Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You Manage Your Instagram Account

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help You Manage Your Instagram Account

Instagram is a moving target, am I right?

Like many of the social media that we entrepreneurs leverage to build our businesses, Instagram has morphed over the years to reward certain users and punish others. From the 2016 shift to “moments you care about” to 2018’s “friends and family first” pledge, this valuable platform has made it clear that brands and businesses are second-class citizens. And the tweaks just keep on coming …

But! It’s still worth keeping your account up and running, especially if Insta is where your tribe hangs out!

You wouldn’t want to miss out on those connections and business opportunities, even if they’re becoming a bit harder to create. And if you find gaming the algorithm totally exhausting, simply hire a virtual assistant to make sure your Instagram account is thriving and growing.

Hiring a skilled VA to hone your posting strategy and build your platform can be a great way to take the frustration out of the ‘Gram. So here are 3 tips for hiring an Instagram savvy assistant:

Hire a Virtual Assistant with Relevant Instagram Experience

As always, plenty of generalist VAs will be able to handle the basics of any social media account: light graphics, a bit of writing, scheduling posts, etc. But if you’re looking to build your Instagram platform instead of just maintaining your account, you’ll want someone with applicable experience. And lots of it!

So before you start looking to hire a virtual assistant, consider your Instagram goals.

Do you want to grow your following?
Are you hoping to reach and cultivate new clients?
Do you want to attract sponsorship opportunities?
r do you just need help with the initial setup?

The perfect VA for you won’t just have experience managing IG accounts, she’ll know exactly how to help you meet your strategic goals.

Hire a Virtual Assistant Who’s Kicking Instagram Butt Elsewhere

Now sure where to start looking for this marvellously Instagram-savvy virtual assistant?

It’s always a smart move to get recommendations from colleagues and friends before hitting up freelancing websites for possible hires. After all, when you have a personal reference, you can get the inside scoop! You can ask how this VA does with tight deadlines, which aspects of IG she handles the best, and how she helped your colleague bolster her own Insta-presence.

Quick tip: Ask for references from colleagues who have robust, active Instagram presences, OR who are steadily building their followings. On top of a glowing recommendation, you want some viable proof that this VA is effective. Don’t hire a virtual assistant who’s a dream to work with, but doesn’t deliver results.

Hire a Virtual Assistant With Solid Instagram Strategies

As you begin to interview candidates, ask about their past successes but also challenge them to share a few ideas for your specific situation.

For instance, if you are struggling to build your following you could say, “I’ve been stuck at the 8K follower mark for nearly a year now and I’m not sure why. What three things would you do for me right away that would start boosting my numbers?”

A solid candidate will be able to share case studies from past clients, but also offer some strategies for your needs. You could even request a rough plan for the first 3-6 months as part of the interview process, since this will give you a clear picture of which applicants think strategically.

Although Instagram can be frustrating, it’s also the second most popular social medium behind Facebook. With 1 billion monthly active users—all eager to find new resources and follow new personalities—it’s a fantastic resource for online entrepreneurs.

And when you hire a virtual assistant to help you hit your Instagram targets, you’ll never have to worry about tricky algorithms again!



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