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Your Next Course Planned Out For You!

You’ll Get 15 Money-Making Topics + Done-for-You Course Lessons Ideas, Lesson Titles, Launch Content and More!

Hey there gorgeous!

If you’d love to create an online course to scale your business or share your genius with more people, but don’t know where to start…this is for you!

Fun Fact: Did you know the online course business is estimated to become a $200 billion industry by 2024, according to Market Insider?

It’s true: Online courses are a kind of a big deal. The online education business in general is booming, and online courses are no exception.

The problem? (And one you probably know all too well?)

Course Creation Overwhelm Is Very Real!

No matter how fired up you are to sit down and create an online course (and no matter how many Instagram-worthy Starbucks unicorn frappuccinos you’ve slogged down in order to do so)…it’s simply overwhelming without a roadmap to follow.

Inevitably, as soon as you start to try to put a course together, you get stuck.


How do you even know what to create a course about?


How can you be sure whatever topic you choose is one that people will actually want to buy?


How do you know what to include in your course? How do you actually craft a curriculum that gets clients results? (And heck, how do you craft a curriculum period?)


How do you come up with a fun & catchy course name? And what about those cute lesson names, too?


And how can you possibly launch your course with confidence? What do you actually need to do or create to promote it?

Sound strangely familiar?

If so, don’t fret, goddess.

You’re not wrong about the fact that there are a zillion moving parts that need to come together to produce a successful, revenue-generating course.

And that’s exactly why I’m stepping in with a resource that’s about to blow your mind with how simple it makes the entire course creation process, from naming to promotion and everything in between.

Inside this “15 Money-Making Course Ideas” workbook you’ll get…

Inside this “15 Money-Making Course Ideas” workbook you’ll get…


An introduction to 15 hot-selling course topics that are bringing in major bucks for coaches & other small businesses as we speak


Powerful journal prompts to help you choose an attractive course topic based on your own expertise and your clients real desires so you can rest assured it’ll sell like crazy


Done-for-you course lesson ideas that you can pick & choose from to create a course that’s unique to your audience’s needs and is exciting to you, too


Done-for-you course names and lesson title ideas–no more struggling to come up with something clever & engaging on your own. Just plug & play!


Done-for-you launch content ideas (with hot titles!) that you can swipe & use for everything from webinars to Facebook Lives to promote your course


PLUS! A practical, step-by-step worksheet to help you map out every detail of your course – including your entire course curriculum and what to teach inside each individual lesson

If you’ve ever wished for a big, fat, easy button to help you create your first or next course fast…this is it, my friend.

By the end, you’ll have an entire outline for your first or next course with every little detail nailed down–from a hot name to a killer course curriculum to a magnetic launch promotion plan.

Then, all you have to do is hand this baby off to your team or VA–or get cracking on it yourself.

Even better? You can use this handy workbook over and over to create as many courses as your heart–and your clients!–desire.

Here’s What this Workbook Looks Like:

Download All the Ideas Now for Only $47!

Just Imagine How Much Your Business Would Change if You Had the Ability to Create an Entire Course Outline – Anytime – Without Starting from Scratch!

Or just let me just break it down for you: You’d save heaps of energy and frustration, plus you’d basically be able to add a new income stream to your business with the snap of your fingers. Pretty cool, right?

Whether you’ve been dreaming about putting together a course for years or just started sniffing around for course-creation resources, this workbook is for you.

Ready to craft a creatively and financially fulfilling online course?

Download All the Ideas Now for Only $47!