How to Write a “We’re Hiring a Virtual Assistant” Application Page for Your Website

How to Write a We're Hiring a Virtual Assistant Application Page for Your Website

Adding new members to your virtual team isn’t something to take lightly. I mean, finding a graphic designer for a small, one-off project on Fiverr isn’t as serious an undertaking as hiring a ghostwriter to support you ongoing!

But both deserve an investment of time and attention, since you want the absolute best people working with you and for you. And if you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant, that particular contractor search deserves a little extra TLC.


Because a great VA will help you with everything from administrative tasks to customer support to marketing work to operational issues.

This person will likely become your right hand, the one you turn to when you’re overwhelmed or on-the-run and need a trustworthy, capable expert to take up the slack.

While you can certainly find and hire a virtual assistant through referrals from colleagues, it’s often worthwhile to create a stand-alone page on your website promoting the position and giving all the details

Doing this is a GREAT way to be clear up front about expectations, screen out people who’d be a bad fit, and easily spread the word that you’re hiring.

Here’s what a “we’re hiring a VA” page should include!

Start With a Company Bio on Your We’re Hiring a VA Page

The first thing a potential new VA should know is what your stand for and how your business works.

Ideally, they’ve decided to apply because they’re already familiar with your work, but some stellar candidates may find you through referrals or entirely by accident!

So introduce yourself. Describe the types of work you do, the services you offer, any best-selling products, and related projects or side-businesses.

Then say a little bit about how your team works, what everyone does, and what it’s like to work with you.

Emphasize what makes your company and team so enjoyable, whether its creativity, flexibility, or just plain fun!

Include Job Details on Your We’re Hiring a VA Page

Obviously, you’ll want to outline everything from required experience to expectations here, but I’d advise against just plopping bulleted lists onto the page.

Start with a paragraph or two that paint a picture of what you’d like a virtual assistant to accomplish, how you hope she’ll behave, and qualities you value in this role. This is a great place to mention both high-level job duties and opportunities for advancement and learning.

Then dive into those bulleted lists!

The first should detail job duties, both recurring and occasional, and any specific tools or software your VA will need to utilize. Be as specific as possible, and include everything you can think of.

You should include a disclaimer that say something like, “This description is not all-inclusive and other duties and responsibilities may be required of the virtual assistant as needed.” But try your best to be comprehensive. No one likes to find out after the fact that “other duties” includes boatloads of unexpected and unpleasant work.

If you want to include a second list, outline qualities and skills you value and hope the person filling this position will have. If you need someone with a good sense of humor, say so! If you want a VA who already knows how to use Aweber, put that in here!

This is also a great spot to include any hard requirements like country of residence, number of hours per week needed, and previous experience. (Even if you included those in the intro paragraph, repeat them here. Just in case of skimmers.)

Embed an Application on Your We’re Hiring a VA Page

Make it as easy as possible for amazing VAs to get in touch by putting the actual application right on the “we’re hiring” page.

Embedded forms ensure you can collect the same information from all applicants, and have the added bonus of screening them for the ability to follow directions! If you’d like a resume or CV, choose a form that allows for uploads.

Every contractor is important, but your virtual assistant needs to be a truly perfect fit.

Since this person will get intimately familiar with the workings of your business, you need someone smart, skilled, intuitive, and flexible.

Building a specific page that introduces applicants to your philosophy, outlines their job duties, and allows them to easily apply, is the perfect way to ensure you get a pool of fabulous applicants!



PS. If you want to make interviewing your next virtual assistant a breeze, click here to download my 25 interview questions to ask a virtual assistant.

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