How to Work with Your Virtual Assistant to Revamp Your Client-Attracting Sales System

How to Work with Your Virtual Assistant to Revamp Your Client-Attracting Sales System

No modern entrepreneur sells a single offering, right?

How could ANY of us make a living if we only sold one pricey, all-inclusive package? Or a single bargain offer that we pushed hard all the time and hoped would sell in the triple digits every month?

No no, we know that tiered offerings are the only way to fly.

The lower-priced products get ‘em hooked, and then we work our way up to the top of the line.

Ensuring that top-notch, high-priced, premium irresistible offer reaches the right people is essential to ongoing success.

It’s not right for all of your clients, and pushing it too hard can backfire spectacularly, but we all love the feeling of finding perfect-fit customers for our premium products!

And finding those folks is much easier when we present our biggest, boldest packages in ways that catch their attention.

How to redesign your premium offer with help from your virtual assistant

The package you want to focus on should be your most expensive one, likely in the $5K range. If you don’t have an existing product (or group of products) that fits the bill, you could repackage your lower-cost or old offerings into new, higher-ticket offers.

Assuming your premium offering is already built and ready to be sold, your focus should be on packaging and pricing it in a way that attracts new and better-paying clients.

Start by doing some in-depth analysis of the offer as it is.

  • How are you marketing this group of services right now?
  • Who is it for?
  • What’s included?
  • When was the last time you updated the look and feel?
  • The copy? How many are you selling per month?
  • Per year?

Bring your virtual assistant into this exercise and get some constructive feedback. Is the marketing angle too aggressive? Is the approach too bland? What resonates for your VA and what feels stale?

Work together to make sure every element of your offer will appeal to the type of client you actually want to attract, and price it accordingly.

How to price your premium offer so it sells like gangbusters

Pricing is tough, even for entrepreneurial experts. So as you’re finessing your premium offer, make sure you’ve priced it in a way the reflects the quality and depth of content, and is also likely to work for your ideal customers’ budgets.

To determine if your price tag is spot-on, work with your virtual assistant to discuss the following factors:

Amount of content: This one seems obvious, but it’s a tremendously important consideration.

As you might expect, a content-packed 12-week program should be priced very differently from a streamlined 3-week program.

Production quality: How slick and beautifully packaged are your courses, videos, downloads, and offerings?

If you’re a relative newcomer and have been handling everything yourself, you simply can’t charge as much as someone who employs a team of designers, producers, and writers.

Then again, if your production quality is lacking in your premium offer and you want it to reach new clients, perhaps now is the time to outsource an upgrade!

Competition: You want to carve out a place for yourself where you won’t have to battle a tidal wave of competition.

A little competition is essential since it validates the viability of your offerings, but throwing yourself into a saturated space and selling the same products as dozens of other experts is a recipe for disaster.

So how does your premium offer stand out? How can you and your virtual assistant work together to differentiate it?

Revenue goals: And, of course, your pricing should account for your specific income goals, and the products you offer at various price points should be built around those goals.

If you need to hit a certain dollar mark each month, you need to know how many of each product must sell to reach that goal.

When it comes to your premium offering, it might not sell as OFTEN but when it does it has a huge impact on your bottom line. How can you price it to appeal to more people, sell more frequently, and boost your overall earnings?

Why bother revamping your sales system at all?

Many of us put a ton of effort into conceptualizing and building out our premium packages, set the promotional machinery in motion, and then focus on other projects.

Since this big-ticket offer is the one most likely to snag clients who love our work, understand our philosophies, and truly want to engage with us, optimizing our premium offers on a regular basis is crucial.

We need to make sure that this offering in particular is positioned and priced just right.

Once you’ve worked with your VA to reposition and reprice the offering, here’s what you can assign to her:

  1. Incorporate any edits to the program materials, based on YOUR input and strategic decisions
  2. Coordinate with designers and writers to get any new assets
  3. Update all graphics, colors, and fonts
  4. Replace old sell copy with new on your website, social media, and in any downloads that reference this package
  5. Update the sales funnel related to this package with new pricing and new look
  6. Tweak copy in existing Facebook ad campaigns
  7. Write and program promotional posts for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  8. Posting new videos or images that you’ve created to promote this package
  9. Gather current stats on how this package sells, and prepare to gather new data for comparison now that it’s been revamped and updated

The two of you worked together on the first phases of this update, but now you can ask your VA to handle updates and promos so the sales can start rolling in.

Since this is a high-priced, high-touch package, I’d recommend responding to any client questions yourself; it helps maintain that exclusive, top-shelf feel. But any automated or administrative work related to the sales system update can be handled by your virtual assistant.

And THAT means you can focus on working directly with clients and making strategic decisions for the business.

While your VA turns your sales system for this premium offer into a well-oiled machine, you’ll be happily immersed in high-paying tasks that will pay for this revamp many times over.

If you’re eager to find ways to update your best products but need a bit of extra guidance, check out my project kit From Cold to Sold! Your Kick-Butt Sales System for Attracting New, Better Paying Clients.

This kit includes all the tools you need to upgrade your current offer from good to mind-blowingly great!


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