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Imagine Only Doing the Work You Love–And Leaving the Rest to Someone Else (with Confidence!)

Hey gorgeous. Is this you?

You’re a smart, independent and compassionate woman making a serious mark on the world with your business–but you’re going it alone (or at least it feels like it)

You’re in go-go-go mode from the time you wake up (which is obviously at the crack of dawn, because #5amClub) until your head hits your pillow (spritzed with lavender sleep spray, for the insomnia)

You tackle every little task in your business and it’s overwhelming –you send the invoices, write, edit & proofread the social media post, design the graphics in Canva, set up the emails in ConvertKit and play email tag with your clients about meetings (and the list goes on!)

You’re smack dab in the middle of every fire or hiccup that happens in your business because you don’t have a team

You see other women entrepreneurs with large (or even small!) teams who seem so fully supported–and you wonder how the hell they manage it all (and how you can get there, too)

You’re so over working grueling hours & putting everybody else’s needs before your own just to keep your business afloat and your life from crumbling

You’re dying for more spaciousness, flow and excitement in your days!

If you can relate, you’re in the right place.

Trust me. I get it. You’re not only juggling #allthethings in a successful business, you also have a packed social calendar on top of family obligations (which may or may not include keeping multiple other humans alive).

And let’s be real: There’s some serious butt busting going on to make it all happen. (And I do mean ALL of it.)

The truth?

You’re Starting to Fantasize About Going Back to the Corporate World

There. You admitted it.

You’re really starting to get fed up with this “working all day, every day” thing.

This is not what you pictured when you decided to go into business for yourself. And it’s wearing on you, day-by-jam-packed-day.

(So much so that you really do occasionally dream about how easy it would be to go back to working in a dimly-lit cubicle for only 8 or so hours a day–where at least you get to “turn off” as soon as 6pm rolls around.)

You know not-so-deep down that you can’t go on like this much longer. Something’s gotta give (or bend, or break) – and you’re a little worried it’s going to be your health or sanity.

But there’s a catch-22 at work here…

It feels like everybody around you is just as overworked and overwhelmed. And proud of it!

Your friends, colleagues, mentors–they’re busy, too.

Everybody’s always talking about how hard they hustle. How much work & time they put in. And they glorify it (like somehow being at your computer 10+ hours a day & sporting the same leggings three days in a row is glamorous).

It feels like being busy and “doing it all” is a badge of freakin’ honor – not to mention the one, true way to become successful.

The message out there is that if you want to conquer the online business world, you better be prepared to grind, girl (and get very little sleep & very little good nutrition in the process).

So that’s what you’ve been doing.

You work. And work. And work.

But you’re not doing the work that sets your heart on fire.

You’re not doing the work you set out to do. Instead, you’re doing the grunt work, the grind work, the work that makes you go, “Ugh.”

(And you’re also doing the housework, the yard work and the ‘make-healthy-dinners-for-the-whole-fam’ work.)

To quote Abraham Hicks:
“Something has made you think that it’s your job to be in the middle of everything, even things you don’t understand.”

You’re Wasting Precious Energy on Things That Don’t Matter, While Ignoring the Work You Actually Love!

But that’s not even the worst part…

The worst part is that after a while, using all your resources to (try to) control every nook & cranny of your business (and in the process giving up the things that actually light you up) starts to make you feel miserable!

It’s like your soul knows you’re out of alignment. And it literally aches.

When you’re trying to be everywhere, all the time, and take care of it all yourself (because why shell out the cash if you can just suck it up, suck down an extra espresso and do it yourself?), you’re not being the leader & visionary you set out to be.

Heck, you’re not being the woman you want to be.

Here’s the Truth: You Can’t Hustle & Grind Your Way to a Life That Feels Good!

Living & working this way isn’t good for you personally, and it’s not good for your business either.

(And no matter what anybody who worships the “hustle” says, it’s definitely not the only–or best–path to a sustainable, successful business!)

It’s time to flip the script!

What if instead your only job was to do the things that feel good to you, the things that light you up & the things you’re actually good at–and someone else took care of the rest?

