Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You With Your Podcast

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You With Your Podcast

If you’re not sure that your new, dormant, or currently on-hold podcast is worth the trouble, consider this: 62 million Americans listen to podcasts every week, and that’s up from 42 million just last year!

This media format is growing fast, and offers entrepreneurs and coaches a friendly, casual, accessible, and fantastically personal way to connect with their followers.

Worried that you don’t have enough time to give your podcast its due? Now’s the time to hire a virtual assistant to support your podcast work!

Sure, podcasting is easier than, say, creating an online course or video series, but it’s still a TON of work. And plenty of that work can be outsourced to a virtual assistant who specializes in podcasting.

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What should I look for in a podcasting virtual assistant?

First off, make sure to seek out virtual assistants who have plenty of experience in podcasting. It might cost a bit more to work with a specialist, but that extra cost will be worth the investment. You want expertise and efficiency, not just another pair of hands.

Next, look for someone who understands the intricacies of booking guests as well as the technical side of podcasting. She should know how to approach guests and make a gracious ask, as well as handle the logistics of scheduling and booking.

And, of course your ideal virtual assistant for this workload will be well-versed in basic sound editing and understand simple recording setups, as well as being able to create a production-quality episode. The right person might even have some graphic design skills, and be able to help create image templates for your show.

If I hire a virtual assistant, how can she help with my podcast?

Oh, lovely, in SO many ways!

As you interview, you can bring your wishlist of podcast-tasks to screen applicants. You might not find someone who can do everything, but many podcasting virtual assistants can help you:

  • Brainstorm and source guests
  • Handle booking logistics, including communication with guests, scheduling appointments, and collecting bios/headshots
  • Mange the podcasting setup, including prepping equipment, running pre-show prep with the guest, testing local and remote equipment
  • Write scripts and create compelling questions
  • Wrangle the post-production work, including sound editing, content and continuity editing (as in deleting long pauses and “ums”), deleting extraneous background noise, adding intro/outro music, creating a final sound file for upload, adding tags and description notes for SEO, making a full transcript, and uploading to iTunes and other podcasting platforms
  • Create supporting content including blog posts, show notes, social media teasers

Imagine how much more time and less stress you’ll have if you can entrust all of that to a great podcasting virtual assistant!

Right now, you might be doing it all yourself or outsourcing it piecemeal, but keeping it all with one skilled freelancer is a much better way to manage the work.

Won’t paying a podcasting virtual assistant be expensive?

Well, there will be some money out-of-pocket for sure, but nearly all of it will go directly to the virtual assistant herself. Most podcasting VAs either have their own editing software, or are fluent in free applications like GarageBand and Audacity.

Plus you’ll gain back time you can spend on higher-paying work!

Instead of spending 4-6 hours prepping, writing, and setting up each episode, you can just get ready for the interview, show up, and record. Your VA will handle the rest, and get the entire show ready to upload.

Use that regained time to work with clients, create new products, or plan for upcoming offerings.

Yes, it is 100% worth the effort to keep your podcast going … but you don’t have to go it alone.

Hire a savvy virtual assistant with previous podcast production experience, and together the two of you can expand your podcasting empire in no time flat.



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Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You With Your Podcast

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