why would I pay someone to do something I can do myself for free?

I used to think that hiring help wasn’t in my budget.

In fact, the whole concept seemed a little bit crazy to me. I mean, why wouldn’t I just do the work myself and keep that money in my own pocket?

And I kept believing that until I finally learned the real value of my own time. 

Once I understood how much an hour of my time was worth, I suddenly realized that doing everything myself wasn’t free. In fact, it was costing me more, a lot more, to stay stuck in that mindset.

Using a simple calculation, you can figure out what your hourly rate is based on your time +  financial freedom goals.

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To help you better understand how doing everything in your business all by yourself really isn’t saving you money – I want you walk you through an example…

Let’s say you want to make $250k/year and you want to have plenty of free time, so here’s an example of how that looks on the calculator:

time calculator numbers
But to make those numbers work:

Are you charging $217.01/hr for your services or coaching sessions?

Are you working with 6 clients per day, one per hour, 4 days a week?

Are you selling $1302.06 worth of product per day (your own or as an affiliate), 4 days a week?


And those numbers only work if you’re doing nothing in your business but the things that = bank.

But what about all the hours it takes to:

  • Get clients
  • Enroll clients
  • Reply to client emails
  • Create new products
  • Launch and promote those products
  • Write content + post it on your blog
  • Share cool stuff on social media
  • Network + connect with JV partners
  • Do interviews

…and the other million and one things you need to do to keep your business running?

Is it any wonder that you’re still not making the money you want and you’re still working way too many hours?

So HOW the heck do you do it?

Well, there’s really only one way for you to make the money you want AND work the hours you want…

You need to hire an assistant.

And YES you CAN afford it. Here’s why:

Using our above example, all of those other tasks that you’re currently doing yourself that don’t directly = moolah are costing you $217.01 per hour to do yourself.

Think about that for a minute.

If you spend one hour of your time out of your ideal six hour day to reply to client emails (booking sessions, answering questions, getting peeps their download links, etc.) – and your hour is worth $217.01, that’s what it’s costing you to handle that task yourself.

BECAUSE…it’s one less hour you have to do a client session to make that $217.01 (that eventually adds up to your big goal).

Is it starting to click?

Smart entrepreneurs hire an assistant for $25-$30/hr. to do those tasks for them. Sounds freaking cheap now, doesn’t it?

So instead of answering client emails, your assistant takes care of that task for you while you spend the hour with your client. You pay your assistant and still make a profit of $192.01-$187.01.

No it’s not quite your hourly rate, but that’s where it gets fun. Just add in the cost of your assistant to your hourly rate by bumping what you charge your clients by $25-$30. And BOO YA! Goal met 😉

The key to making it work, is that you have to spend your time where it really counts, and hand the rest off to an assistant.

Make sense?


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