5 Ways to Maximize Sales on Every Digital Product Order

5 Ways to Maximize Sales on Every Digital Product Order

Making sales is one thing, but maximizing those sales is a whole other ballgame. Believe it or not, it’s easier to get current customers to spend more than it is to get new customers to pay the minimum amount on a product or service you provide, but there’s a definite science behind it.

Using the right strategies before, during, and even after the checkout process could help you increase your earnings while maximizing your sales for the month!

Maximizing sales means:

  • Bringing in more money to keep the business running
  • Receiving a consistent flow of high-value purchases from customers
  • Working smarter, not harder

Does that sound good to you?

If so, know that maximizing your sales is easier than it sounds with these 5 foolproof ways to get the job done:

#1. Use Order Bumps

Always add order bumps to the checkout page that your customers will see when they’re getting ready to make a purchase. The order bump includes an additional add-on product that your customers can opt in to receive for a small fee. It should include details about the product and how much it cost.

Most of your customers wouldn’t have thought about adding this extra item to their cart until they landed on the checkout page. It’s a simple trick that works well!

And bonus, if you sell an order bump product that they can’t purchase anywhere else, it makes it even more enticing to them to grab it since it’s the only way they can get it.

#2. Use One-Click Upsells & Upgrades

Upsell to your customers even after putting in their order with one-click upsells and upgrades. I know you probably think it’s too late to get them to spend more and purchase other products or services if they’ve already ordered something specific from your website. However, that’s the beauty of these convenient one-click options.

After adding their credit or debit card information to your site to make their purchase, they’ll see a new page that encourages them to upgrade to a different package or product at a great price. While they can choose to decline the offer, most will go along with it because it sounds like the better deal. And, as you may already know, consumers love to get good deals.

#3. Use Automated Cart Recovery

How many times have you abandoned a cart while shopping online? It’s something we’re all guilty of doing more often than not. We add items to the cart, check the total, and then leave the site without making the purchase, ultimately getting distracted by everything else around us that we forget we were ever browsing the site in the first place.

You don’t want that to happen with people browsing your site and adding items to the cart. Instead, you want to get them to push that “submit” button and make the purchase. So, what do we do when someone abandons their cart?

You can use automated cart recovery to send them a helpful reminder. You can have an automatic email sent to the customer within 24-48 hours of adding items to the cart to kindly remind them about their cart and encourage them to head back to your website! The helpful reminder often leads to more sales.

#4. Use Automated Subscription Recovery

If you offer payment plans or run a membership site, you’re going to have to deal with declined payments and expiring credit cards. But with automated subscription recovery, you won’t have to spend your time chasing down payments.

For instance, if you use a shopping cart system like SamCart, anytime a payment fails, an email will be sent to your client automatically asking them to update their payment information. And based on their payment status, SamCart will continue to send out follow-up emails in an effort to collect your money.

Finally, a hands-free way to save more of your sales so you can focus on doing what you do best!

#5. Use A/B Split Testing

Use A/B testing to see which version of your webpage garners the most attention and sales. It’s a sort of experimental process that will help you determine which approach is best to take to get consumers interested enough to buy from you instead of abandoning their carts or exiting the site without buying anything to their carts.

Although these are all great ways to maximize your sales, you may be worried about implementing these changes within your site. Luckily, you don’t have to stress about it. You can use convenient, time-saving resources like SamCart to help you take advantage of the different ways to earn more from each sale.





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