5 Easy Tips for How to Grow an Ultra-Engaged Audience on Instagram

how to grow on instagram

Wondering how to grow on Instagram? You’re not alone! Instagram has exploded in popularity over the last few years for online business owners. From launching fresh offers to driving massive traffic to your landing pages to connecting with clients-to-be directly in the DMs, Instagram allows you to do it all.

Since it’s packed with so many features, almost every business owner can find a way to use it to build an audience. No matter what your ‘thing’ is–sharing value-packed snippets on Stories, publishing immaculately-written captions or gorgeous images in your Feed or spouting wisdom in off-the-cuff Lives–Instagram can help you grow your audience, your way.

If your follower count on this image-heavy platform isn’t as robust as you’d like, check out the 6 tips below to learn how to grow on Instagram and inspire more people to smash the “Follow” button and become forever-fans.


1. Polish Your Profile

If potential followers find your content and love what they see, their next step is to scope your profile–so make it count!

A well-curated Instagram profile should include your name and title (don’t be afraid to include your title in the “Name” field to boost search results), a short elevator pitch (aka what you do and who you help) and a click-worthy call-to-action to follow you or sign up for a freebie.


2. Focus on Reels if You Want to Grow on Instagram

Instagram Reels are short-form, looping videos–essentially Instagram’s answer to TikTok. This fresh feature is getting major attention–and reach–on the platform. Just like on TikTok, reaching new people with Reels is all about capitalizing on trending sounds.

What are people loving right now, and how can you take that concept/sound and spin it into relevant content for your unique audience? Don’t forget to add a descriptive caption to let viewers know what your Reel is about, plus relevant hashtags so new viewers can find you via search.

Then, wrap it all up with a call-to-action to follow you or share your content. (Viewers can share Reels they love to their own Instagram Stories, for example, which will increase the number of eyes on your content.)


3. Create Search-Friendly Captions

Hashtags work well for your IG feed, too. How do you pick the perfect hashtag mix? Think about what your ideal client is searching for. What topics do they want to learn about? Or, if they’re ready to hire, what specific terms would they search for?


4. If You Want to Grow on Instagram Posting Share-worthy Stories is a Must

Sure, Instagram Stories vanish in 24 hours, but these fun 15-second clips can reach loads of users in that short timeframe. Current followers will see your Stories on their home screen, but the best way to garner new followers with Stories is to ask your current followers to share your Stories with their own audience.

Every time you share a story or quick tips with your audience, finish by asking viewers to share the Story with others who might benefit. That’s it! Another great way to grow on Instagram.

Over time, your superfans will start sharing your content on their own, so be sure to thank them publicly on your own Stories when they do. This not only builds social proof, but also encourages other audience members to share your content, too.


5. Hosting Giveaways is a Fun Way to Grow on Instagram

Giveaways are still very much a thing and they can be a fantastic way to reach new people, and grow on Instagram. Partner with a business owner in a complementary niche (or go solo) and offer a service or course for 1-3 winners. Make sure the entry requirements are clear and include following you on Instagram and sharing the Giveaway post. Et voila!

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