5 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand & Attract New Clients

5 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand & Attract New Clients

Quick question: What comes to mind when you think about Pinterest? #Fashioninspo? Cute décor ideas? A fun place to save all your fave soup recipes? If so, you’re not alone.

Here’s the deal: Pinterest has had a major glow-up over the years and it’s not just a cute app to use when you don’t know what to cook for dinner. More business owners are using the power of Pinterest marketing now more than ever to attract new clients and build brands. Why?

Because it’s less social media and more visual search engine–and it’s fantastic for driving traffic to your website and helping you squeeze the most juice out of content you’ve already created.

Another fun fact: Pinterest content has an incredibly long shelf-life compared to other “social media” platforms.

Pins can keep showing up on others’ feeds–and directing epic amounts of traffic to your content–for weeks, months even years! Pretty magical.

Want to tap into some of the magic of Pinterest marketing to grow your business on this unique platform? Here’s how:

#1 Pin Your Best Content

Don’t reinvent the wheel–start by pinning content you’ve already created and people already love. For example, you can create a specific board to pin your blog posts or create multiple pins linking to your freebies.

You can even repurpose TikTok videos or Instagram Reels right to Pinterest. Great content (of any kind!) encourages shares, saves and–you guessed it!–follows.

#2 Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Your Pinterest profile is ultra-customizable. It’s a fantastic place to give potential followers more information about who you are, what you do and what your brand is all about.

Be sure to include:

  • An SEO-friendly title with keywords your audience is searching for  (e.g., “Content marketing” or “Business coaching”)
  • A detailed, 160-character profile description with an elevator pitch and call-to-action
  • Website URL
  • An attractive cover photo with another call-to-action (To grow your following on Pinterest, include a CTA to follow you in the image!)

#3 Write Sexy, Searchable Pin Descriptions

It’s no secret SEO matters a lot on Pinterest. (It is a search engine, after all!) That said, optimizing your pin descriptions with SEO-friendly keywords and hashtags will do wonders to help people find–and devour–your content, and then follow you (or sign up for your mailing list) as a result.

#4 Create Scroll Stopping Pins

Keywords will help users find your pins, but a gorgeous, eye-pleasing graphic is what will compel people to click on them. Be sure to use easy-to-read fonts, play around with colors and graphics and check your IG analytics to see what people are clicking most. Do you notice trends? If so, do more of it.

#5 Try Pinterest Idea Pins

Idea Pins are another Pinterest marketing strategy & they’re getting crazy-good reach on the platform. Most Idea Pins contain between 5-20 ‘pages’ and tell an inspiring story or provide an actionable how-to or tutorial.

Since Idea Pins don’t allow external links, they’re a great place to encourage people to follow your profile. On the final ‘page’ of your pin, include a compelling call-to-action like, “Follow me for more email marketing tips!” This will drive people to your profile where they can hit “Follow” or scroll through your other boards, too.

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