6 Time Consuming Tasks You Can Outsource TODAY

6 Time Consuming Tasks You Can Outsource TODAY

Let’s face it. There comes a time in every savvy solopreneur’s career where she needs to strike the balance between having her hand in every part of her business, and freeing up her very valuable time.

Well gorgeous, that time has come!

If you’re still doing all your time consuming tasks yourself, what are you waiting for?

Truthfully, the answer is probably something like:

  • It costs too much to outsource
  • It really doesn’t take too much time to do it myself
  • I don’t want to hand over control

I get it. But when you’re trying to build an empire, you don’t have time to waste on the little, but oh-so-necessary tasks.

Your genius should be reserved for the juicy stuff, because you’re the CEO baby.

Convinced now? Good. Let’s take a look at 6 time consuming tasks that can easily be outsourced immediately.

Content creation 

Social media, blog, email, podcast… you create a lot of content. If you sat down and really looked at how much time you spent just on creation, well I bet it’s a higher number than you thought it was.

By outsourcing your content creation, you could understandably free up a lot of your time. Look for a ghostwriter who really gets your brand, your target audience, your voice, and your goals with your content.

Want to still write your own content? Outsource the repurposing! Create your main piece of content, maybe you focus mainly on email or on your podcast, and have a skilled writer take that content and create other pieces of content with it. You still have control over your words, but you get to write once and cover all bases this way.

Social media scheduling 

After writing the content, next comes the scheduling and posting. And let’s be honest here, social media can be a total distraction. Eliminate the urge to mindlessly scroll by outsourcing your social media. Once you’ve created the content hand it off to someone who can create the graphics and schedule them to be posted.

The best part of this? You could easily get ahead of the game and have your social media scheduled a month or more out, so that it looks like you’re always “on” even when you’re not really on.

Calendar and Inbox Management

Do you deal with a lot of customer service emails? What about appointments? If you do, these two tasks are perfect to give away to someone else! Why? They both are things that need to be addressed, but they both take up a lot of time. And really, you don’t have to be the one dealing with them.

These tasks might take a little bit of an adjustment period as you train your new assistant, but once they know how you respond and what information to give your clients, this can be mostly hands off for you!


Accounting, managing your books, this is something every solopreneur must do. But it’s also something that can get complicated quickly, especially when you’re dealing with business taxes, paying estimated taxes, deductions, expenses and more.

Plus! This is one place you don’t want to risk making a mistake. Do yourself and your business a favor and hire an accountant to look after your books for you.

Audio and Video Editing

Are you a podcaster? Or maybe you put out audio or video content with your courses? Sometimes it’s not the recording that takes the most time, it’s the editing. Luckily, this task can easily be outsourced to someone who knows what they’re doing.

You do your part and let someone else remove the “ummms,” the long pauses and, the mistakes, and let them add in your intro and outro and captions for you.

Team management 

Lastly, do you already have a team of assistants under you? If you do, you’re likely still managing all of them. This is where an Online Business Manager, or an OBM, comes in.

An OBM is someone who knows your business inside and out, and takes over managing your team, your projects, your metrics and more. An OBM will truly allow you to be as hands off as possible.

Alright, beautiful! I want to ask you, where are you spending more time than you really need to? And which of these tasks can you hand off? Don’t wait on outsourcing your most time-consuming tasks! Your business and your stress levels will thank me.


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