Low-End Digital Products vs Signature Courses: Which Is Right for You?

Low-End Digital Products vs Signature Courses: Which Is Right for You?

Digital products are quickly becoming more profitable than ever before because millions of people prefer the convenience of accessing what they want and need online. With plenty of opportunities to sell digital products, you may be wondering where to start and what to sell to your followers. Between low-end digital products and signature courses, the possibilities are endless!

Choosing the best materials to sell could mean the difference between earning a decent living or only making ends meet. So, how do you decide which products are right for you?

You consider the wants and needs of your targeted audience and what you feel they’ll benefit from more. Next, compare your options and determine which products you’ll start creating and selling.


Low-End Digital Products: The Different Options You Can Offer

Some choose to sell low-end digital products and do exceptionally well with them. However, before deciding if these products are right for you, it’s essential to know what you can offer and why these products might benefit your followers.

PDF Files/Printables

People are often willing to pay for PDF files and printables of different digital items, such as workbooks, checklists, journals, marketing templates, etc. If you have a business-oriented niche and want to help others entrepreneurs get started, scale, or systematize, you can make decent money from creating easy to use guides and templates and offering these digital products at a set price. It’s only one example of the many ways to use these low-end products to earn an income.


eBooks are low-end digital products because they’re often super affordable yet contain valuable information customers can use to their advantage. An eBook doesn’t need to be 200 pages like a traditional book. Plenty of authors create digital books with 20 pages or less!


If you’re creative, you may enjoy making designs and labels that people can buy and use for decorating their homes and keeping items organized.

While these are some of the low-end options you can offer, there are dozens more, many of which may come in handy for your targeted audience for one or more reasons.


Signature Courses: Are They a Good Fit for Your Business Model?

Although low-end digital products are one way to utilize your talent to earn an income online, signature courses are another option that may work better for your business model. It all depends on your brand and what you’d prefer to provide to your audience

For example, while someone with graphic design skills may enjoy creating printables and offering those low-end digital products, another may want to create a course providing in-depth information on what they know to help others progress in life.

If you create a signature course, you’re offering a lengthy how-to guide providing extensive information that customers can use as a resource to do something specific, such as start a business, begin their health and fitness journey, or even become an expert in marketing.

When you’re good at something specific, you can profit from your talent. It may take more time to create a signature course than it would for you to make a handful of low-end digital products, but you have the potential to earn much more from the courses because of the amount of content you’re providing in one single product.

Both low-end digital products and signature courses are profitable materials to offer online to a targeted audience. Decide which products you’d like to sell based on your business model, who you’re trying to reach, and what your audience needs to make the greatest profit.






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