3 Effective Communication Secrets That Make Your Clients Happy

Effective Communication Secrets That Make Your Clients Happy

You don’t need ME to tell you that making your clients happy is crucial to the success of your business.

But you know what? I’m gonna tell you anyway. Because I think this super simple idea gets lost in the shuffle sometimes.

As entrepreneurs, we get so focused on cultivating NEW customers that we forget the importance of delighting the ones we already have! And that can lead to disaster

Since repeat customers and client referrals are what drive sales, client happiness levels need to be kept nice and high at all times.

Naturally, your own clients and customers will require different things to remain satisfied with your services, depending on your niche.

But there are 3 main areas to reexamine if you’re worried that folks are starting to feel less-than-thrilled with what you’re delivering.

Ready to make your clients SO happy they’re ready to shout your name from the rooftops?

Client Happiness Tip 1: CONSISTENTLY Provide Quality Service

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But just as we sometimes forget to prioritize client happiness, we may also forget to keep an eye on our overall service levels.

Most of us are working in niches that are relatively high-priced and luxury-focused, so we need to maintain that high-touch feel.

That means over-deliver on basics and essentials so the client feels consistently thrilled with how they’re treated.

Never make promises you can’t keep, including on deadlines and scheduled meetings. And make sure you’re never trying to sell a client something she doesn’t NEED.

Your success is built on understanding your clients’ pain points and helping address them, so evaluate everything you do based on that guardrail.

Client Happiness Tip 2: Be a Peerless Communicator

Most clients are flexible and forgiving so long as they feel looped-in.

So although you want to avoid missteps and flubs, you’ll have an easier time recovering from them if you train yourself to be a clear and consistent communicator.

At the minimum, this means answering their phone calls or returning voicemails promptly and responding to emails in a timely manner.

But in addition to those common courtesies, it means actually listening to what your clients are saying, and taking the time to acknowledge and respond to their needs.

Nothing makes a client more frustrated than asking for support and getting a tone-deaf response.

On the flip side, nothing makes a client happier than feeling heard, seen, and valued.

Client Happiness Tip 3: Be a Pro, and Show It!

This final tip kinda rolls the other 2 into 1: acting professionally at all times is essential to client happiness.

While it’s perfectly fine to pal around with customers on occasion, you absolutely CANNOT treat them like friends.

The rules and expectations are different when money changes hands, and as entrepreneurs, we must never forget that!

Professionalism will vary from niche to niche. (A fitness coach and an executive coach will have very different ideas of what “professional attire” means!)

But all of us can do things like show up a bit early to all meetings, recap any phone or video communications in writing, address misunderstandings quickly and calmly, and take feedback well.

To me, sending a “welcome kit” to new clients is a fantastic way to lay the groundwork for a professional relationship, and sending a request for honest input as a client exits leaves a positive last impression.

None of this is rocket science, I know … but as the end of the year approaches and we’re all scrambling to nail down holiday promos and budget details, big-picture priorities may slip.

If you utilize these 3 easy strategies, your clients are guaranteed to be happier AND more willing to share your name with their friends and family!



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