3 Ways to Scale Your Business with a Virtual Assistant

3 Ways to Scale Your Business with a Virtual Assistant

So you know that outsourcing can make you more productive and help streamline your business, but did you know that outsourcing can help you grow and scale your business?

I know… sounds contradictory, right? You pay someone, which means spending more money, to make more money?

But that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Let me prove it to you. Here are 3 ways outsourcing can help you scale your business even faster.

#1 Quickly grow your audience 

You’re just one person. Which means you (unfortunately) have a limited number of hours each day.

I know, I don’t like to admit it either.

But between client calls, taking care of the home and self care time… there’s just never enough to go around.

Luckily, outsourcing your social media to someone who has the time will allow you to focus on other things while still growing your audience exponentially.

Here are some ways a skilled VA can use social media to expand your business: 

  • Pre-schedule your posts so you’re always “on” even when you’re away
  • Interact with your existing audience, building rapport and trust
  • Answer questions in free groups, providing value and expanding your reach
  • Answer questions from potential clients in your DMs
  • Add friends, answer friend requests to grow a targeted audience for you

#2 Linking your content, freebies, and offers together 

If you have freebies, downloads, existing offers… and they’re not linked, you could be missing out on some major sales!

Let me explain.

Your job is to create, create, create. You share your genius in many forms – social posts, free downloads, courses, webinars.

Your VA’s job is to link them together in a way that makes sense, grow your audience and bring in more sales. This could look like: 

  • Keeping your product suite updated
  • Creating upsells and downsells for each offer
  • Creating funnels that give your buyers the next best step
  • Sharing your freebies everywhere to grow your email list
  • Creating offer bundles

#3 Launch planning and execution

You love selling new offers, but let’s get honest for a second.

Launching takes time.

Way more time than just the week or two that you’re actively talking about the offer. So much planning and preparation happens even before the early bird links go out.

A VA can help you launch (and execute more sales) by: 

  • Doing market research even before the launch starts
  • Creating and linking any bonuses to help increase those “hell yeah!” responses
  • Planning your launch content. This means social posts, image creation, emails, webinar content, etc.
  • Managing your social media and making sure any potential clients/customers are responded to in a timely manner
  • Planning your free content, like livestreams and webinars
  • Transcribing your video content to create more written promotional content
  • Managing your customer service inbox to makes sure your paying clients are satisfied
  • Tracking emails, split testing promotions

Outsourcing isn’t just about saving you time. The right virtual assistant or contractor has the capability to help you scale your business for you! How amazing is that? You get to do what you do best, while allowing someone skilled to do what they do best – expanding your audience, growing your reach and making you more money with these tasks.


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