How to Package Your Services for More Time and Profits

How to Package Your Services for More Time and Profits

When it comes to services, most clients looooove the flexibility of shopping a la carte. This is understandable since they may still be exploring multiple options and unwilling to plunk down a ton of cash for multiple services in a single go.

They want to be sure you’re the right coach or practitioner for their needs. Legit, right?

But there are loads of advantages to offering package deals, too! The a la carte shopper may not see connections between your offerings that YOU know are there.

By packaging services together you create the opportunity to explain why they build off each other, and up-sell clients at the same time.

Not only that, when you package services you should always knock a few bucks off of each individual service. That way, you can mention the discount when you promote the whole package.

Even a la carte shoppers can be tempted by a great deal!

Packaging Your Services Makes Sense for Your Business … AND Clients

While it’s true that picking and choosing which services to buy makes many people feel comfortable and in-control, others need more guidance. All of your clients don’t share a single buying mindset; they may be approaching the purchase from multiple angles.

  • The tourist: asks a million questions but never buys.
  • The single-serve: purchases once and never returns. But why? Might not be your ideal client, but also might not fully understand your offerings.
  • The repeat customer: everyone’s fave! But still needs to stay informed on new and updated services.

Packages allow you to preemptively answer some of the tourist’s questions, lead the single-serve toward other options, and keep the repeat customer constantly engaged.

Research has found that attracting a new client costs 5 to 10 times more than what it costs to sell to an existing client. That means any tactic that enables you to pitch to all three existing client types is pure gold, and packages do just that.

Convinced and ready to rock?

Great! Here’s how to approach packaging your services.

5 Simple Steps to Packaging Your Services

Since the services you’ll be bundling already exist, most of this process is strategic and logistical. Instead of creating from scratch, you’ll be thinking and reshuffling.

BRAINSTORM: Which of your current services have elements in common? Or which ones create a logical path.

For instance if you have a goal-setting service, a marketing plan service, and a business-building service, linking those would lead a client from vision to execution, start to finish!

NAME THE PROBLEM: It’s vital that you understand what pain point this group of offerings will solve.

What will these services do as a group that they cannot do individually?

Remember that in order to sell this package, you’ll need to clearly communicate how everything in it works harmoniously to solve a problem your clients face.

LIST THE DETAILS: For starters, gather the copy you’ve already written for each individual service in the package. Then think about and codify how the grouping will work.

  • Will this be a limited-time offer?
  • Will there be a freebie thrown in?

Create a pitch for this package that includes its benefits, addresses your three buyer types, and generates urgency so everyone reading it will want to buy right now!

PRICE IT: Again, you’ll want the package to reflect a slight discount on each individual service in the bundle.

So if your goal-setting service is $500, your marketing plan service is $750, and your business-building service is $1,500, the package should be between $2,000 and $2,500.

You want to knock off just enough so clients know they’re getting a deal, but not so much that it devalues the individual offerings.

MARKET AND SELL: Finally, decide how you’ll promote this package to your audience. In addition to your own platform, how will you reach clients?

Make a plan to strategically roll out promos and draw in buyers, both new and old.

If you’re looking for more guidance on packaging your services, check out my kit: Offers that Sell! Pricing & Packaging Your Services for More Sales. This comprehensive kit includes templates, worksheets, swipe files, and everything else you need to create packaged offers that excite your clients.



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