4 Reasons You Need to Create an Evergreen Webinar

4 Reasons You Need to Create an Evergreen Webinar

What if I told you it’s possible to run a webinar once and make money from it for months or years to come?

Well, it is. So stop that scroll, sister, because it’s time we talk about evergreen webinars.

First of all, let me just say that I love a good webinar. They’re undoubtedly a smart way to nurture your prospects before asking them to invest in done-for-you services or snap up your latest digital course.

That said, a live webinar usually requires lots of preparation. From crafting slides to promotion to showing up live (and freshly coiffed) every time you offer it, there’s a lot that goes into even one 60-minute webinar.

Enter, the evergreen webinar.

An evergreen webinar–on the other hand–is either pre-recorded or run live once, then recorded & automated so you can offer it to your audience on-demand (read: anytime).

Basically, an evergreen only requires you to lead the webinar once and then you can promote it–and make money from it–indefinitely. Yep, you heard that right: You can essentially generate leads, nurture prospects and/or sell your digital products or other offers around the clock–without ever having to put on real pants or your fave eyelash falsies more than once.

If you’re looking to work with less clients and/or make more money in less time this year, evergreen webinars should be at the top of your “To Try” list.


Here are a few more rock-solid benefits of evergreen webinars:


1) Sell Your Programs & Offers While You Sleep (Literally)

No matter whether you run paid ads to your evergreen webinar or promote it organically (or a mix of both!), once you’ve created your evergreen webinar, you can promote and sell it 24/7. You can truly make money while you sleep, work out or cook dinner for the fam.

One caveat here though: You need to pitch your offer on your webinar to make money from it. It seems obvious, but I think it’s worth pointing out. Most evergreen webinars will include value & education followed by a short pitch with a limited-time discount on the product or service being offered. You can also follow-up and sell the same product (with or without the limited-time discount) after the webinars up, since you’ll be collecting emails upfront.


2) Reach a Wildly Wider Audience

With an evergreen webinar, you’re not bound by time or location–and neither is your audience! This means that you can reach a global audience. Most automated webinar hosts allow you to choose when you’ll offer your webinar for viewing, and usually includes options as soon as 5-10 minutes from the time the attendee is registering. The lack of ‘wait’ time is also great news, since the lead is super ‘hot’ and ready to learn about your specific topic at that moment–which means they’re much more likely to buy whatever it is you offer to help them in their journey.


3) Generate Hot Leads & Build Your List

While most evergreen webinars lead directly into a specific program or offer (like with that juicy limited-time offer I mentioned above), they’re also great lead generation tools in general. An evergreen webinar landing page allows you to capture contact information from interested prospects that you can follow up with via email later. This means that even if they don’t buy your product while on the webinar or show up at all, you can still provide them with the opportunity to snap up your during your follow-up email sequence–or down the line, once you’ve added them to your regular mailing list. (I’m a big fan of email marketing around here!)

Plus, an evergreen webinar is a great way to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert. Even if you don’t get a sale from every single person who signs up for your webinar (which you likely won’t), you’ll still become the ‘go-to’ person on your topic-of-choice in the minds of the people who sign up. And ain’t no shame in that!


4) You Can Create More than One!

Here’s arguably biggest & juiciest benefit of all: There’s no limit to the number of evergreen webinars you can create!

If you find out you (and your audience) like the format, you can set one up for each of your offers–and sell them all while you catch up on family time, leisure time or vacationing-in-Nice time.

Bottom line? As long as your webinar is relevant to your target audience, packed with high-quality content and gets in front of the right people, you can create major stability and growth in your business–all without taking on more clients or giving up more of your oh-so-valuable time to run your webinar live.

Instead, you can create an awesome webinar, show up and deliver value once and reap the rewards for months or years. No signing new clients–or even doing another webinar–required!





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