3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Manage Your Coaching Program

Assign your virtual assistant to help you manage your coaching program

My guess is that your coaching program is your baby. Your absolute favorite offering. The part of your business that lights you up inside.

Even if you’re comfortable outsourcing your marketing, affiliate offers, and sales to your virtual assistant, you might feel a little protective of your coaching work. And rightly so!

This is where your unique genius comes into play and delegating any part of it may feel uncomfortable.

But that’s precisely why you SHOULD delegate certain aspects of your coaching program to a VA!

Managing the ins and outs of this program is a huge drain on your time and energy, and you need to be able to show up for your clients. When you get stuck overseeing the day-to-day, you can’t do that.

 In fact, if you don’t have a virtual assistant supporting your coaching program, you could be doing more harm than good, like:

  • You could be so overwhelmed tracking details that you fail to see big-picture opportunities.
  • You could be missing out on important follow-up communications that you just don’t have time to write and send.
  • You could be so busy managing your current roster that you aren’t able to recruit new coaching clients.
  • You could be so tired from juggling everything that you aren’t able to bring your best self to your coaching sessions.

And I don’t wanna scare ya, but this list is far from comprehensive.

Without a skilled VA to help you manage the flow of your coaching program, you risk capping growth and losing out on amazing opportunities.

So, let go of that fear, and start thinking of ways to outsource program management tasks to your virtual assistant. I’m here to help you get started!

If you’re building your coaching program, your VA can help you with planning

Even if you’re still in the building stage—where you’ve launched your coaching program but are still ramping up—your virtual assistant can be a lifesaver.

Right now, much of the support you need is in planning strategies for the near future and executing tasks that create the foundation on which your budding business is built.

At this phase, your VA can:

  • Perform market research to help you understand how to frame your pitches
  • Build your tech infrastructure pieces including sales pages, check-out pages, FAQs, contact forms, and other key components of your online presence
  • Plan and create launch assets including a library of images, branding guidelines, and initial copy for new offerings

While your assistant oversees these tasks, you can be working with your first clients and building your roster!

If you’re growing your coaching program, your VA can help you with outreach

Once you’re in a groove with your coaching program, you’ll want to focus on growth.

Now is the ideal time to outsource some key workloads to your VA so you can ensure all that fabulous growth is following a steep and steady trajectory.

Consider getting your VA’s help with:

  • Marketing your program through email funnels, Facebook ad campaigns, and carefully crafted content placement
  • Vetting participants in the coaching program itself, and onboarding them (so all of their paperwork is complete and they’re ready to dive right in!)
  • Handling customer support inquiries from current and prospective clients

Growth is an exciting stage, but it can be incredibly overwhelming.

With your assistant’s help, you can keep your business humming like a well-oiled machine and never have to scramble to book new clients.

If you’re scaling your coaching program, your VA can help you with systems

If you’re already scaling your coaching program, congrats!

You’ve put in a ton of work to get this far, and are ready to put some systems in place so your platform can continue expanding WITHOUT adding a ton of new work to your already-packed schedule.

And with your virtual assistant to aid in the creation of those systems, everything will scale without a hitch.

Ask your VA to oversee:

  • Setting up systems and workflows for your program, so every step of the coaching process feels easy and well-planned
  • Creating automations to make the program run smoother, including things like email prompts for clients to complete online coaching work, invoicing systems, and sales funnel software
  • Developing SOPs for each of the processes so everyone on your team knows exactly what to do, and how to do it
  • Acting as the first responder for all service, support, or scheduling needs

See what I mean?

It may be tough to start sharing this workload with your VA, but once you bring her into the fold you’ll never want to turn back.

Your coaching program is so central to your business, and that means it deserves top-notch service from you and your team.

Including your assistant will help the program run more smoothly, ensure your clients get better service and help YOU feel more confident in everything you do!

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