7 Ways to Attract Ideal Clients on Social Media

Ever feel like you’re shouting into a void when you post on social media?

Maybe you feel like you’re posting about your new digital products all.the.time, but nobody (or every few people) are actually buying.
Maybe you’re attracting a lot of people who seem interested in your offers, then ghost you at the last minute or have loads of objections (that no number of DMs can overcome).
Or maybe you just still have to do a lot of cold outreach rather than seeing a steady stream of new clients & customers from your content.

Can you relate?

If social media feels more “miss” than “hit” for you, I get it. But the reality is, with a few smart tweaks to your social media content strategy, you can easily start seeing more ideal clients snapping up your offers straight from your social posts (and your cute LinkTree page) – and less tire kickers clogging up your inbox. (And side note: There are obviously other things you can do on social media to attract ideal clients–besides just “posting content.” But this post in particular is about untethering you from a world where you need to chase people in the DMs or join loads of random Facebook groups to make sales.)


1) Know Who You’re Speaking to

Talking to everyone = talking to no one. When crafting content for social, you really want to make sure you’re crafting content that speaks directly to your most ideal clients.

So, who are they? What’s keeping them up at night? What are their world views? What do they truly desire? What does their day-to-day life look like?

Get to know them. And then, craft content that is specifically for them.

For example, if you’re a business coach for first-time moms looking for a more passive way to earn income from home with a baby on their hip, you wouldn’t post generic content about “how to earn passive income online.” Instead, you’d write a post like, “3 ways you can earn $5k a month from home as a new mom in under 2 hours a week.”

By the way, getting clear and niching down on your ideal client doesn’t mean that nobody else will ever buy from you. But it does mean that more of the right people will see themselves reflected in your content, and therefore, feel more compelled and confident buying your stuff and/or reaching out.

Oh, and one sweet bonus to doing this deep work? Crystal-clear clarity on your target audience will make it that much easier to use paid ads (if that’s your jam) and target your ideal clients with (almost) scary precision.


2) Speak to Them Where They’re At

Yes, knowing your ideal client is half the battle. The other half is ensuring you’re speaking to them in a way that makes sense to them, where they’re at right now.

Your content should be relevant to your specific ideal client and where they’re at in their journey when they encounter your content.

Let’s use the example of a biz coach for first-time moms again. You’d want to create content that speaks specifically to first-time moms, rather than a mom with a toddler or who’s given birth before. Which means? A post like, “Here’s 5 things I wish I knew about business as a first time mom” would attract more ideal clients than a similar (but different) post like, “Here’s 5 tips for running a successful passive income biz for just a few hours a week (while your toddler’s in daycare).” Make sense.

Also, don’t forget to do your market research. One easy way to ensure you’re speaking to them correctly is to ask your ideal client straight up (via surveys or polls) what specific words they use to their situation and both their problems and desires.


3) Share Your Point of View

Another way to get “your people” to flock to you and buy your courses & digital products in droves is to start sharing your authentic viewpoints and philosophy.

Your viewpoints –and your overall message– are what separates you from every other insert-what-you-do-here online. Just think about it: If you’re a newbie biz owner who’s a bit on the introverted side & you’re looking for help with leveraging Pinterest and you see one person doling out basic Pinterest facts (and maybe even touching on a few other social media platforms, too), while another is doling out hyper-focused Pinterest content who also has no problem shouting from the rooftops who much she believes Pinterest is the best platform for introverted biz owners – who are you more likely to buy from?



4) Focus on Transformation, not Features

I see this happen a lot, especially when entrepreneurs are launching something new. Since they’re super excited about their new offer, they get caught up in the features of the offer – and lose sight of the transformation.

Let’s be honest: Nobody wakes up thinking, “Man, you know what I really need? A day of Voxer coaching!” But what they do wake up thinking is, “Wow, it’d be awesome to have someone help me set up my Pinterest profile in an afternoon so I start attracting more ideal clients with less time on Instagram.”

What your ideal clients care about is how your Voxer coaching day will help them. What’s in it for them? What’s the outcome, the transformation? That’s the stuff that you need to include in your content, because that’s what sells. The features are just the delivery method (and the icing on the cake).

It’s easy to get excited about new offers and double down on the features when you’re creating content to sell it. But if attracting ideal clients (or any clients at all) is hard right now, shift your focus to the outcome & benefits of your offers – and watch how your sales shift.


5) Optimize Your Profiles

While your content should do the heavy lifting here, your profiles matter, too. Make sure your social media profiles are dressed to attract your specific client. You’ll want to include a snappy bio that lets people know off the bat who you are, what you do & who you do it for.

(And don’t forget to include a call-to-action and relevant links to whatever you’re promoting.)


6) Address Objections & Reservations

It’s also important to address your ideal client’s objections and reservations in your content. What is holding them back from saying yes? What have they tried before that didn’t work? What excuses have they told themselves about why this won’t work for them?

Once you know this, create content around these specific topics. This shows your clients-to-be you really grasp their situation, and that you’ve literally created your offers with their situation(s) in mind.


7) Don’t Skip the Case Studies

Social proof–especially social proof from people similar to your ideal clients in lifestyle, energy, age, income, etc.–is super irresistible. So don’t be shy about sharing testimonials, case studies, and success stories from your raving clients! (This is where knowing how to collect tantalizing testimonials comes in – so be sure to check out my Testimonials Package if this isn’t your jam!)

Bottom line: Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or other creative, attracting clients on social media is possible–and with these savvy social media content tips now in your arsenal, I can practically guarantee you’ll start attracting more aligned, ideal clients with your content. Try ‘em out and see!




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