3 Tips to Get Seen by Your Perfect-Fit Clients

get visible

Remember the days when, in order to be seen, you had to put in the leg work?

You know, mapping out which businesses were the biggest and best options for potential partnerships, and then actually WALKING there and meeting someone in person to pitch your idea?

And we thought that was hard!

These days you fight for visibility in niches that didn’t even exist back then and do it using platforms that would have left your head spinning back in the day.

But the struggle is still the same: How do you get your dream clients to pay attention to YOU?

How do you make yourself stand out in the social media marketing storm?

And how the heck do you nab that precious visibility while simultaneously building your business in other ways?

Whether you’ve had 5,10, or 20 successful offerings (or are just starting out) I guarantee these tips will help you get seen by your perfect-fit clients AND allow you to grow your coaching business at the same time.

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Get Visibility By Building Your Dream Client Avatar

The first step to finding and connecting with your ideal clients is to get SUPER clear about who your audience is.

One of the best ways to do this is to build an avatar that represents the core values and needs of the people you most want to reach.

Client avatars should be extremely specific, down to favorite clothing brands and current Netflix binges, but start with these questions:

  • What crucial problems do they have?
  • What are they willing to pay for solutions?
  • Where do they spend most of their time?
  • What are their primary interests and hobbies?
  • What’s their “why”? (What motivates and drives them to make choices?)

Taking the time to put this all down on paper will help you clarify who your ideal client is, as well as give you some direction around where and how to connect with them.

It’ll also create a great basis for customer service and prevent you from wasting your time and money reaching out to folks who are not aligned with your mission.

Get Visibility by Becoming an Authority!

In order for your dream clients to get excited about working with you, they can’t just see you … they need to view you as an authority.

In fact, you need people to trust and respect you in your field, regardless of whether they fit your client profile or not. Naturally, you’re already an ace at your coaching niche, but when it comes to visibility it’s all about perception.

Do people know and believe that you’re the absolute best?

To set them on the right path, get past clients to write reviews or testimonials detailing how you helped them.

Doubters are more likely to believe messages from people other than you highlighting your expertise. (Anyone can claim they’re amazing … but when clients back up that claim? That’s gold!)

Then create a strong brand story that paints you as an authority figure on key topics, and positions you as the top specialist for certain types of coaching work.

Finally, make sure all your marketing speaks to your ideal client and reinforces your standing as an industry expert!

Get Visibility by Creating a Freebie Tied to Your Mission

People LOVE getting instant results, and they adore getting something for nothing. So an opt-in or freebie is a fantastic tool for increasing your visibility quickly.

However! It’s a big, wide net that catches lots and lots of potential clients … so if you’re aiming to capture your perfect-fit people, make sure the freebie you offer is tied closely to your core values and mission.

You need it to grab attention, but also weed out clients who don’t understand what you’re doing.

If your freebie is strategic and effective, it’ll give new fans a taste of what you can do for them. Those positive results will build potential clients’ confidence in you, and entice them to sign on for paid offerings.

Last, but certainly not least, be on the alert for clients who clash with your mission.

You will undoubtedly come across clients who are definitely NOT the right fit for you. Please, please remember that it’s OK to say “no” when those people come knocking.

This will allow you to perform at your best for your ideal clients, and help you avoid wasting your time with people who won’t truly benefit from your gifts.

You ditched your 9-5 job because you were tired of following someone else’s predefined path to success. Entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to serve people who light you up inside and confidently say NO to those that don’t.

Your business will grow, and you will be happier and more productive working with clients that you love!



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get visible

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