7 Compelling Reasons to Create & Sell VIP Days

7 compelling reasons to sell vip days

From months-long group programs to high-level masterminds (complete with luxe in-person or online retreats) to robust digital courses, there are seemingly endless ways to scale your business as a conscious online entrepreneur.

But I’m just going to come right on out and say it: VIP Days are one of the easiest and fastest–and most commonly overlooked–ways to do it.

What are VIP Days?

If the term is new to you, a VIP Day is a highly-profitable offer where you help your clients achieve massive transformation – or receive a specific, highly-valuable deliverable(s) – in a rapid-fire, pre-determined amount of time (usually, 24 hours).

VIP Days essentially help you get your clients the same results they’d get working with you over a longer period in just one day (give or take).

And given that we live in such a fast-paced world, it makes sense that they’re so popular. I mean, if you can get the same transformative results in a day that might traditionally take you weeks or months, why wouldn’t you want that?

Most VIP Days have a single focus (so they’re also an easy sell!). Even better?

VIP Day clients tend to walk away very satisfied because they have actual tangible results by the end of your time together. And bonus: You don’t even have to create anything new. You can just do what you already do–whether that’s coaching, consulting or designing sales pages–in a smaller timeframe! Talk about smart, right?

Basically, whether you’re looking to add 10k or 30k per month to your bottom line–VIP Days can help you get there.

If you’re thinking it sounds all fine & dandy but you’re not sure if VIP Days make sense for you and/or your business model, I get it.

Here are 7 wildly compelling reasons VIP Days should make their way into your offer suite if you want to scale your business this year:

1. You Can Stop Trading Hours for Dollars (and Start Charging Big Money for Results)

Most entrepreneurs leave their day jobs to escape the trap of trading their time for money. And yet, so many of them wind up create their businesses in a way that keeps them trapped in the same cycle.

Enter, VIP Days.

Because of the nature of VIP Days, it doesn’t make sense to charge per hour. Instead, you can–and should!–charge based on the rapid results, transformation and/or deliverable you provide.

For example, if you charge $1500 for a 3-page website and your usual turnaround is 3 weeks, what could you change to design a client’s entire 3-page website from header-to-footer in one day? (Spoiler alert: A lot more!)

In fact, it’s definitely not unheard of for coaches & other service providers to charge 3, 4 or even 5 figures for VIP Days. VIP Days allow you to price based on value, not time. And that, my friends, is a major win in my book.

2. You Spend Less Time with Clients

I’m not saying you’re not a people person, but let’s be real: Even the most extroverted extrovert can get a little drained in back-to-back meetings or coaching calls.

And working with clients long-term or one-on-one even for short stints of time can be exhausting (especially if you’re an introvert, like me).

VIP Days allow you to get in & get out–while still getting the client the results they’re after. As a result, you can happily wave goodbye to scope creep and those annoying projects that drag on forever.

I mean, just imagine if you didn’t have to go back & forth with your client for weeks (or months!) about their branding & logo font choices or block off an hour every single week for 6 months for their coaching calls? Talk about freedom with a capital F, my friend.

The good news is most clients–yep, even the Chatty Cathies–actually love this. Clients ready to invest in VIP Days want rapid, profound transformation. In fact, most people do–so they don’t mind that they’re technically getting less “face time” with you.

3. You Get Paid More in Less Time (with Less Clients!)

Of course, the juiciest and most obvious benefit of VIP Days–especially as a tool for scaling–is that you can take on less clients for the same amount (or even more) moolah.

Imagine raking in in one afternoon what it normally takes you three weeks to make. It seems a bit counterintuitive, but like I mentioned, you can actually charge more for VIP Days because you’re delivering in shorter time frame (and your clients don’t have to wait around for results)–not less.

If you price your VIP Days accordingly, you could book just 1-2 a month and turn the same profit you were booking 3 or 4 long-term clients. It’s just smart business.

4. You Get Your Time Back

If you’re here, I know you didn’t start your business to spend all your working. That’s another reason I love VIP Days so much–they can really free up your time for all the other beautiful things life has to offer.

Since VIP Days are just a few hours long (or maybe a weekend, at maximum), you don’t have to commit to long-term done-for-you retainers or coaching containers.

Instead, you simply get to show up, help your client get a profound transformation, snap your pretty starlight MacBook shut and call it a day (literally).

Then you can go off and do whatever else you want to do that refills your cup–from hanging with your family to nomming on Pad Thai while watching the latest season of Ginny & Georgia.

Even better? You don’t even have to do a full VIP day if you don’t want to–so don’t get hung on the “day” part. Instead, you can offer half-VIP days, “mini” VIP Days or–if it serves you and/or your client better–stretch your VIP days out over a weekend or even 48 hours to a week (if you need a bit more time to create something, for example). Whatever works for you!

5. You Can Rest Up (for As Long as Your Heart Desires) Between Clients

Whether you’re delivering a service (like a sales page in an afternoon) or coaching a client through their biggest mindset block, VIP Days can provide you with the luxury of copious time and space between clients.

Instead of waking up on Monday morning to a Google Calendar packed with 12 client coaching calls, you simply have 2 VIP Days–one on Tuesday & one on Saturday. Wham, bam.

Plus, you get to decide how many VIP Days you take (or don’t take) on a month. Which means you can bake in as much down time (and spa days) between VIP Days as you want. Maybe you want to do two a week, but maybe you’d prefer to charge more and only offer one per month. It’s totally up to you.

6. Upsell Opportunities Galore

VIP Days are also ripe with upsell opportunities. For example, you could turn your one-on-one VIP Day into group VIP experience where your clients not only get coveted one-on-one time with you, but also get to network & collaborate with like-minded peeps working on a similar goal. You can also sell packs of VIP Days–like a monthly or quarterly VIP Day, sold upfront.

You can also offer a VIP Day and then upsell your clients into additional support. For example, you might map out a client’s content marketing plan for the year in your VIP Day, then offer a rate to actually implement the plan for them. You can even ‘save’ this and only offer it to your most favorite clients, so you never feel ‘stuck ‘in a long-term relationship with a client you don’t absolutely adore. (Life’s too short for that, am I right?)

7. You Can Focus On Other Money-Making and/or Creative Activities

VIP Days free up your calendar like crazy. And guess what? When you’re not overloaded with client coaching calls or projects, you can devote more time to what you truly want to create or do in your business.

Want to finally create that digital product, write that ebook or re-record the videos from your first ever e-course? Book a VIP Day rather than sign-on another retainer client, and boom! You suddenly have more time without losing out on the money you need to live your most meaningful life.

No matter why VIP Days appeal to you, one thing’s for sure: You, your clients and your business’ bottom line can benefit.

And before you go…

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