Just think about it…

How incredible would it feel to truly let go of the need to be busy?

How relieved would you feel if you could stop feeling you had to “stay busy” just in order to fit in with everybody else?

And how exciting & satisfying would it feel to create a business that flows, without all the constant hustle?

Skipping the alarm clock and waking up when it feels good to wake up (or at least having mornings that feel easy, not chaotic)

Starting your work day when you feel like it–or choosing not to work at all because that’s what feels best

Working only on the tasks and projects that thrill you and provide you with a deep sense of fulfillment (not just money in your bank account)

Stepping away from your business with confidence for a coveted weekend conference or a mid-day massage–without worrying everything will fall apart and you’ll spend the rest of your life in financial ruin

Choosing exactly which parts of your life you want to take part in (ahem, coaching and speaking)–and which you don’t (meal prep, social media graphics creation, you name it)

Having fierce-but-loving boundaries around your time and energy, so you’re not at the beck and call of your clients 24 hours a day (or skipping hot yoga to finish formatting a blog post–please!)

The good news is it’s possible. The better news is you deserve it.

You deserve to feel “in flow.”

You deserve to do whatever feels good–in both business and life.

You deserve to take your foot off the gas for just a minute & take the pressure off.

You also deserve a massage, a killer glass of wine and a home-cooked meal NOT cooked by you. #justsaying

Now, right now, thinking about having such a high-level of support (or outsourcing at all) might feel terrifying or way outside your comfort zone

…Maybe you’re scared to spend money on team members or other people you don’t know (or fully trust to deliver, especially at the caliber you require)…

…Maybe you feel like bringing on a team is a waste & paying them is basically throwing away money you’ll never get back…

…Maybe there’s a part of you that feels weak or defeated asking for “help” or worries you won’t be able to manage all the potential issues that come with helming a team…

…Maybe you believe nobody will ever care about your business like you do, so why bother?

…Or maybe you still (secretly) think you’re the only one who can do your thing (whatever your thing is) like you.

No matter where you are right now, if you truly want to get out of this cycle and create a life that feels good to you and flows with ease–and a business that can support & sustain you long-term…

You NEED to Have High-Level Support in EVERY Area of Your Business and Life! 

You also need to believe that you deserve support.

You need higher standards, better boundaries and a deep inner knowing that you’re worth it.

And you also need to have processes & systems in your business that make it logistically possible for you to stop “doing it all.”

The good news?

You don’t have to figure out how to make these life-transforming shifts alone. I’ve created an entire course devoted to helping you titled, “Drop the Busy.”

Drop the Busy is a 4-module course that will walk you through all the internal and external shifts you need to make so you can start playing & living at a higher level.

There truly is another way to live and work.
And I know because I’m doing it.
And so are thousands across the globe, with my guidance.

Are you ready to be next?

Here’s Everything We Cover in the “Drop the Busy” Course:

MODULE 1: The Energetics of Outsourcing

Module 1 is about the energetics and mindset of outsourcing. If you can’t get clear around this, you’ll fight the process every step of the way and self-sabotage.

Our first task?

Ditching common outsourcing fears–from spending money to letting someone you don’t know “into” your business to giving up control (especially when control is kinda your thing).

We’ll be talking about:

MODULE 1: The Energetics of Outsourcing

  • The quick mindset shift that will allow you to show up powerfully as the boss lady you’re meant to be
  • Clearing fears and beliefs about being supported (Ever notice how women don’t like to ask for help, yet they go out of their way to help others? Mm-hmm. We’re gonna let go of that.)
  • Expand your vision beyond running a one-woman-show (because there are only so many hours in a day one woman can work!)
  • How to get over the idea that you might hire the “wrong” person or that spending cash on a team means the money is “just gone”
  • How to become energetically unavailable for anything less than exactly what you desire for your life and business

MODULE 2: Release the Struggle & Relax into Ease

Module 2 will teach you how to let go of the overwhelming need to do it all, put out every fire & be “in the middle”’ of every interaction in your business.

