Do I Need an Email List to Launch?

Do I Need an Email List to Launch?

If you’re planning to launch your course, you’re probably wondering if you need an email list. Of course, most people will announce the details of the launch to their list, letting those who enjoy their content be the first to know about the opportunity to sign up for something of value to them.

And while you don’t necessarily need a list to have tremendous success with your course, it doesn’t hurt to have one.

When you have an email list, you already have people connected to you who want to stay up-to-date on everything surrounding your brand and business.

You’re probably saying, “I’d love to have an email list, but I’m just unsure how to build one.”

Sure, it might seem complicated, but you can organically grow your list with the proper techniques. Not sure what those techniques are? Check out these simple tips and strategies that can easily and quickly help you build your email list.

How to Organically Build Your Email List

Growing an email list sounds more complicated than it has to be. Take a creative approach to growing your list to the point that you’re connecting with hundreds of people each time you press send!

Include a Pop-Up on Your Website

If you already have a website, consider adding a pop-up that will appear on the webpage after a visitor is browsing for a few minutes. When they’re already taking the time to browse through the content on your site, they’ll feel a bit more inclined to add their email address to the pop-up.

For example, it could say something like, “Like what you see? Sign up for my newsletter and receive a 10% discount on your next purchase!” Of course, it’s only one example of how to encourage people to sign up to receive emails from you.


Host a Giveaway/Contest

Don’t sleep on the power of a giveaway or contest that will help you gain many new subscribers in no time! People love the opportunity to win great prizes, so why not host a contest where the person who gets the most people to sign up for your email list under them will receive a grand prize.

If you plan to host a contest like this, be specific about what the prize includes so that everyone knows what they have a chance to win. You can even offer something special for those who come in first, second, and third, which will help to encourage your followers to share the details and get their friends and families to subscribe.


Utilize Ad Space on Social Platforms

Don’t hesitate to utilize ad space on some social platforms, such as Facebook, to get more people to visit your website. If you can increase traffic and have a pop-up on your website, you’ll have more people signing up in no time to receive your newsletter and any other messages you might send.

While you don’t NEED an email list to launch your course, it’s always good to have one. You can naturally build your list and generate excitement about the upcoming launch, which will help you increase your sales.



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