4 Reasons to Outsource Video Editing

4 Reasons to Outsource Video Editing

Producing gorgeous, engaging video content is becoming increasingly vital to online entrepreneurship. (You already knew that right lovely?)

Most of us have had to learn about lighting, makeup, and which mics work best for online videos … not to mention getting comfy on camera! But even if we’re already pros at creating content on the front end, editing raw footage can still be complex and frustrating

Luckily we can outsource video editing to talented contractors who know exactly which software to use, where to make cuts, and how to stitch everything together into a perfectly packaged clip.

Why bother? Why not just muddle through video editing ourselves? Well, I’ll tell ya.

Why entrepreneurs should outsource video editing

For starters, this is a skill set that’s equal parts tech wizardry and innate artistic talent.

Video editors need to be fluent in editing software, but also have a feel for timing, flow, and the nuances of a well-produced clip.

All of that can be learned … but why not outsource video editing to someone who’s already cultivated those skills?

4 related reasons to outsource video editing include:

    1. Lack of skills on your team: Unless you’ve already got a team member who’s been trained on video editing, you’ll be starting from scratch.
    2. Tight timelines: Can you take three months off of producing videos to train yourself or a team member on video editing? Neither can I! Most of us need to continually create and post video content, or we miss out on revenue streams. Choosing to outsource video editing means never having to break your posting schedule.
    3. Lack of technology to get it done: Sure, you could invest in popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere or Corel VideoStudio. But a contractor who specializes in video editing will always have the most up-to-date tools, and be intimately familiar with how to use them. When you outsource video editing, you never have to worry about keeping up with updates or familiarizing yourself with the latest software.
    4. Need for a more professional product: Plenty of us can crank out a clumsy clip using iMovie, but this is your business we’re talking about! You want something that’s stellar, not just passable. And that means outsourcing video editing to a true pro.

How to outsource video editing like a BOSS

Again, just because someone says they’re a whiz at iMovie doesn’t mean they’ll be a perfect fit for your needs. Screening candidates before you outsource video editing is essential.

Here are 4 tips for finding the ideal contractor:

    1. Look for creativity: A good video editor has the soul of an artist. Check portfolios and testimonials to make sure the candidates you screen are creative and innovative, in addition to being bona-fide tech geeks!
    2. Seek a style you like: If you were hiring a designer for your website, you’d look for someone whose style aligns with your own, right? This is no different. If you want dreamy, feminine-feeling clips and hire someone who typically uses loud music and frequent angle-switches, neither of you will be happy. Outsource video editing to someone whose natural working style suits your brand.
    3. Start with small projects: If you’re trying out a brand new editor, don’t get them started on a multi-hour course that will sell for $1,000. Do a trial run on a shorter clip, maybe even one you’ll give away for free. Get a feel for your editor’s flow, and see how well you collaborate together.
    4. Be prepared to pay for quality: Want to outsource video editing to someone you can trust? Then don’t cheap out! You want an experienced, talented, reliable freelancer who will take your footage and make it into seamless, enjoyable video clips. And that means finding someone with experience and skills, then paying them a fair rate.

Video is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s likely to become more and more important to those of us who run our businesses online

Now that you’re a dynamo at writing and filming videos, outsource video editing so that raw content looks professional, gorgeous, and inviting to everyone who sees it!



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