3 Easy Ways to Scale without Doing Live Launches

3 Easy Ways to Scale without Doing Live Launches

Over living “launch to launch” (or watching from the sidelines as your #bizbesties and online idols do it) and wish there was another, easier way to scale your business, make more money & reach more people?

I get it. Live launches are a lot. From writing (loads of) marketing emails to creating & designing a high-converting sales page to hosting a value-packed, week-long challenge, there are lots of moving parts. And if one part isn’t quite up-to-par? Well, it can throw your whole launch off.

Fortunately, there are other, much-less-stressful ways to scale your business. Here are 3 effective strategies to help you scale with less stress & sweat–no live launching required.


1) Set Up Automated Marketing Funnels

Shocker, right? I’m all about automating as much as possible around here.

People define marketing funnels differently, but when I say an “automated marketing funnel” I’m talking generally about the landing page & series of automated emails that guide your prospects through the buying process for a particular offer.

You can create funnels for every offer, from your main signature service to your smallest digital product.

To get started, you’ll still need to do the initial work to create the funnel, of course. At minimum, you’ll need to create an attractive landing page to capture emails and a so-good-they-can’t-say-no email sequence to take them from consideration to conversion. You’ll also need to drive traffic to your funnel in some way, whether that’s paid ads or social media.

That said, you won’t need to keep recreating this content over & over again. Instead, people will be able to buy from you around-the-clock. You can still host special promotions for your products & services, too–like a limited time discount that you announce to your whole list–but you don’t have to make a big ‘to-do’ and go through the whole launch process. Talk about a relief, right? If you ask me, it’s well worth the upfront effort to put funnels in place for every offer and freebie in your arsenal.


2) Referral and/or Affiliate Programs

Another way to sell–and scale–without holding a live launch? Recruit others to do it for you!  If you don’t already have one in place, why not try implementing a referral marketing ‘program’ for your existing clients & customers? This way, when they share your offers (which they likely would anyway–you’re just that good!) and people buy them, they get a small commission at the same time you get a new customer. You can also set up affiliate programs for your digital products and courses, too.

Whether you automate this process (using an affiliate system like ThriveCart) or simply let your clients know you’re doling out referral bonuses via personalized emails, you can quickly scale your customer base (and increase your revenue–ca-ching!) with a referral or affiliate program.


3) Create an Evergreen Course

Honestly? Evergreen courses & digital products are a must if you want to scale without launches. While you can totally sell your services via automated marketing funnels (see step #1), funnels work especially well for evergreen digital products.

Your first step? Create a course or digital product around what you already do with people one-on-one. If you’re a sales page writer, create a do-it-yourself sales page course. (Side note: You’ll also want to validate this idea in some way, too, like maybe pre-sellling it. Sometimes people who pay for services aren’t the same people who would buy a do-it-yourself style course, so you might need to get new eyes on your new offers.)

Either way, online courses are the best since they allow you to create the content once and sell it over and over again. You don’t have to “launch” it at all, ever, if you don’t want to (although you will have to market it–whether that’s on social media, paid ads or another channel).  All that said, digital products and courses are one of the best ways to leverage your expertise and provide value to your customers–sans live launch–especially if you like creating content or videos.

Pro tip: You can also do this with offers like membership programs, which provide a recurring revenue stream for you and ongoing value for your customers.

Here’s the main takeaway: No matter how you do it, scaling your business without doing live launches is more-than-possible. No matter which route you take, implementing any of the above tactics can help you quickly scale your business and take it to the next level – and free up your time, too.

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