Instead, you’ll learn how to shift into a perpetual state of ease and flow, where things just get done without your direct involvement. (It’s truly a beautiful thing!)

We’ll be talking about:

MODULE 2: Release the Struggle & Relax into Ease

  • How to set new, higher standards & boundaries that support your big audacious business (and life) vision
  • Releasing control, perfectionism, and the sick attachment you have to busy work in your business–while still being unavailable for anything less than what serves you!
  • Freeing yourself from the self-doubt that stops you from feeling confident about what to delegate in your business
  • Writing your own rules for your daily life and business routine (aka doing what you want, when you want and still getting ish done)
  • How to shift out of panic & anxiety when things feel like they’re falling apart in your business (i.e. a team member quits unexpectedly, makes a major mistake or any other crisis you can dream up!)

MODULE 3: Clearing Space for Elevated Business Growth

Module 3 dives into how to give up “needing” to do the tasks in your business that don’t directly make you moolah, so you can clear space to focus on your most creative, money-making work.

We’ll be talking about:

MODULE 3: Clearing Space for Elevated Business Growth

  • How to efficiently shift out of “doer” mode and into creator mode–where you get to do only what you love & make more money
  • Deepening your creative connection by clearing 80% of the busy work from your schedule (yes, this is possible–and it’s actually what needs to happen! I’ll teach you how.)
  • Stepping into overflow and abundance by tapping deeply into the 20% of work that yields major results. (We’re basically unpacking Pareto’s Principle & using it to give you so much more freedom than you ever thought possible!)

MODULE 4: Assuming the Energy of Leadership to Call in Your Next Level Support

Ready to embody the energy of the millionaire leader you’re deeply called to become?

Module 4 will wrap everything up in a nice bow. You’ll learn how to make decisions like a boss, upgrade like a boss and attract your soul-mate team members–yes, like a boss.

We’ll be talking about:

MODULE 4: Assuming the Energy of Leadership to Call in Your Next Level Support

  • Tapping back into your innate sense of leadership, so you can make decisions and hire from an empowered place
  • Why (and how) to make business decisions from where you want to be, not from where you are (remember your big, expansive vision? You need to make decisions like it’s already reality. I’ll walk you through this.)
  • How to step into leadership energy & drop the struggle around team-building so the whole thing becomes easy and fun (we always make it harder and more complicated than it has to be!)
  • Living in a state of perpetual ease, because you (finally) deeply believe that your business always gets to happen on your terms (I share my best tips for this–if you’re here, you need to hear them!)
  • Increasing your confidence to effectively manage & work with team members and everything that comes along with that (including handling a crisis and/or letting someone go, with grace and poise)
  • Moving through changes & breakdowns with major bosslady energy (and without breaking down yourself)
  • Upgrading your systems and processes once & for all–so they’re finally an energetic match for–and can easily support–your big vision!

And as if That’s Not Enough, You’ll Also Receive INSTANT ACCESS to Over $1000 in Bonuses!

BONUS: Outsource Your Way to a 6-Figure Business Course ($297 value)

You’ll also get instant access to this transformative step-by-step course that includes 14 videos.

The lessons will walk you through the logistics of outsourcing & leveraging the skills of other talented professionals to make more money without the burnout–from delegation prep work to team onboarding and training.

Here are the 14 Videos You'll Get Access to:

  • Introduction
  • Let’s talk about the money
  • How to get your business ready to outsource
  • Finding and hiring your rock star team member
  • Do this before you sign on the dotted line
  • Onboarding your new team member
  • Training your new team member
  • How to assign the first project/task to your new team member
  • The red flags to watch out for during the first 30 days of working with your new team member
  • How to hold your team accountable and make sure deadlines are met
  • How to develop a system that keeps your business running without you
  • The keys to getting a great return on your investment with any team member
  • How to handle a team member who is doing a bad job and the firing process
  • How to keep your expenses under control and how to know when it’s time to hire more help

BONUS: Millionaire Templates Training ($497 value)

You’ll get access to 13 videos that take you behind-the-scenes of my business in this course where I show you what and how I outsource to my team.

