why You Should NEVER Do Everything Yourself

You know how there’s always a scene in horror movies where the main character is about to open a door or descend a staircase, and you find yourself screaming “No, it’s a TRAP!” at the screen?

I’m always tempted to shout that same phrase when I hear entrepreneurs insist that doing everything themselves is cheaper, easier, and better than outsourcing.

I’m telling you right now, that is one of the biggest mental traps ever! And when we fall into it, we limit our own success.

Outsourcing to contractors and freelancers will cost money, it’s true. But in this case, the old adage, “you’ve gotta spend money to make money” actually applies.

Let me tell you exactly why it’s totally worth investing in trustworthy team members who can help you manage your workload.

Outsource Work Because it Saves Time

That little voice that’s telling you it’s easier and faster to tackle tasks yourself, and that showing someone else how to do them is a waste of time? Tell it to eff off!

Then ask yourself which deep-seated fears are really making you hesitate.

Are you afraid of giving up control?

Concerned that your brand will start to slip?

What’s the real reason that you don’t want to delegate?

Once you’ve pinpointed it, consider the long-term consequences of that belief: What larger, more ambitious projects are you unable to tackle because you’re drowning in busywork? Believe me when I say that delegating makes you more productive, efficient, and accountable.

Outsource Work Because You’re the CEO

You built this company, didn’t you? Well, that earns you the right to pick and choose your tasks. It’s not that certain workloads are “beneath” you, it’s more about understanding what REALLY needs your personal touch.

As you evaluate sets of tasks, ask yourself two things:

  • Does this work require my specialized knowledge of my business? Or my unique skill set?
  • Does this work generate revenue directly? (Does it lead to being paid relatively quickly?)

For instance, email marketing, client interaction, and program design all benefit from your voice and personality. Accounting, graphics, and responding to social media questions can all be outsourced.

As the person who created this business, you’ve earned the right to get help with some of the work required to run it.

Outsource Work Because it Builds Trust

Maybe you already have a small team in place, but are struggling to divvy up tasks among them.

If this is the case, remember that assigning work to your contractors lets them know that you both trust and value them! Let go of your inner control freak.

Just because you do something in a specific way doesn’t make that the only right way. Allow others to do what they do, and accept the fact that as long as the outcome is correct, the path to get there can be flexible. When you get comfy with that fact, it becomes far easier to delegate, which shows your team how much they mean to you. Wins all around.

Still waffling? Here’s a simple way to perform an ROI assessment before you delegate any task.

Once you see how much an hour of your own time is really worth, you’ll jump at the chance to assign out work to your team! (And you’ll never fall into the “better to do it all myself” trap ever again.) So get ready to shift your mindset, train in some talented contractors, and streamline your entire business workflow.



PS – Not sure where to start? Check out my VA Training Templates Library for dozens of templates and step-by-step plans to share with your VA so you can get back to being the CEO.


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