Don’t Want to Create a New Offer? Try Selling These 7 Things Instead

Don’t Want to Create a New Offer? Try Selling These 7 Things Instead

Congrats! You’re running a business you’re passionate about, working with clients you love, and selling digital products that bring in the passive cha-ching.

You’re – by all appearances – “living the entrepreneurial dream.”

And yet, you still feel overwhelmed.

Maybe you feel like you’re constantly working or don’t have the down time you dreamed about when starting your own biz.

Or like you should #alwaysbelaunching (or #alwaysbecreating), but don’t have the time (or desire!).

Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum: bursting with so many new, fun, totally-out-there ideas that excite you one minute and lead you straight to overwhelm and decision fatigue the next.

Bottom line: You’d love to continue to make more money without working so hard – or feeling the need to create new products and offers all the time. Sound about right?

If so, I understand. It’s hard enough to run a business day to day, and coming up with new offer ideas can be challenging – and creating them after you’ve had said brilliant ideas is even harder. Plus, we all know creating a new product also means creating magnetic (read: time-consuming) new marketing for said product–a whole feat in and of itself, am I right?

The good news? You don’t have to constantly create new offers in your business to keep the “You’ve got money!” emails rolling in.

Nope, just because you’re not in your “creation era” doesn’t mean your business (and revenue) has to come to a halt.

In fact, there are loads of ways to leverage your existing resources to continue to sell – without needing to create anything from scratch. (Can I get an amen?)

Below, we’ll explore seven effective strategies you can try starting, well, right now.


1) Bundles

You likely have a multitude of products and services available – and right now, I assume that you usually sell them separately. But what if that doesn’t have to be the case? (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.)

Instead, why not try combining complementary offers into mini (or mega) bundles that include two (or more) products? This way, you can provide added value to your customers, keep your revenue a-flowing & yes–not have to create anything from scratch. For example, if you’re a fitness coach, you could bundle a workout program, personalized meal plan, and one-on-one coaching sessions into a comprehensive bundle to get your clients even more rapid, transformative results.

And that’s not all. 😉 You can also look into including your already-created products in other people’s bundles. Bundles are becoming more popular, and participating in paid bundles are a fantastic way to make a little extra cash while also introducing your expertise to hundreds or even thousands of new potential customers.


2) Certifications or Licensing

If you’ve been around the business block a minute (and even if you haven’t!), I’m going to wager you have unique methodology you use to get your clients/customers results. Clearly though, you can’t work with every single person ever who needs what you offer. You might be close to superhuman, but you’re still human, after all.

That’s where certifications and/or licensing comes in. A certification allows you to train others in your very specialized method – the one you already use day-in and day-out – for a (generally, rather high) fee. They can then in turn use your system in their own business and with their own clients.

And as a result? More people get to experience the transformative power of your work and you don’t have to personally work with each & every one of them. This allows you to expand your business’ reach – and your revenue – without much additional effort on your part.

Now, I won’t lie to you & say there’s no work involved. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you’re following the laws of your country, state and city when it comes to giving out certifications or licenses, and you’ll also need to create new materials in order to successfully teach and market your methodology.

But since you’re not creating this system from scratch, a lot of the work is already done. And if you’re looking for something easy-ish to bring in more cash, without churning out a fresh product? It’s definitely a viable option.


3) Affiliate Marketing

Here’s an idea: Why not skip selling your own stuff, period? Instead, you can try partnering with complementary businesses and offering their products or services to your audience as an affiliate. Just pop a few affiliate links into all the usual places – a special URL on your website, your IG and/or TikTok bio page, or in your email marketing campaigns – and you’ll score a sexy commission for each sale that comes in via your unique link or referral.

Not sure where to start? Nowadays, you can find affiliate programs for almost anything. From your favorite email service provider to your most-loved CBD oil, there’s probably an affiliate program available. You can start by thinking about the products & services you use in your business and/or everyday life, especially if they’re related to what you help your clients with. A health coach could partner with their favorite smoothie powder, while a business coach might do better becoming an affiliate for the online course of their favorite mentor. Be strategic–but also don’t be afraid to experiment!


4) Digital Templates and Resources You Already Use in Your Business

If you possess specialized knowledge or skills in a particular field (and hello, if you’re here, I’m 100% sure you do!), consider creating and selling the digital templates, resources, or tools you already use in your business. For example, if you’re a veteran graphic designer, you can sell other graphic designers the Asana template you use to manage your projects or even your SOPs or other process documents you use to successfully run your business. Simply add a few additional instructions, delete any private information and sell them as templates. Et voila!

And you don’t just have to only sell to people in your same profession, either. As a graphic designer, you could also sell your Canva or Photoshop templates to clients who want to “DIY” their own branding but don’t know where to start.


5) “Retired” Products

Have an oldie-but-goodie you haven’t sold in awhile? Why not bring it back for a special limited time only sale? (One caveat: Please don’t want to do this if you told your audience it was “going away forever”!) However, if you’ve simply removed the option to purchase from your website or pivoted into an adjacent niche, allowing customers to purchase your past best-sellers is a great way to collect a few extra dollars.

And bonus? You likely already have the marketing material for these old products, too – so you don’t need to create anything new there, either (save for a few minor tweaks!).


6) Mini-Courses or Workshops

If you usually create larger products, courses or offers, what if you ‘chunked down’ your offer into smaller bite-sized options your customers can purchase a la carte? You could offer module #1 of your signature course for a (much) lower price than you usually sell the full course–and even offer the full version as an upsell.

Or–another example–you can pull out just the “bonus” templates of your latest DIY package to sell for a lower price than the full template suite.

No new creation necessary!


7) PLR (Private Label Rights) Content

Last but certainly not least, there’s private label rights content. If you’re not using PLR in your business – what are you doing? You can literally buy everything from done-for-you blog posts to entirely done-for-you courses and save yourself a ridiculous amount of time & energy.

Never heard of it? Here’s the rundown: When you purchase PLR content from a creator, you’re purchasing not only the product, but the right to use it in your business as if it was yours. Think of like ‘white labeling’ in the beauty industry, for example. We’ve all heard about how ColourPop cosmetics and Kylie Jenner’s infamous lip kits used to have the same manufacturer, right? Same idea – except way better. 😉

While you’ll want to make some tweaks to add your own sparkle (or spice, if that’s more your vibe), PLR content can save you hours and hours of time and tons of headaches. You also can use it anyway you want – once you’ve paid for it. You can purchase an online course, for example, and decide to use it as free content on your blog, or as inspiration for TikToks or Reels. It truly becomes yours & you can customize it any way your little heart desires.

And if you’re truly crunched on time (or brain space), you don’t even have to come up with an idea or topic. Instead, simply peruse your favorite PLR creators offers and snag the one (or ones) you know your audience would love or that aligns with our overall message or niche.

Some PLR sellers sell big bundles, too – so it’s very possible to score a variety of different content types (i.e., social media posts, blog posts and emails) on the same or a variety of subjects – which could provide you with material for months (or years) to come.

Of course, not all PLR is created equal. You’ll want to do your research. You’ll also want to make 100% sure that what you’re purchasing is actually PLR – and that you’re legally allowed to use/re-use and re-brand it in your business. But trust me when I say that PLR is a game-changer and one of my favorite ways to help other business owners.

And there you have it! I hope you’re feeling more confident and inspired to keep selling – even when you’re not feeling inspired to create.

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