You’ll uncover everything from team workflows, how I outsource content and product creation, to selling, and more. This is high-level stuff.

Here are the 13 Videos You'll Get Access to:

  • Designing your money making free + paid content schedule
  • The key people you need to hire to make it all flow + team ROI
  • Team workflows to make all the magic happen
  • How I blog weekly without touching my keyboard
  • How I create and release two new products every month without writing a single word
  • How I spend 10 minutes planning, creating, and marketing a new freebie funnel every month that results in immediate sales
  • How I continue to sell my products months after releasing them with no promotion
  • How I enroll hot new clients into my academy program every month on autopilot
  • High-level repurposing strategies
  • When to to uplevel and hire your next rock star team 

BONUS: Selling Products & Making Money Bundle ($397 value)

You’ll get access to 21 videos & audios and 3 workbooks all around selling products and making money in your business.

Plus you’ll also get an additional 38 team training videos that you can hand off to your assistant.

  • Video & Audio Trainings on Selling Products and Making Money:
    • 7 Easy Income Ideas for Adding a Boost to Your Cash Flow
    • How to Tap into Your 6-7 Figure Dream Business
    • How I Sell Every Month with Ease
    • How I Continue to Sell My Products Months After Releasing them with No Promotion
    • Making More Sales & Long-Term Planning
    • How to Monetize Your Holiday Offers
    • $18k Upsell Case Study & Email Swipe File
    • What YOU Need to Focus on in Your Business to Make Money
    • How I Turned a $640 Business Expense into a $10k+ Profit
    • Launching Products from Your Website
    • The Simple Way I Manage My Email Promo Schedule
  • Workbooks:
    • How to Price Your Offerings Like a Boss
    • How to Money Up Your Business Like a Boss
    • How to Sell Every Day Like a Boss
    • Product Sales Calculator Worksheet
  • Passive Income for Service Providers Course: (video & audio)
    • The One Thing I Did More than 10 Years Ago to Create a Powerful Shift
    • How I Created My Very First Passive Income Stream and Made Thousands of Dollars
    • Exactly When to Uplevel Your Business and Start Reducing Your Client Load
    • How to Tap into Who Your High-Level Clients are so You Can Be of Service to Them
    • How to Easily Tie in Multiple Income Generators to Everything You’re Doing and Creating
  • Team Training Videos You Can Hand Off to Your Assistant:
    • Pinterest Marketing (includes 11 videos, worksheet, results report)
    • Automated Offer Funnels (includes 7 videos, and worksheet)
    • Facebook Ads Funnel (includes 7 videos and worksheet)
    • Business Blogging (includes 9 videos, worksheet, and results report)
    • Content Repurposing (includes 11 videos, results report)

BONUS: Journaling Workbook ($66 value)

You’ll get instant access to a gorgeous, 25-page digital workbook to guide you through the process of journaling (aka releasing) the fears & doubts that might be holding you back in different areas of your business

Step-by-Step Workbook Covers: (25-pages)

  • Intro: Why Journaling is Critical to Your Success
  • Journal Breakthrough #1: Mindset
    • Worksheet: 6 journal prompts to help you work through any limiting beliefs and/or fears you may have around mindset.
  • Journal Breakthrough #2: Money
    • Worksheet: 6 journal prompts to help you journal about common fears and beliefs about money.
  • Journal Breakthrough #3: Sales

    • Worksheet: 6 journal prompts to help you develop and embrace empowering thoughts and beliefs about selling.
  • Journal Breakthrough #4: Systems

    • Three Limiting Beliefs/Fears: Systems
    • Worksheet: 6 journal prompts to work through limiting beliefs and fears you may have around creating systems in your business.
  • Journal Breakthrough #5: Visibility

    • Worksheet: 6 journal prompts to work through your beliefs and fears around being visible.
  • Journal Breakthrough #6: Support

    • Worksheet: 6 journal prompts to help you address any limiting beliefs and/or fears holding you back from receiving support in your business.
  • Journal Breakthrough #7: Lifestyle

    • Worksheet: 6 journal prompts to work through your fears and limiting beliefs around creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

Ready to Learn How to Uplevel Every Area of Your Business & Life So You Can Finally Stop Running Yourself Ragged Doing Everything On Your Own?

