Here’s how a virtual assistant can help you create & roll out a speaking plan for Facebook lives, podcasts, virtual summits, stages, and more!

Speaking gigs are a BIG deal. Both because they can generate gobs of business and because they take a ton of careful planning.

A dynamite talk that works for live event stages, Facebook lives, or even on podcasts is a huge asset for any entrepreneur, but along with the talk itself you need a plan.

You need to be able to customize the script for any audience, and make sure you can work in your pitch in a way that will resonate.

Creating your talk isn’t really a one-and-done deal, it’s a template/method/ongoing-project hybrid.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, don’t panic! Your virtual assistant can definitely help you plan out, build, customize, and roll out your speaking plan so you’re prepared for any gig that comes your way.

Why should your virtual assistant help with your speaking plan?

Speaking is one of the more vulnerable things we entrepreneurs do, so it can be tempting to just create your speaking plan on your own. But here’s the thing, lovelies: getting some outside input on your talk is guaranteed to make it better.

Especially if that input is coming from your VA, who knows all about you and your business goals!

When you ask for her feedback and help, you will:

  • Find out if your content is interesting from start to finish
  • Get tips on your pacing, diction, and body language
  • Have the chance to really hone the business pitch part of your talk
  • Collaborate on making the talk customizable
  • Get helpful nudges to “brag” about your accomplishments (something most of us DON’T do when working solo!)

You’ll need to do most of the writing yourself, or give the script a heavy edit to make certain it sounds like “you.” And in certain cases, you may need to schmooze an organization personally to secure a booking.

But most of the rest of the speaking plan can be either tag-teamed or entrusted to your virtual assistant. And getting her help with this means you’ll have another revenue-generating offering that you can book out.

Speaking gigs may only pay a few hundred dollars at first, but once you get on the circuit you should be able to bump up your fees so that just one gig every six months will easily cover your VA’s salary.

Definitely a worthwhile investment!

How to choose an offer to promote with your virtual assistant’s help

If you’re invited to speak on stage, your first order of business is to figure out how you’re going to sell yourself and your offer. Bear in mind that certain events will allow you to directly promote something, and others will specifically prohibit it.

In both cases, you and your virtual assistant need to brainstorm ways that you can sell, either overtly or covertly!

Start by discussing your goal for the event with your virtual assistant. Do you want more clients? More leads? More sales? More booked calls?

Once you’ve pinpointed your goal, envision the perfect offer to hit that goal. Ask your virtual assistant to compile some research on promos and methods that have worked in the past so you can use those as a launchpad.

Should the offer associated with your talk be high end? Low end? Will it need to change depending on the audience size, location, or demographics? (Try to choose an offer that has broad appeal so you don’t have to do a ton of customization each time.)

What about bonuses, or time limits to get people to buy right after your talk?

Finally, create some contingencies for speaking gigs where you can’t pitch on stage.

  • Will you bring fliers or coupons?
  • Can you sell books or other physical merchandise afterwards?
  • Can you put an ad in the event program?

Whatever work-around you choose, make some templates for language that can subtly nudge audience members toward your offerings.

Even something like, “Wanna hear more about how I can support YOU? Swing by my merch table after the event!” can work wonders.

How to plan out your talk with your virtual assistant’s help

Once you’ve got your offer and pitch logistics worked out, that’s when you and your virtual assistant can dig into your topic. What will your talk be about?

What is a subject that will emphasize your expertise while also appealing to a wide variety of audience members?

Ask your VA to review your social media stats to see which topics perform best, both in terms of views and engagement.

Can any of those ideas be repurposed for your speaking plan?

Next, put your heads together to make sure this topic ties into your business and offerings. The most heartfelt and engaging talk in the universe will be minimally helpful if it doesn’t allow you to pitch your services!

Work with your virtual assistant to brainstorm ways to transition from the stories you share within the talk to the offer you’re promoting. What are some segues, jokes, or comparisons you can use to bridge from sharing to pitching?

Before you dig into outlining and writing, decide on the talk structure. The pitch is essential, but should be no more than 15% of the total talk time.

  • How will you divide the rest?
  • Will you use slides or visuals?
  • Is there an opportunity for a demo or audience participation? (This makes talks more engaging and memorable!)
  • Will there be a Q&A session at the end, or a way for viewers to send questions to you electronically?

If at all possible, make sure you have several distinct “sections” to your talk that break it up. Ask your virtual assistant to help you find ways to divide the content up logically, and incorporate activities or tactics that will make your talk absolutely unforgettable.

If you’re excited to build your speaking plan system, but still unsure where to start the process, I’ve got just the kit for you!

Close the Room Talk! Your Speaking Plan for Live Events, Facebook Lives, and Podcasts has all the tools and templates you need to collaborate with your VA and plan out your signature talk. Learn more here.


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