3 Fun Ways to Use Video Marketing for Business Growth

video marketing for business

“I’m obsessed with your videos!”

“Your content is so good. I love your energy!”

“I smashed that follow button so fast. Can’t wait to see more!”

Sound familiar, or wish it did? If so, you’re in the perfect place.

Video is a powerful online marketing tool for your business, and fantastic way to grow an engaged audience online. Research shows video allows viewers to get to know (and like, trust and buy from) you more quickly and easily than text alone.

And because the way people consume video online has changed dramatically over the years, it’s no longer necessary to waste hours sweating (er, glowing) in front of your ring light creating lengthy tutorials to build a massive following with video.

Nowadays, you can just pop open your iPhone literally anywhere and record quick, to-the-point videos that pack a big punch in minutes–or seconds! And if showing your face on cam isn’t your cup of matcha, you can skip it and create videos with text and images instead.

Below, you’ll find a short-and-sweet guide on video marketing for your business. Including where and how to create short videos that multiply your audience big time.

Video Marketing on TikTok? Absolutely!

TikTok is arguably the hottest social media platform right now, and a super-effective way to quickly reach thousands–or millions!–of potential followers.

TikTok videos vary from 60 seconds to 10 minutes–but most are on the shorter side. Most business owners use trending sounds that they personalize to their niche. Quick tips, unique stories and hot takes on controversial topics tend to stand out, as well.

TikTok loves creators who keep it real and show their quirks, too–so no need for a full face of makeup (unless that’s your thing).

TikTok’s “For You Page” is unique, too, because it shows viewers videos from people they don’t follow, based on their tastes and preferences–so it’s much easier for new people to find you on this platform than others. Just be sure to include a call-to-action on your videos to encourage viewers to follow your page for similar content, so they know what to do if they dig what they see.

Use Instagram Reels to as a Tool for Your Video Marketing

Reels are Instagram’s response to TikTok and have a very similar format. (You can even repurpose your TikTok videos into Reels–and many creators do!) Instagram Reels are capped at 90 seconds, so short-and-sweet is the name of the game here, too.

The key to success is working with–not against–the algorithm. According to HootSuite, several factors influence the Reels algorithm, including relationships, popularity and timeliness (read: new content gets prioritized).

But a huge piece of the puzzle–and one you have the most control over–is relevancy. Translation? Include the right hashtags in your Reels to help the finicky algorithm understand what your Reels are about, so they get served up to the right people. You can include up to 30 hashtags, but most experts suggest using just 3-5 highly-targeted hashtags instead.

YouTube Shorts…the Queen of Video Marketing Platforms

YouTube Shorts are another short-form video feature you can use to grow an audience online.

In short (see what I did there?), YouTube Shorts are vertical videos that clock in at 60-seconds or less. Shorts work best when they’re specific, valuable and, yes, short.

Of course, you should create Shorts relevant to your niche and channel topic. Experts also suggest creating custom thumbnails and catchy titles to grab potential viewers’ attention.

One caveat: Don’t get too clever. A straightforward title that simply lets the viewer know what to expect works best and builds trust, versus a more clickbait-y title. If a viewer loves your 60-second short, odds are they’ll interact with your channel in other ways–like subscribing (or binge-watching a whole playlist in one sitting).

The best part? You don’t have to put on a full-length production like a regular video, or worry about it disappearing like an Instagram Story.

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