Listen: I know you’re used to attacking things lone wolf–style. You’re whip-smart and fiercely independent and definitely no stranger to good old-fashioned hard work.

But I also know you know you can’t continue working or living the way you are. (Or you wouldn’t be reading this, to be frank.)

The good news is, you have so much more power than you realize.

You hold the key, my friend. You are the only one who truly gets to decide what your business–and life–looks and feels like from now on.

You get to decide whether you want to spend your precious time & energy scheduling social media posts…or hosting transformative workshops.

You get to decide whether you want to be glued to your laptop 12 hours a day (and answering emails and texts from ‘crazy’ clients for the other 12)…or if you want to work 4 hours a day and then take off for hot yoga class–guilt free.

You get to decide whether you want to say yes to every project and client and put out every fire yourself…or if you want to work on only what truly turns you on & exhilarates you, every freakin’ day.

(You also get to decide whether you want to eat crappy food because you’re too busy to shop…or if you want to hire the best meal prep service or private chef in town to whip up healthy meals for you. It’s all related.)

Giving up the “busy” is how you wind up living a life where you get to receive all the good things.

It won’t happen by accident. But it can happen by design.

I can help.

Melissa is a phenomenal teacher. Her course Drop the Busy is so simple, easy, practical, and immediately usable. Now, I finally have the courage to get out and find my first VA. Thank you Melissa!
Snjezana Ristic

Ready to Get What You Truly Want–Minus the Grind, Hustle and “Busy”?

The world needs you at your best, most fulfilled and nourished.

The world needs you living in a state of overflow–not constantly feeling deprived.

The world needs you to drop the busy.

It’s time.

Get Instant Access to the Drop the Busy Course & Over $1000 Worth of Bonuses for Only $397!

**Sorry, no substitutions or refunds for products you’ve already purchased**

Melissa is one of the most talented entrepreneurs I’ve learned from. Her passion for creating time freedom and financial stability through outsourcing & passive income, and her wealth of marketing knowledge creates a real powerhouse of value for her community. Her step-by-step programs are easy to go through and jam-packed with actionable advice, helpful templates and swipe files which tell you exactly what to do, show you shortcuts and save you time and pitfalls in the future. Hands down – an outstanding mentor.

Polina Ostapenko,

“Melissa Ingold has the experience and wisdom to know that multi-tasking is NOT magical. The real genius comes in being able to make a task ‘hands-free.’ Her skill in assembling a team and getting results from start to finish, with as little stress as possible, is nothing short of incredible! I’ve watched her master content creation, launches, site management and continuity over the last few years with what seems like ease! Great job, Melissa! Keep up the amazing work.”

Carrie Wilkerson,

Melissa Ingold is an under cover extremely humble, brilliant and loving business woman. She has a powerful story and knows first hand the magnitude of creating a business that works for YOU. So many female entrepreneurs are the bottle neck in their businesses and it’s slowly sinking them. Using Melissa’s intelligent systems, tools and structures; businesses can break free and create passive income while still making a huge impact on their tribes and most importantly truly being present and at ease with the gifts in their own lives. I highly recommend following Melissa and taking action and implementing her systems!

Amanda Moxley,

“Melissa Ingold is amazing at outsourcing. She constantly impresses me with how she is able to outsource EVERY single aspect of a project. When we worked together, she had us running an entire business, completely hands-off…from content creation to uploading the materials. It was truly set it and forget it, and that’s because she knows her stuff SO well. The people she works with love her, she has learned how to get incredible work from people, and she’s the best I know at QUALITY outsourcing. She rocks!”

Rachel Rofe,

Get Instant Access to the Drop the Busy Course & Over $1000 Worth of Bonuses for Only $397!

**Sorry, no substitutions or refunds for products you’ve already purchased**