5 Tips to Keep Your Project Management Team On-Track

5 Tips to Keep Your Project Management Team On-Track

So you’ve hired a project management team. Congrats, lovely!

You’ve taken a huge step toward making your business more efficient, your team more effective, and your life hella easier.

However (and if you read the title of this post you knew there’d be a “however”!), working with a project management team won’t automatically remove all outsourcing tasks from your plate.

As the business owner, you’ll still be responsible for setting the parameters around workflow, communicating high-level details of projects and plans, and making key decisions.

Plus, you need to do all that without micromanaging your team.

Wanna know how?

I’ve got 5 easy guidelines that will help steer you in the right direction but never make her feel like you’re breathing down her neck!

How to Keep Your Project Management Team On-Track Tip #1: Use a Project Management System

It can be so tempting to just “send a quick email” every time you need to update your project management team on a task, but resist that urge! That’s how details get lost and steps get skipped.

Help out your team by fully committing to a project management system that centralizes your communication and streamlines your workflow.

Since your project management team has to track project schedules, timelines, and due dates, letting her keep track of it all in one shared location saves time, limits mistakes, and reduces aggravation. (Other fantastic tools for running your remote team and keeping projects flowing can be found right here!)

How to Keep Your Project Management Team On-Track Tip #2: Create Templates and Checklists

Naturally, you’ll want to collaborate with your project management team to ensure everyone is using systems that make sense and align with her specific working needs. But if she’s flexible, consider making use of templates and checklists for repeat tasks.

Since a project management team follows projects from start to finish, codifying the steps of a recurring project or building templates that guide ongoing work helps her cut down on wasted time.

These tools will also help all your team members understand their responsibilities and track their deadlines!

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How to Keep Your Project Management Team On-Track Tip #3: Share the Org Chart

What’s that? You only have four people in your entire organization, so an org chart feels like overkill?

I hear that, but here’s my counterargument: Org charts make it crystal clear who is responsible for each task, and who should be contacted if questions arise. And that makes your project manager’s life about 1,000 times easier.

Instead of having to guess who needs nudging or where to turn for help, she can just consult her handy-dandy chart. Which means she’ll spend less time reaching out to YOU for guidance, clarification, or explanation.

How to Keep Your Project Management Team On-Track Tip #4: Schedule Regular Team Meetings

Communication is essential to project management, and a good project manager will be skilled at both drawing out information from her coworkers and facilitating the flow of information between coworkers.

However, there’s only so much she can do as a peer; someone who works at the same level as your other team members. So as the business owner, you should schedule regular meetings with your entire team so everyone is aware of schedules, issues, and upcoming projects.

Doing this gives your project management team the opportunity to address ongoing problems and hammer out important details in an environment where you are present to weigh in.

Even if your entire team gets along beautifully, create this regular check-in to help them communicate more easily and openly.

How to Keep Your Project Management Team On-Track Tip #5: Run Interference When Necessary

Speaking of team dynamics, even the most easygoing team will occasionally hit a snag.

It’s totally normal, but also very challenging for your project management team. So be prepared to facilitate communication and smooth over issues between team members whenever they pop up.

It’s your job as the entrepreneur to play referee when things get thorny, and if your project manager knows you’re willing to play this role, she can relax and do her job well.



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